Why Vixen is Awesome!

Vixen 4

  1. She’s among the small but eclectic number of non-white superheroes. Represent.
  2. She’s a supermodel. Hawt.
  3. She’s of native African ancestry. Foreign often translates to exotic.
  4. Catsuits, baby, catsuits.
  5. She’s one of the few female capes who’s a heroine in her own right, not just an extension of a male hero. Word, sista.
  6. Her powers are mystical in origin. It’s maaaaaagic!
  7. She can channel the powers of animals: strength of a lion, weight of an elephant, speed of a cheetah, night vision of a cat, echo-location of a dolphin, tracking ability of a wolf, etc. The skills of the entire animal kingdom without that annoying zoo smell.
  8. She once dated John Stewart–not the host of The Daily Show, although that would REALLY be awesome.
  9. She’s getting her own animated web series online. There’s your plug, DC, now pay us.