Unpopular Opinions: DC League of Super-Pets

Regardless of what people thought about the DC League of Super-Pets movie, I have to admit that the film’s version of the Justice League was pretty cool.

Super, Man!

You have Jessica Cruz as the team’s Green Lantern. Hal Jordan or John Stewart would’ve been more obvious choices, but Jess’ design looks cool, and this way Wonder Woman isn’t the only lady on the team.

Plus WB tried to make Aquaman look as much like Jason Momoa as possible. I dig it.

Well, I have just one really: Cyborg’s Half-fro. Seriously, what’s up with that?

2 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions: DC League of Super-Pets

    1. I think that a lot of it comes from how people who don’t follow the comics only know Wonder Woman as the lone main female member of the Justice League. Add to that it’s the 21st century and the Justice League needs to show some diversity in its roster. With Jessica Cruz, who is both a woman and Latina, DC is killing two birds with one stone.


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