Coming Attractions…and Leaving Producers

We try to avoid dishing dirt or making posts about current events here on Twinsanity; we generally try to keep things light and stick to the pop-culture fun, but in the wake of the plans we’ve made for the site recently, I thought this was a timely thing to discuss.

In one of life’s great ironies, shortly after Jason and myself have chosen to largely move away from text posts in favor of videos (something we’ve been wanting to do for some time), there has recently been this mass exodus of content creators jumping ship on one of the more prominent entertainment/pop culture aggregate sites on the internet right now, Channel Awesome.

Channel Awesome Logo

Just yesterday, we read that longtime CA producer Lewis Lovhaug (a.k.a. Linkara of Atop the 4th Wall fame) has departed from Channel Awesome. (He actually left last week apparently, but we only just got the news yesterday morning.) On that same day, another producer, Mike Jeavons (Mike J) announced he was leaving, then shortly afterward yet another producer, Diamanda Hagan, announced her departure from the site, then we found out that 3 other producers: Todd Nathanson (Todd in the Shadows), Will Dufrense (Suede) and Darren Jackson (Rap Critic) have also parted ways with Channel Awesome. So that’s 6 prominent internet reviewers/personalities who have left CA in this short space of time, and this wasn’t the first case of such departures: last year, Dena Netalli (Cyborcat) announced her departure from the site, and yet another producer, Chad Rocco (CR!) was fired from CA late last year. Two other notable producers, Allison Pregler (Obscurus Lupa) and Phelan Porteous (Phelous) had a VERY noticeably ugly breakup with Channel Awesome, and having watched their live stream this past New Year’s Eve, it’s clearly still a touchy subject with them; they and their friends spent a sizable portion of the stream mocking CA and its’ top brass. Yet another producer, Lindsay Ellis (the artist formerly known as the Nostalgia Chick–a title she never relished, BTW) cut ties with Channel Awesome a while ago. Another Chez Apocalypse producer, Kyle Kallgren (Oancitizen) likewise departed from CA some time ago.

I’ve never personally worked with Channel Awesome, so I don’t possess firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of the site, but I’ve heard things about how CA is run, and not all of them have been positive. (More detailed info on the inner turmoil at CA can be found in various places throughout the internet.) The basic gist of it is that Channel Awesome (formerly ThatGuyWithTheGlasses) is owned by one Mike Michaud and fronted by Doug Walker (the Nostalgia Critic), who’s basically the face of the site. Word is that Mr. Michaud isn’t the easiest person to work with; he’s known as something of a tyrant who’s not transparent with his dealings and interactions with his contributors, he’s known for being hard to get a hold of and he, Doug Walker and Doug’s brother Rob (a behind the scenes personality at CA) have been accused on numerous occasions of purposely focusing the site on just the Nostalgia Critic at the expense of the other producers and not paying or properly compensating–or even acknowledging–the other content creators or their contributions.

All of this news cuts me to the quick; I regularly watch and enjoy the content of many of these people. Several of them are what initially inspired me to want to go into video production (Phelous and Allison in particular are personal heroes of mine whose work I aspire to emulate in my own way). For a long time I fantasized about being part of an online entertainment hub like Channel Awesome or NormalBoots; presently as of this writing the only producers I follow who are still on CA are Mathew Buck (Film Brain), Tony Goldmark (Some Jerk with a Camera), Brad Jones (The Cinema Snob), Elisa Hansen (Maven of the Eventide), Joe Vargas (Angry Joe) and Eric Rodriguez (The Blockbuster Buster). Lewis’ departure was particularly shocking to me; I NEVER thought Linkara would ever leave CA. Don’t get me wrong, I know entertainment is a business and it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, I’m not delusional, but to hear about all of this ugly business at CA and so many talented people getting burned and walking away from the site is just a tad disheartening, especially for someone like me who has only just now decided to follow in the footsteps of these amazingly talented individuals.

I guess it’s not so bad; at this point these folks have substantial followings as well as Patreon accounts, it’s not like any of them need Channel Awesome to survive. I follow most of their work on YouTube anyway.

Our plans for Twinsanity haven’t changed: we’re still going forward with video production; I can no longer avoid the fact that over time I’ve really become bored with just making text posts. Going back to Linkara, one of the things that gave me the incentive to try this new venture was when Lewis mentioned that started his internet career making text reviews before deciding to switch to videos after being inspired by the Nostalgia Critic and ThatGuyWithTheGlasses/Channel Awesome. I also still don’t think that aggregate sites like CA are a bad idea in principle, and would still like to be part of such a site if we can find a group of like-minded individuals (provided things are kept small and intimate; one of the many complaints people have with CA is that it’s run like a corporation rather than a community of friends like TGWTG was), but at this point it seems clear that Channel Awesome isn’t going to be that place. They’ll probably never ask me to join, but I’ve become very wary of CA now, this number of dissatisfied producers jumping ship on the site isn’t something to be ignored, Mike Michaud clearly doesn’t seem to give a crud about anyone not named Doug Walker.

This is not to spite those who have chosen to stay at Channel Awesome; they have their reasons for remaining loyal and if they can find success and gain followings there, then more power to them, nor is this meant to be a knock against Doug or Rob Walker; I still enjoy the Nostalgia Critic and the Walkers’ other videos (ironically I enjoy their Sibling Rivalries and Real Thoughts more then the NC videos these days), though there are other producers whose work I enjoy more, but for me the prospect of joining Channel Awesome, which used to be a dream of mine, has now just left a bad taste in my mouth.

More DC Super Hero Girls Stuff

OK, so as you know, I’m a fan of the web series DC Super Hero Girls.DCSHG Screenshot

I’ve been watching the new episodes on YouTube, and every time, in the comments section, there will inevitably be the same questions being asked by viewers, many of which have left me a tad confused or confounded. Don’t ask me why I was reading the comments section on YouTube. There’s no logical reason for anyone to be doing that. In any event, if you don’t mind, there are a few things concerning this shows’ fanbase that I’d like to get off of my chest.

Yosemite Sam

“Ya better stand back, ’cause Ah’m about ta unload!”

Ghoulia Yelps

“Where is the Joker? Joker is why Harley is Harley! You can’t have Harley Quinn without her puddin’. Why not have Joker be at the school causing trouble for Super Hero High?”

Office Space - No

That wouldn’t work for a couple of reasons; First, DC Super Hero Girls takes place in an alternate universe, so Harley Quinn doesn’t need to be driven insane by the Joker here. She’s already crazy! Second, the entire point of DCSHG is girl empowerment. That girls can do or be whatever they want to be or do and they don’t need no man! Therefore, you can’t have the Joker suddenly show up and turn Harley into his doormat because that would be the opposite of girl empowerment! If you’re trying to teach young girls to be smart, independent and capable, then putting one of them in an abusive relationship with a psychotic clown isn’t going to do that.

With all due respect, please spare me the “Sweet Valley High” shipper nonsense. The Joker’s relationship with Harley can be summed up in two sentences:

  1. Harley loves the Joker.
  2. Joker doesn’t give a crap about Harley.

He only uses her as a tool when she suits his own purposes. Joker only cares about himself and the punch line. Period. Furthermore, as cool a villain as the Joker is, we don’t need him here chewing up the scenery. This is supposed to be the girls’ show, the shows’ focus should be kept on them.

Speaking of…

Ghoulia Yelps

“Why are Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy heroes in this? They’re bad guys!”


Once more; Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy were indeed villains originally, but they’re also fan favorite characters, so both of them became good (or at least neutral) in response to their popularity, like with many heel wrestlers. It happened with The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and John Cena, and now it’s happening here. Come on, guys, were in the middle of season two, you should be up to speed by now.

“I do wonder where Superman is. Wonder Woman is actually older than Superman, and yet he is a graduate and Supergirl is here….. oh well, they had to make it DC superhero GIRLS because reasons.”

Once more, the reason why this series is DC Super Hero GIRLS is because there are already plenty of super hero shows and toys geared towards boys. The whole point of DCSHG is to get GIRLS interested in super heroes. As for any discrepancies between this and the comics, I have two words: one is ‘alternate’ and the other is ‘universe’.


“The reason Young Justice was canceled was because so many girls were watching it. If people want girls into superheroes, don’t cancel the superhero shows girls like.”

No, that’s the reason why Tower Prep was canceled. Young Justice was canceled because the shows’ ratings were low and kids weren’t buying the YJ toys, to the point where Mattel (the company that produced the YJ toy line) withdrew it’s support for the show, and when that happens, the shows’ gotta go. Anyway, DC Super Hero Girls is clearly targeting a younger audience than Young Justice, so it’s not like the former was meant to replace the latter. Using DC Super Hero Girls as a platform to whine and complain about Young Justice getting canceled is petty and ridiculous since the 2 shows have virtually nothing in common with one another other than both of them being based on the DC universe.  If you want Young Justice to come back, then try to do something about it instead of just bitching about it in the comments section for DCSHG. If you don’t like DCSHG, then what are you doing here? Nobody likes a Buzz Killington. Honestly, I like DCSHG more than YJ. It’s more fun, the plots are simpler, there are fewer characters and plots to keep track of and there aren’t any lame time skips are teen soap opera drama BS.


“Why do they look like Barbie dolls?”

Because the characters are designed to promote a line of dolls. Duh! Girls like to dress up dolls in pretty clothes, therefore it’s a no-brainer that DC would want the characters to resemble fashion dolls. This is basically Monster High, only with capes instead of ghouls. And like MH, the DC Super Hero Girls doll line is produced by Mattel, the makers of Barbie, so similarities to Barbie are inevitable.


“Wonder Women should be a techer!”

OK, First, “Wonder WomEn”?? I didn’t realize there was more than one. Second, yeah, that would sell a million dolls. I can totally see girls flocking to toy stores clamoring for that cool teacher character! BTW Sporto, there’s an ‘a’ in ‘teacher’. Maybe you should enroll back in school and find yourself one.


“If Wonder Woman is the main character here, then Superman and Batman should be her guy buddies and the show should focus on the Trinity!”

Dude, seriously?

As much as I like the DC Trinity, there’s a very important reason why that wouldn’t happen, and that is because SuperMAN and BatMAN aren’t girls! why would DC Super Hero GIRLS focus on the Trinity when two thirds of the Trinity are male? What’s the last word in this shows’ title? There ya go.


“I do not like how Wonder Woman is a bubbly teenager here. They should’ve gone with Wonder Girl. I see Wonder Woman as a fellow warrior fighting alongside Superman, but now that she’s a teenybopper in this series, she can’t.”

We’ve covered the Wonder Girl thing already: yeah, they could’ve went with Wonder Girl, but Diana would sell more dolls. And sure, as a fellow superhero enthusiast I do see your point, but on the other hand, I don’t see why any of that even matters when Superman isn’t an on-screen character in this. It’s a web series based on a line of fashion dolls aimed at young girls. It’s not like you’re ever going to see Supes fighting alongside of Wondy here, so what difference does that make? It’s best to just think of DCSHG taking place in its’ own separate reality with its’ own set of rules and not overthink it.


“This show needs to get dark! Where is Batman? Darkseid needs to show up and destroy the school so that the cast can spend the rest of the season fighting him and trying desperately to rebuild and being depressed and moody about it! That would be awesome!’

Madea Shut Up

Way to completely miss the point the flippin’ show, dumb nuts! It’s for kids! It’s designed to sell dolls to young girls! It’s not supposed to be a dark, violent angst fest! You have the direct to video movies for that! We already covered this back on One To Grow Up On; instead of demanding that this kids’ cartoon “grow up”, maybe you should grow up and watch something that’s actually made for you!

I get so sick of the whole “characters who don’t cry or suffer = bland” complaint. Emotion and poignancy can do a lot of good, but piling on cheap tragedies one after the other is an empty way of compensating for proper character development. I find it’s common in teen media to mistake angst for depth. It’s like if you’re depressed all the time, you must have deep thoughts about the world. It’s what we call Emo disease.


“When Paul Dini said he wanted to make a Wonder Woman animated series, this isn’t what he had in mind!”


Two things about that: 1) Paul Dini’s not involved in this, and 2) this isn’t a Wonder Woman animated series. Yeah, Wonder Woman’s the lead character, but it’s not her show per se, any more than My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a Twilight Sparkle animated series. Check the title: the show isn’t called Wonder Woman, it’s called DC Super Hero Girls. Wondy’s the anchor, but the show isn’t a direct depiction of her universe, her co-stars, her rogues’ gallery and her adventures. It’s a mash-up of multiple DC franchises with Wonder Woman acting as the show’s anchor/audience avatar. It’s basically DC’s Super Hero Squad, with Wonder Woman in Iron Man’s role, or DC’s Monster High with Wondy as Frankie Stein.

Hyper Fangirl

“Super Boy can cure Miss Martian of her fear of shyness!” #BringBackYoungJustice!”


“DUDE! In that episode where Batgirl was learnin’ to fly the Batjet, they totally shoulda got Batman to teach her! That woulda ruled!!”


Robin Cosplay

“Or I could teach her!”

Johnny Bravo

“Whoa, Mama! Since Starfire’s in this, anybody know if Blackfire appeared in any episodes of this show? (I could easily watch the eps or check for myself, but my hands are too sweaty!) Blackfire is HOT!!”

Seriously, what part of “Alternate Universe” do you guys not understand? DC Super Hero Girls is not, repeat, not, connected to any other DC show, past or present! Regarding point #1: A) It’s SUPERBOY, not Super Boy, 2 words, not 1, B) There’s no such thing as “fear of shyness”; one either is shy or they aren’t, and C) Kill that noise! This isn’t Young Justice and it’s not going to magically transform into Young Justice. This isn’t the same take on Miss Martian and there’s not going to be any of that shipper nonsense here. YJ is done. Deal with it. Just let DCSHG be DCSHG already.

Regarding point #2: This isn’t Batman: The Animated Series or The Batman, and I wish folks would stop trying to make it that. Yeah, that would really demonstrate the idea of Girl Empowerment: when things get tough, call in some guy to bail you out! And to the other guy, just no, dude. Don’t do that. No role play accounts. That’s just sad.

Regarding point #3: This isn’t frelling Teen Titans! (Though I’d be OK with Robin and Raven turning up somewhere, perhaps as Easter Eggs.) There’s no reason to expect Blackfire to turn up in this, especially since Starfire isn’t even a main character in this. Anyway, Blackfire’s not that great a character. Way to think with your Johnson.

I’m about to give an unpopular opinion here: I neither need nor want for Superman or Batman to ever appear on DC Super Hero Girls. Don’t get me wrong. They’re both great characters, but having them turn up as flesh and blood characters on DCSHG would be a mistake that would work against what this series is setting out to accomplish. If the Dark Knight and Big Blue could just be supporting characters who showed up from time to time like the other boy characters, that would be one thing, but the fact of the matter is that they’re just too big and iconic for that. Supes and Bats don’t do supporting roles. The moment that either Superman or Batman would show up, the shows’ focus would suddenly shift and it would now be all about them. This is particularly true in the case of Batman. All DC has been giving us lately is stuff about or relating to Batman. That’s one thing I like about this show; we get to focus on some DC characters who AREN’T  Batman for a change.

For those who want to see Superman and/or Batman, there’s DC Super Friends. there’s Batman Unlimited, and eventually, there will be Justice League Action when that series debuts on Cartoon Network. Therefore, there’s no need for Supes or Bats to show up on DC Super Hero Girls. Accept the series for what it is or don’t deal with it at all. If you want DCSHG to be something other than what it is, there’s always fan fiction. Get to writing!

Carpin’ & Gripin’

Just so you know, I’m in a mood today.


I’ve gotta blow off some steam, so today’s entry is going to be a little different. There isn’t going to be one specific subject here, I’ll just be popping off about various things in popular media which have been annoying me lately. Bear with me as I get this off my chest.


ENOUGH OF THIS! I’m sick of Superman and Batman butting heads all the time. For that matter, I’m tired of heroes fighting heroes in general. It’s been done to death, it’s played out and beyond tired. (Yeah, I’m still planning to see Captain America: Civil War, but I’m still sick of this trope.) I wasn’t crazy about the many cheesy fanfics which came from the Batman/Superman Adventures episode “Girls’ Night Out”…

Girls' Night Out 1

…But one thing I did like about episode was that Barbara (Batgirl) and Kara (Supergirl) hit it off instantly and became fast friends; they didn’t spend half the episode at each others’ throats. There used to be a time where Supes and Bats got along, can we go back to that, please?

Girls' Night Out 2

Super Best Friends Forever!

While we’re on the subject, isn’t it high time we stopped using Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns as the default template for how to write Batman and Superman? Let me clue you in on something: Frank Miller is an overrated hack! DC needs to drop his style ASAP. And please, please, take Zack Snyder of off Justice League and any future DC movies. Lose David S. Goyer too. Why would you hire a guy who hates superheroes to write your superhero movie?

Angry Joe

“You done f***ed it up!”

-I’m sick of the X-Men stories. They all follow the same bleak, dark pattern: if they’re not about mutants being persecuted, they’re about some Big Evil threatening to destroy everything. “There’s a war coming.” Is there ever NOT a war coming?? Learn a new tune already!



By the way, Quicksilver and Mystique were never X-Men, and Cyclops is Havok’s older brother, not his younger brother. As long as you’re retconning stuff, Fox, fix that. And I hate the Mohawk on Storm.

-Speaking of,  I can’t stand how we only have Quicksilver in the X-Men movies and not Scarlet Witch. I get that it’s likely a contractual/legal rights things, but Pietro without Wanda is like Sonny without Cher; it’s just wrong. And I’m still pissed over Quicksilver dying in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Not only was it unnecessary (it mainly happened because Joss Whedon has a boner for killing off main characters), but Pietro went out like a punk and it made no sense. A guy who can run faster than the image can register on a person’s eyes should be able to dodge a few bullets. Why didn’t he just go into that hyper-speed mode where he’s moving so fast that everything around him appears frozen and just flick the bullets out of the way? Logically no one had to die there. (Yeah, I know that was a different movie and a different version of the character. You know what else? I don’t care! That scene still ticked me off.) You don’t have one twin without the other. You just don’t.

Angry Joe

“You done…well, you know!”

-I have just one thing to say to The Simpsons: Just end already! You’ve made yourselves an American TV institution, now bow out before you become any less relevant. We can’t miss you if you don’t go away.

-Audience Network, can you please acquire some comedy series which aren’t romcoms about  white peoples’ sexcapades? Surely there are other things to make shows about besides just attractive Caucasian people trying to find love in New York or put the zing back in their marriage? Also, can we get something else on TV besides critically-acclaimed dramas? I have nothing against those, but they’re not my thing. What happened to zany, alternative comedies? Why can’t we get a new show like Mr. Show or Stupidface or The Kids in the Hall or Mystery Science Theater 3000 or The Captain and Casey Show? I mean, Togetherness? Seriously? Do we really need a TV-MA version of thirtysomething??

-African-American actor/comedians, knock it off. Enough taking some popular genre film and inserting stereotypical black people in the lead roles. It’s like that fortune cookie game ‘In Bed’, just instert ‘…With Black People’. The Haunted House movies? Just Paranormal Activity…with Black People. Fifty Shades of Black? Just Fifty Shades of Gray…with Black People. (Speaking of which, the whole “You wanna argue? Like white people? I prefer the black way” routine? Really, Marlon Wayans? It’s the 21st century and we’re still doing “white people be acting like this and black people be acting like that” routines? Haven’t we evolved beyond this minstrel show crap by now? I personally feel that constantly pointing out the difference between the races only widens the chasm between them.) Meet the Blacks? Just The Purge..with Black People. Stop this. For that matter, can we stop with shows like black-ish and slave movies as well? I long for the day when we can get TV shows and movies starring African-Americans where their being African-American isn’t the premise or the gimmick.

Whew. There. I feel better now.


Looney Goons

Today I was searching the internwebz looking for more info on the upcoming Warner Bros. Animation series Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production, set to debut on Cartoon Network in 2015. A poster on a message board I’m on linked to an article about the show on Animation Scoop. I was curious to read what my fellow animation enthusiasts were saying about Wabbit, so I checked the comments page, and to my surprise I discovered that nearly all of the comments were people hating on The Looney Tunes Show. Seriously? To these people I just have 3 words:

Come on, people. It’s been around 6 months since TLTS’s cancellation was announced, and people are STILL passing out Haterade about that show? Was TLTS really that bad? Enough already. I agree TLTS wasn’t great, but it’s done now. Time to move on. We’ve got a new Looney Tunes series on the way, which is set to NOT be a copy of TLTS. Let me count the ways:
  • The show will contain 4 shorts per episode. So it’s NOT going to be another sitcom.
  • Bugs will be going up against Barbarians, Ninjas, and Terminators. See? Bugs will be outwitting foes again. NOT like TLTS.
  • Taz will be featured, but he will now be known as Theadore Tasmanian. He will work in the accounting department and is repressing his true wild and crazy self. OK, this sounds kind of LTS-esque, but it could possibly work. He won’t, however, be a pet like on TLTS.
  • Wile E. Coyote is going to be an annoying, know-it-all neighbor. Again, unlike on TLTS. I’m also looking forward to this since Wile E.’s “super-genius” persona has largely been buried in favor of his mute form while chasing the Road Runner.
  • Erik Kuska will be producing the show (he was an animator on Looney Tunes: Back in Action). Not Spike Brandt or Tony Cervone.
  • The show is staying away from cliches (aka no anvils). Fine with me, as long as there are still some toon style gags and old fashioned cartoon chaos.
So how’s about we give cautious optimism a chance and hope that Wabbit will be worth the wait? WB and CN have moved on, how about we do the same? For all those still butt-hurt about The Looney Tunes Show
“I suggest you get over it!”