Pop Dream: Liza

It’s that time again!


Pop Bottle


“Um, lessee…a ‘POP’ graphic and a bottle of pop…..uh….no, I can’t figure it out.”

It’s time for another installment of Pop Dream…ya big dummy!

This Pop Dream spotlights the world of Animal Jam, specifically Animal Jam‘s Alpha Masters.


Alpha Males…and Females

For those not familiar with Animal Jam, here’s a (kind of) abridged synopsis:

Animal Jam Party

Animal Jam is an online virtual world launched in 2010 by WildWorks in partnership with the National Geographic Society.  It takes place in a fictional area known as Jamaa, with various different biomes and customizable animals. New players create an animal with a name composed of three simple words, such as “Awesome Coolclaw.” From that point, players can customize and move around with it in the gameplay environment. The original six virtual animals that could be created were the panda, rabbit, tiger, wolf, koala, and monkey. (Hint-hint at what’s to come…) Many more animals are added following the six, giving players a possibility of seeing one of their favorite animals in-game.

Jamaa 3

Jamaa was once home to hundreds of animal species of all shapes and sizes. These animals spent their days playing games, going to parties, building homes, and living together as friends.

Animal Jam Woods

Peace, love, friendship and harmony. We’re full of it.

Mira and Zios, the guardian spirits of Jamaa, gifted each animal species with a Heartstone, a special jewel that contained the essence of that species and held the secrets of its magic.

For many generations, all the Heartstones were kept together in a vault beneath the Lost Temple of Zios. Every animal could visit them and see the unique gifts that each species brought to Jamaa.

But as time passed, things changed, Animals began to fear and mistrust other species. Some animals stopped living together as a united community. Soon, all the feelings of friendship in Jamaa were gone, and the animals built new villages for their kind only. Koalas lived and talked only with other koalas. So did rhinos. And crocodiles.

Before long, all the animals in Jamaa stopped working together to make Jamaa a happy and vibrant place. Worst of all, many animal species took their Heartstones from the Lost Temple of Zios and hid their Heartstones in their new villages.

It was during this time of division that the dark Phantoms first appeared, leaving a trail of destruction. (Boo! Hiss!)

Remembering how much they had accomplished when they lived and worked together, the remaining six species gathered their Heartstones, left their villages, and returned to the Lost Temple of Zios. As the tigers, monkeys, koalas, pandas, rabbits, and wolves of Jamaa gathered together for one last stand against the Phantoms, Mira and Zios saw that it would not be enough.


“Lord, it’s gettin’ crazy up in here!”

In desperation, the guardian spirits of Jamaa searched other lands for six leaders who could wield the power of their entire species. They even looked to our world, and it was here that they found six extraordinary animals and brought them to Jamaa: Sir Gilbert the regal tiger, Cosmo the knowledgeable koala, Graham the inventive monkey, Greely the mysterious wolf, Liza the curious panda, and Peck the creative rabbit. These were six remarkable animals with different personalities, but they were united in their strength of characters and their respect for the natural world.


“Here we come to save the dayyyyy!”

Mira and Zios chose well, and these very different animals soon formed a family. To help in battle against the Phantoms, Mira and Zios gave the new leaders Alpha Stones, six special jewels that focused the strength and abilities of their entire species. With these stones, the six chosen animals became Alphas, the heroes chosen to save Jamaa in its darkest hour!

One epic battle later, millions of animals now live in peace and happiness in Jamaa. The Alphas continue to explore new lands, and whenever they are able to drive the Phantoms out of an area or reclaim a Heartstone, the animals of Jamaa celebrate that they have new lands to play in and new animal friends to play with!

Many years have passed since all of Jamaa was nearly lost, but now some of the Phantoms have returned, and they are once again trying to ruin the peace and joy of Jamaa.

Yada Yada Yada

Now hopefully everyone’s up to speed.

-BTW, I should probably point out that the Alpha Masters were originally going to be the subjects of the very first Pop Dream, but Mattel released the Barbie and her Sisters Puppy Adventure video around the same time, and I figured more people were familiar with those characters, so I did that one first. Then I was so taken by Jason’s What The Funny concept (his initial installment was on Rocko’s Modern Life — good choice!) that I decided to do a WTF of my own (specifically a breakdown of Freakazoid!), pushing this Pop Dream back even further, but no more delays; now we’re doing this thing!

By now, those who’ve been following Twinsanity know how these things go: I’ll be geeking out on this set of characters in succession, going across the usual five categories. One slight difference this time, though: since as of this writing Animal Jam doesn’t have a TV show or a web series, I can’t do any Funnier Moments, so for this installment that category will be replaced by a new one called Trivia Time, so for this Pop Dream the categories are:

  • Overview
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Trivia Time
  • Conclusion

Got it? Good! Now, on with the Pop Dreaming!

Today’s Pop Dream is all about a heroic panda in a mystical land.



Ah, no, a different heroic panda. I’m talking about a graceful, caring, nurturing, hippy-dippy panda shaman. Today’s Pop Dream is all about…Liza.

Alpha Masters 2 - Liza

“Ohm…..ohm on the Range…”


“I am Liza, the panda Alpha. I will be your guide as we travel.”

Liza is the female Alpha of the Pandas, and the chief leader of the Alphas. She is an adventurous explorer and normally comes across new lands including Coral Canyons, Mt. Shiveer, and Appondale. She formerly greeted jammers when they first joined Animal Jam, however, it was later updated to Peck.


“Pfft! No comment!”


She briefly appears in several adventures, as a major character.

Liza 2

“Ha! Still got it goin’ on!”


Liza is the Panda Alpha who stands upright on her hind legs. She has bright neon purple eyes with long eyelashes. She has a triangular black nose. Her ears sit on top of her head, with gray swirls in the middle, and almost looks like a part of her hair. Also, three aquamarine earrings dangle from each ear. Her hair is in a long braid that falls down her back. She wears an aquamarine dress with a golden lining, which is connected by lace at the neck. and a jewel-encrusted belt. She wears black gloves and has a golden ribbon tied around her right ankle. She also has a golden toe ring on her right foot.


“Say, are you focusing on my hind paws? Foot-lookers! Cheeky monkeys!”


She normally carries a long wooden staff.


“We should get together for a Staff Meeting!” What, so lame jokes are only funny when Mikey or Raph tell them??”

Over time, Liza went through a make-over. Originally, she was quite bigger and looked older. But today, she is thinner and has a younger-appearance.


“I attribute it to pure living and shaman magic. I also subscribe to Goop!”


Brave and powerful, Liza values exploration and intellectual pursuits, and has personally mapped a great majority of Jamaa. She is proud and determined in her manner, and she lets nothing stand in the way of her latest expedition to a far off land. Liza doesn’t stand still for long, and never has much time to talk before having to dash off. She created most of the exploration-based challenges in Animal Jam and she presses all animals in the world to document Jamaa. She has a kind, motherly manner about her; very encouraging and very gentle. She believes that anyone can do better, and reach higher.

Liza 3

“I’m thinking of putting that on a bumper sticker!”

It is noted by the Animal Jam Insider’s Guide that she along with the other six original Alphas (excluding Peck), came from Earth. It is most likely that she lived in China, which is the only place where Pandas live in the wild. Liza was found by Mira and Zios and was asked to be an Alpha because of her personality and nature. It is noted by the Daily Explorer that she traveled to Jamaa by foot, instead of accepting a ride from Mira.

Next Time Try the Train


“‘Foot?’ Dude, you’re focusing on my feet again! I’m flattered, but it’s kinda weird!”


“Animal feet! Heh, heh, he, yeah….animal feet, heh, heh, heh, yeah….”


“I’m not touchin’ that one!”

Po 2

Yeah, uh….I was… kinda staring at her feet, yeah.”


During the Beta days and early 2011, there was an interview with Liza called “Liza’s Answers” where Jammers were able to send in questions and Liza would answer them.

Animal Jam Panda

“Dear Liza, I’m thinking of Feung Shuei-ing my home, should I go with wooden wind chimes or metal ones?”

Liza 2

“I think you should eat lots of bamboo and take a nap!”

Animal Jam Panda

“Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?”

She is named after Eliza Scidmore, an American writer, photographer and geographer who visited Japan many times. She was the first female board member of the National Geographic Society.


You go, girl!

She is the most commonly seen Alpha/Shaman in Jamaa.


“I’m ready for my close-up, NatGeo!”

Her favorite color is pink according to her profile page.

Lola Loud

“Yes! Pink and Proud! Stay strong, sista!”

She was known as Liza, “the curious panda” when she was chosen to be an Alpha.


“What’s that all about??”

Her ears and hair resemble a typical Chinese hairstyle, buns.



This could be a reference to the fact that pandas can be found in China.



I was looking forward to this one, as Liza is my favorite Alpha Master, tied with Peck. I’ve always had a fascination with the Far East and Eastern culture and sensibilities, as well a fondness for mysticism and nature. All of those things made Liza a natural favorite of mine.

Liza 3

“Not to mention how pandas are freaking adorable!”


I was gonna say that!”

Next up is the Koala Alpha, Cosmo. Stay tooned.

Pop Dream #12: Lynn Sr. and Rita


Well folks, this is it. We’ve finally reached the last installment of our Pop Dream miniseries salute to The Loud House.


“But Star Bros.”, I hear you ask, “How could you have one more? You’ve already covered Lincoln and each of his 10 sisters…


“…Who’s left?”

-Why, their parents, of course!


“What the what??”

Yes, we’re throwing y’all a curve ball for this one. Our final Loud House Pop Dream is all about the couple who made all of the Loud kids possible. Today’s Pop Dream spotlights Lynn Loud, Sr. and Rita Loud!


Lynn Sr.: A Pop Dream all about the ol’ parents? Well, that gets a few points on the Dad-O-Meter!

Rita: Hon…that’s joke’s so lame it’s on crutches.

Wait a minute. Lynn Sr. and Rita? Senior? Rita? Senorita!




Lynn Loud, Sr. (a.k.a. Dad) is the father of Lincoln and his sisters. Lynn Sr. is a supporting character in the first season, but becomes a more major character from Season 2-onward.


Additionally, Rita Loud (a.k.a. Mom) is the mother of the Loud children. Rita is a supporting character in the first season, and a major character from Season 2 and onwards.

The only Loud family member not to have an alliterative name, Rita’s name is a pun on the phrase “read aloud”, referring to her desire to be a novelist, which involves reading (and writing).


The Loud parents act playfully romantic towards each other (an example of this is when they skinny dip into the hotel pool).


Don’t worry, we’re not gonna show you that.


“Thank goodness!”


Initially, the parents’ faces were never shown during the first season. They were finally revealed in the Season 2 premiere, “11 Louds a Leapin'”.


“Yeah, brutha, it sucks to not have a face!”

Mr. No Head

“Eh, it’s not so bad. For one thing, you never have to shop for hats!”

Rita and Lynn Sr. 3

At the beginning of the episode “Suite and Sour”, for the first few seconds of the episode their faces were again kept hidden, as if their reveal never happened, only to show them afterwards.


“Fooled ya!”



Rita wears a pink shirt with a white collar and cuffs, and purple pants. She has big blonde hair and white earrings. She also wears blue eye shadow and red lipstick. She also wears black low tops.


Plus she’s got a serious set of thighs and glutes!

South Park Sportscasters

“Dude! That is not cool! You’re gonna get us in trouble again!”


Lynn Sr. wears a sea green sweater over a light-green checkered collar and cuffs, and brown slacks. He has a long pointy nose, brown eyebrows, and curly brown hair that is thinning on the top.

Rita and Lynn Sr. 4

Also, Dude’s kind of hairy!


“He’s bringin’ sexy back!”


Rita and Lynn Sr. 2

Lynn Sr. is stern, and often calls a halt to his kids’ fights, but he loves and cares about them. He also loves his wife, and often acts playfully romantic towards her. He has been shown to have a childlike side at times, even sometimes taking part in his kids’ antics, when it’s all in good fun. He’s also the more sensitive of the two parents, often necessitating his wife, and stepping in whenever he needs to pull himself together.

House Music Dad_in_band_uniform

In the episode “House Music”, we learn that Lynn Sr. used to play the cowbell. He was even in a band…

House Music You're_out_of_the_band

…Until the other members kicked him out for going nuts with it.

House Music Lynn_Sr_doing_a_cowbell_solo

Thankfully, he does get his moment to shine at the family fair.

More Cowbell

Rita and Lynn Sr. 3

Rita is caring toward her children, but is not afraid to punish them if they go too far. She and her husband act playfully romantic towards each other, though she is apparently more level-headed than him.

She dreams to be a novelist but initially seems to lack a creative side, as she wrote a story about a bored dental assistant talking to her fish before being inspired by Lincoln to write about a thrill seeker with white hair, himself.

Buster Bunny

“_ _  _ _ _ ,

_ _ _ _ _ _ _.

_ _ _  _ _ _.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _.”

-Four lines from a lazy poet.”

Lori, Leni, Lana, Lola, and Lily seem to resemble Rita the most. Out of all the kids, Rita she is closest with Lincoln. Out of all her daughters, she’s the closest to Lori, Leni, and Lily.

Luna, Luan, Lynn, and Lisa seem to resemble Lynn, Sr. the most. Out of his children, he’s the closest to Luna, Luan, Lynn, and Lana. He is the first character in the series, apart from Lincoln, to speak to the audience. This instance occurred at the end of “It’s a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House”. Lynn Sr. seems to enjoy jokes and dancing. He is shown to dance on occasions in episodes such as “The Loudest Yard”, “Ties That Bind”, “Come Sale Away”, “House Music”, and “Lock ‘N’ Loud”. In addition, it is mentioned in “A Tattler’s Tale” that he won a dancing contest, and had a disco ball trophy that Lincoln broke. In addition, in “Sleuth or Consequences” he mentions enjoying karaoke. On occasion, he enjoys Luan’s jokes, and tries making his own, which appeal to Luan as well, as shown in “Raw Deal”.

He’s also shown to be quite a coward, as he screams and faints at the sight, sound, and idea of spiders, Lana’s mud wrestling, horror movies, and Halloween.

Mr. Peanut

“The nuts don’t fall too far from the tree! Yuk-yuk!”

Luan Loud

“What are you, NUTS? That joke was NUT very good! Get it?”


Price of Admission _Rita_won't_allow_Linc_to_watch

“The Price of Admission”: The fun begins when Lincoln wants to go see a horror movie starring a character called The Harvester, a fiend who harvests peoples’ innards. Lincoln shows his mom Rita a trailer for the movie on the phone, but Rita forbids him from going.

Rita: Uh-uh, Lincoln, you are not seeing that movie. It is too scary for you. He pulls around a cooler full of organs!
Lincoln: (disappointed and groaning) Mom!
Rita: You know how you get. You’ll have nightmares. You’ll think something’s out to get you. You’re just like your father.

Price of Admission

(As she walks away, Lynn Sr. comes out from behind the sofa with a teddy bear.)
Lynn Sr.: That is a total exaggeration! On a completely different note, that trailer is never to be played in this house again. (walks away fidgeting in fear.)

But wait, there’s more: later, after Linc sneaks into the theater to see the movie anyway, and is of course, freaked out beyond belief that night, he does everything he can to stay awake, at one point going to the kitchen and spotting this:

The Price of Admission_I'm_gonna_slice_you_right_down_the_middle

“I’m gonna slice you right down the middle!”

Lincoln reacts the way you’d expect. This gag comes up again in the following scene the following morning.


(In the kitchen, Lynn Sr. is working on the ceramic pumpkins and Rita is checking the fridge.)
Rita: Honey, have you seen the cake I baked for the school fundraiser?
Lynn Sr.: (spits out coffee) No, I didn’t see your carrot cake.
Rita: (suspicious) How did you know it was carrot?
Lynn Sr.: I…uh… (sees his son) Lincoln! There you are.

And later on, after Rita and Lynn allow Lincoln to see the movie and even accompanying him (not realizing he’s already seen it), Lincoln confesses and the folks let him off the hook. Lynn Sr. laments what a ‘shame’ it is that they won’t get to see the films because he “loves scary movies” so much, he spots the family’s neighbor Mr. Grouse cosplaying as the Harvester.



What a guy!

Rita and Lynn Sr. 5

“April Fools Rules”: the parents deal with their daughter Luan’s annual pranking spree in the appropriate manner.


“Lock ‘n’ Loud”: The parents return from a night of dance lessons. Lynn Sr. twirls Rita…right into the bushes, then gets riled up at those darn kids not locking the front door that he forgets to retrieve her. This happens twice in the short.

“Homespun”: Hiding out in the basement during a hurricane, the family talks about, among other things, how thin the walls are, leading to a flashback involving Lucy gripped in a romantic conundrum on whether or not she should cheat on her vampire bust Edward with a sexy werewolf. Eventually nearly everyone in the house weighs in on this, including Lynn, Sr. and Rita.

Homespun Dont_these_books_sound_old_for_Lucy

“Don’t these books sound a little old for Lucy?”

Homespun Rita_reading_book

“Of course not, dear. When I was a girl, I read a series about a cute lumberjack.”

Side bar: I love the title of the book Rita’s reading, The Mom Jeans Ultimatum.

In another flashback we see the time the kids treated their parents on their anniversary by painting the house…quite literally.

Homespun Anniversary_Gift




Later the kids re-paint the house back to normal, but they still leave their mark by leaving their hand prints on the side.

Homespun Loud_sibling_handprints

Note how the color of the hand prints each Loud sibling places on the house, all match the colors they appear in the show’s theme song (except for Lincoln):

-Lincoln – Orange
-Lori – Light blue
-Leni – Turquoise
-Luna – Purple
-Luan – Yellow
-Lynn – Red
-Lucy – Black
-Lana – Blue
-Lola – Pink
-Lisa – Green
-Lily – Lavender

And if you picked up on that, congratulations! Here’s your Geek Card!


Homespun Best_anniversary_gift_ever

“Best…anniversary gift…ever.” (sniff)

“Come Sale Away”: the kids are showing off their victory butt-dances, trying to out do one another, until Rita intervenes.


“Kids! Please!” (The kids stop their victory dances.) “This is how you do a victory dance!” (does her own victory dance.) “Uh-huh! Go Mom! Shake that booty!”

Yeaaah, I probably enjoyed that more than I should have.


While The Loud House is first and foremost a kidcom, I have to say that the parents and their little scenes and interactions are one of the highlights of the show for me. I like how Rita and Lynn, Sr. are actual characters, rather than just being cardboard rule-givers or perpetually off-screen entities. Each of them has a clear-cut personality, the 2 of them compliment one another perfectly and neither is perfect; they sometimes disagree, do silly things and occasionally set bad examples for the kids; that’s much more interesting. I hope to one day create a kidcom, and the parents’ roles on the show will basically be like Lynn, Sr. and Rita’s. It’s good to show that kid protagonists have parents, and moms and dads are always around to keep the kids grounded, or just to embarrass them beyond belief.


Loud House Kids.jpg

That wraps up our Loud House Pop Dream. Next time, Pop Dream is gonna get wild, savage, in fact, downright animal. We’ll be heading to the mystic land of Jaamu for a little…

Animal Jam Alphas

Keep on Pop Dreaming.

Pop Dream #11: Lisa and Lily

Yep, it’s that time again…time for some more Pop Dreaming.

POP bubble

First, once again, sorry about the delay. I really wanted to get this one out earlier, but I got hit with a case of writers block that was only augmented by distractions in the real world. I’m not on social media. I’ve retired from message boards/forums. This is what I do now. However, things are starting to settle down and we’re at last beginning to return to normalcy around here, so if things go the way that I hope, I’ll get back into blogging more regularly again and will continue towards our goal of evolving Twinsanity from a mere blog to a full blown website where we can be even more creative with our pointless nonsense.

OK, enough of that, let’s get to Pop Dreaming!

In this Pop Dream, we’re continuing with our look at the family from Nickelodeon’s The Loud House. Today, we’ll be spotlighting the two youngest Loud sisters. That’s right, we’re kicking it pre-school! Today’s Pop Dream is all about Lisa and Lily Loud.

Lisa Loud

“People who think that they know everything can be quite annoying to those of us that actually do.”

Lily Loud

“Goo-goo ga-ga!”


At 4 years old, Lisa is the second-youngest child of the Loud family, and the second-youngest of Lincoln’s five younger sisters. She is often seen working on complex experiments, equations, and formulas.


“I’m presently developing a giant Ritz cracker. If people enjoy eating many small cheese crackers, it’s a given that they would enjoy eating one giant one.”

Though she is still in kindergarten, she is exceedingly smarter than the other kids her age, nonetheless, that she can move up at least six grades. Quite impressive for a little kid.


“I prefer to think of myself as a vertically challenged pre-adult!”

Meanwhile, at 15 months old (1 year and 3 months), Lily is the youngest child of the Loud family, and the youngest of Lincoln’s five younger sisters. She is able to walk independently, and is learning to speak.


“Duh…her name’s not Baby?”

It’s possible that Lisa is named such in reference to this other smart girl?

Lisa Simpson

“I need a catchphrase”

The name also has some personal significance since I have a cousin named Lisa. If you’re reading this, love, ya, cuz!

It was interesting to learn that the youngest Loud sister is named Lily. For many younger viewers, hearing the name Lily conjures thoughts of this lady…

Ms. Frizzle

“Seat belts, everyone!”

…However, the name Lily makes me think of this lady…

Lily Tomlin as Ernestine

There I go showing my age again.


Lisa has brown hair, is short and wears big round glasses. She dresses rather conservatively.


“Hmmm…that description sounds like someone, but I’m not sure who. It’s an enigma.”

As for Lily, her appearance can be described in two words:

Lily Loud 2


There’s not much to say about Lily’s daily outfit, since she usually just wears her diaper.

The Scream

“By Gadfrey! That child is almost NAKED!! Avert thyne eyes!

Censored sign 2

We’re not about to allow that sort of of smut on the television!

Relax, people. It’s an infant. I doubt anyone is losing any sleep over this.



Before the beginning of the series, Lisa, despite her very young age, is a Junior Nobel Prize recipient. Though she is still in kindergarten, she is exceedingly smarter than the other kids her age, nonetheless, that she can move up at least six grades. Because of her big brain, Lisa tends to be egocentric, boorish and more than a little of a know-it-all.

Pink Floyd - The Wall

“We don’t need no education…”

Lisa with clipboard

“Ahem. That’s a double negative. It should be ‘We don’t need ANY education’. You’re undermining your own point.”

You're an idiot 3

And while Lily’s intelligence isn’t on par with Lisa’s, she seems to be fully aware of her surroundings and for the most part, she’s cognizant of what’s going on around her. Hey, that’s impressive for a baby!


She’ll make a “right on” gesture as soon as she learns how to make a fist.



“Come Sale Away”. I love Lily’s expression here after Lincoln assures her that he and the other sisters will return her lost blanket. That face seems to be saying “Something tells me that I better not hold my breath.”


“A Room With a Feud”. Lincoln convinces his sisters to switch roommates. Lori ends up rooming with Lily and it turns out that both of them enjoy playing with smartphones.


Lori: Ha ha…Literally!

Lily: Ha ha…Lil-all-lee!


“Party Down” For Lori’s party, Lisa makes a chocolate fountain. (It started out as a nuclear fusion device, but she accidentally dropped her chocolate bar in it.) It turns out that she and Lily like chocolate…


…I mean, like, a lot!

Lisa: Oh, mama! This Theobroma Cacao, street name: chocolate, is working wonders on my serotonin levels!

Lily: (pouring some into her bottle) Goo-goo! (They giggle)

“Making The Grade”. Lisa gets bumped up from kindergarten to Lincoln’s class, where she proceeds to smoke her new classmates with her superior intellect. At Lincoln’s requests, she attempts to dumb herself down and try to be a “cool” kid, complete with a Fonzie impression.

TLH- Making the Grade _Fonzie_Lisa



I’m not surprised that I ended up enjoying Lisa on the show. Being something of a nerd myself, I often find myself identifying with the brainy characters. It was Lily who caught me off guard. I ended up enjoying her scenes/bits more than I expected to, as I’m normally not a fan of baby characters or of baby humor. In any case, these little ankle biters can be quite amusing in some scenes, but ultimately, they’re harmless.


“I’m also developing a computer virus that, when activated, will scramble all of YouTube’s videos, and can only be reversed if they agree to stop taking advantage of the content creators and reward virus solving computer experts with a room full of ice cream sandwiches…

Lisa Loud 3

…but I’ve already said too much.”

She Blinded Me with Science!

“She blinded me….with SCIENCE!”

Next time, Damon steps in as we wrap up our Loud House character breakdown with the Loud parents, Lynn Sr. and Rita. Keep Pop Dreaming.

Pop Dream #10: Lola & Lana

Are you still there? Good, because it’s time for the next Pop Dream!

Looks like we’ve made it, folks. Here we are at THE BIG TEN!!

confett cannon

Before we start, I’d like to once again apologize for delay. We’re not happy about it either. I planned to do this Pop Dream last month, but it was delayed due to distractions. November and December are notoriously bad months for blogging, since you have major holidays constantly vying for your attention. Nonetheless, better late than never. On with the fun and frivolity.

As previously stated, this is Pop Dream #10, and it’s very appropriate that we’ll be spotlighting a pair of twins on the first two digit Pop Dream. Our look at characters from Nickelodeon’s The Loud House continues with a look at the house’s set of twins. One of them is a princess while the other one is a mud bug. Today’s Pop Dream looks at Lola & Lana Loud!


They’re 2.. 2…2 brats in one!


By now, it’s no secret that we love our twins on this site. When I first learned about The Loud House, my interest was immediately peaked when I learned that two of Lincoln’s sisters were twins, and this series didn’t disappoint. As you already know, I’ve chosen to spotlight each of Lincoln’s sisters in pairs in order to save time, but even if I hadn’t done that, I’d still be focusing on these characters collectively regardless because they’re a duo. Opposite sides of the same coin. You can’t have one without the other. Lana & Lola are like the Odd Couple of The Loud House.

The Odd Couple

“Oh, Oscar, Oscar, Oscar…”

At 6 years old, Lola is the third-youngest child of the Loud family, and the middle child of Lincoln’s five younger sisters. She is also Lana’s younger twin sister, with whom she attends the 1st grade at Royal Woods Elementary School. Yes, that’s right. Lola is the younger twin. Initially, I assumed that she was the older twin due to her having more of an alpha personality, but no, Lola is the younger twin by a couple of minutes.

Lola & Lana

Lana: Yeah, that’s right, Lola. Sometimes I forget that you’re younger than me.

Lola: I’m only two minutes younger!!

Lana: Then maybe in two minutes, you’ll understand!

Meanwhile, At 6 years old, Lana is the fourth-youngest child of the Loud family, and the second-oldest of Lincoln’s five younger sisters. She is also Lola’s older twin sister, with whom she attends the 1st grade at Royal Woods Elementary School.

The Patty Duke Show

Two sets of matching bookends, different as night and day…


Lola’s appearance is fancy, frilly and very, very, very pink. She wears a princess dress and a tiara daily.


“If you got it, flaunt it!”

Shirley Temple

Also, personally, I would have had Lola wear a Shirley Temple type outfit instead of the beauty pageant outfit, but that’s me.

Lana’s look, on the other hand, can best be described as grunge. She prefers overalls to dresses, sneakers to Mary Jane shoes and is rarely seen without her backwards worn red baseball cap.


“Drop it like it’s hot! Actually, I just like making lots of noise!”


Lola is spoiled, arrogant, conceited, bratty, sassy, smart-mouthed and dresses like a princess. Lola’s interests include anything girly – this includes fashion shows, makeup, and posing for photo shoots. She is constantly claiming how beautiful she is, and can’t look away from a mirror for more than five seconds, which gets on everybody’s nerves. Some fans may indeed find Lola annoying, and I can understand why. Yeah, she can be obnoxious at times, but nonetheless, I can’t bring myself to dislike Lola. Partially because during a time where female characters are branching out and many modern women and girls are flatly rejecting pink, it’s a nice change of pace to see a female character who is proudly and unapologetically girly.  One can be feminine and still be feminist. People tend to forget that.


“I like pink, dresses and dollies….Deal with it!”

Meanwhile, Lana is a tomboy, contrasting with her twin’s more girly personality. She loves to play in mud, and enjoys getting her hands dirty. Her pleasures are found in filth of all kinds, and anything unhygienic, from frogs to digging in the trash for chewing gum to doing business outdoors. Despite her tomboyishness, and gross habits, she is a decent enough person, and is loving towards her family. Lana’s interests include mud, dirt, working on cars and generally being gross. She’s also a major animal lover.


It’s like a zoo in there, and smells like one too.

Especially one animal in particular, her pet frog Hops.


“Promise me you’ll never turn into a prince.”

There’s one Lana moment that sticks with me; a scene from the short “Toads and Tiaras”. In it,  Lola gets injured and is unable to compete in a beauty pageant, so Lincoln recruits Lana (who’s identical to Lola) to take her place. Despite Lincoln’s coaching, Lana still proves to be in no way beauty pageant material. Disappointed, she says this:


“Maybe there’s something wrong with me.”

Speaking as a weirdo who spent much of his childhood not giving a crap about the things that most boys my age were supposed to be interested in, I identify with that.

Mutant and Proud sticker

Stay strong, friends!




Speaking of which, I like little moments like this scene from “Left In the Dark”,

TLH - Baby Steps

and this scene from “Baby Steps”. I like moments like these in which the twins act like the 6-year-olds that they are. This being a comedy, there will of course be exaggerations for comedic effect, which is great, but it’s good that The Loud House’s writers never forget that these characters are children and remember to keep their attitudes and their brains very childlike. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lola and Lana speaking a secret language at some point.




Someone once said that “twins are like a family within the family”, and Lola and Lana are no exception. Ironically, Lola, the younger twin, is the louder and more aggressive sister, despite being pink and “sweet”, whereas Lana, though she’s the grubby tomboy, is the quieter and more compassionate twin.

By the by, peep out this image of the twins brushing their teeth together.



I don’t have a joke for this, I just think it’s super-cute.

Lola and Lana are like most twins (and siblings in general); getting on each other’s nerves one minute, having each other’s backs the next. Speaking of moments, I nearly lost it when I first saw the short “Patching Things Up”. In it, Lana and Lola are trying to become Bluebelles, but neither one wants to join without the other.


Lana & Lola_Hugging_eachother




Lana & Lola singing

“Left In the Dark”: We first see the twins marching out of their bedroom to watch TV in the living room, all the while chanting “Cartoons! Cartoons! Cartoons!” That was pretty much the highlight of my day as a kid.

“Picture Perfect”: Lincoln, attempting to take the perfect family portrait, makes Lana and Lola wear marshmallows in their mouths in order to fill in the gaps for their missing front teeth.


“You look silly!”


“Undie Pressure”. Lincoln makes a bet with his sisters that they can’t go through an afternoon without doing their favorite things. Lana has to go without playing in the mud. I love this shot of her forlornly looking out of the window.

Loud Twins as Moniters

“Get The Message”. Lana and Lola are appointed hall monitors in school and use this “power” to hassle Lincoln in the Loud House hallway. This doesn’t seem like something that either of them would be interested in. I guess they just like telling people what to do.


“Vantastic Voyage”. The family’s minivan (nicknamed “Vanzilla”) breaks down (again!).


All of the kids are begrudgingly pushing the van home…


…except for Lola, who stands on the top waving as though she were riding a parade float!

TLH - Tricked!

“Tricked”. Lana & Lola go Trick Or Treating dressed as salt and pepper shakers.


Initially, I was a little apprehensive when I learned that Lola and Lana would have opposite personalities, as I feared that the two of them would have anti-chemistry. Thankfully, Lana and Lola don’t hate each other like The Cramp Twins, and I do understand that if they were both exactly alike, there’d be little to no play among them, so some distinction is necessary. In little time, the twins joined the ranks of my favorite characters on the show. It’s a treat for me whenever either of them is on screen, especially when they’re seen doing twin stuff. I can’t think of a better way to wrap up this twin tribute than this:


Lana & Lola Loud

Lana: Well, that was just gweechy! Wouldn’t you say?

Lola: Oh, yeah! It was absolutely ice box!

It’s a twin thing. You wouldn’t understand.

Next Time: It’s Lisa and Lily. Keep Pop Dreaming.



Pop Dream #9: Lynn and Lucy

Are you still there? Good, ’cause it’s that time again! Time for the next Pop Dream!

Stone Cold Steve Austin - Hell yeah!

Before we start, I’d like to once again apologize for the delay. I didn’t intend for the gap between segments to get this long. I planned to do this last month (September), but real life kept getting in the way.

Also, time for a serious moment (Don’t worry; it’ll be quick)…

serious face emoji

This is my serious face.

Yes, we’re quite aware of the recent events concerning The Loud House series creator, Chris Savino which have led to his being let go from Nickelodeon. I find the actions that have lead to Mr. Savino’s termination to be deplorable and unfortunate for the victims. However, this Pop Dream miniseries will continue as originally planned. The Pop Dream segments are all about the characters and the show, not about the creators, so we’re going to separate the man from his work here. For anyone who wishes to make a comment for this segment, we’d appreciate it if you would only comment on the characters and the show, and not about Chris Savino’s personal life. This isn’t TMZ. Twinsanity is a site for entertainment, cracking jokes and having fun, and we’d like to keep it that way. Any comments regarding the recent news about Chris Savino and his actions will not be published here. Thank you.

OK, enough of that. Now, on with the fun!

Our celebration of The Loud House continues with two more of the Loud sisters. One of them is lives for sports and competition, while the other one lives in perpetual darkness. Today’s Pop Dream spotlights Lynn and Lucy Loud!


“Touchdown! Home run! Goal! Slam dunk! To the max! SPORTS!!”

Lucy with bat

“Staring into the dark abyss. The light is a distant star, forever out of my soul’s reach, but enough about me, how are you doing?”



At 13 years old, Lynn is the fifth-oldest child of the Loud family, and the youngest of Lincoln’s five older sisters. She is named after her father. Lynn attends Royal Woods Middle School. She possesses a habit of turning everything into a sport.




At 8 years old, Lucy is the fifth-youngest child of the Loud family, and the oldest of Lincoln’s five younger sisters. Her most annoying habit is popping up and scaring people, which is a running gag in the series. Along with Lincoln, she’s the quietest out of all the Loud siblings.

Addams Family

She’s creepy and she’s kooky, mysterious and spooky…



Lynn has thick brown hair, which like Luan’s is tied into a pony tail. Unlike Luan, however, Lynn has thick bangs on the front of her head. Lynn also wears a red and white jersey with the number 1 on it.

Muscle Power


Lynn is also the only Loud sibling who wears socks to sleep.


As for Lucy, she’s clearly into the color black. She’s the only member of the Loud family with black hair (and as photos of Lucy as a baby have proven, her black hair is natural, not dyed). She’s also the only Loud sibling besides Lincoln who’s hair color isn’t yellow nor brown.

The Undertaker

“What’s wrong with black? It’s cheery!”

Lucy is also the only Loud sibling who’s eyes have yet to be seen.

cartoon eyes

Jeepers, creepers, haven’t seen those peepers…


Lynn is athletic and competitive. She loves to play sports and enjoys roughhousing with her siblings.

She enjoys playing every existing sport, including football, soccer, basketball, and baseball. She is also skilled in various forms of martial arts, such as kickboxing, Mexican wrestling, (or lucha libre) and parkour.

Chris Berman

“She could…go…all…the…way!!”

In addition to sports, Lynn seems to have another hobby: annoying her brother Lincoln!


“Hey, I almost for got something…”


“Ha-ha! You just got pants’d!”

The reason why Lynn chooses Lincoln as her victim often is likely because since Lincoln is the only boy in the house, she would think that he’d be less likely to resist her roughhousing. Also, because of their closeness in age (Lynn is 2 years older than Lincoln).


Lucy is mostly about holding sances, reading and writing dark poetry and dabbling in the dark arts.

TLH- Lucy_Summoning_the_spirits

“Oh, spirit of the bratwurst that I ate last night. I just wanted to say ‘Sorry'”.

One gag about Lucy that I find funny is how when she uses an onomatopoeia,  she’ll say the actual word instead making the sound. She says the word “sigh” instead of sighing. She said the word “Gasp!” on a few occasions, and once in the short “Spell It Out”, while eating, she said the words…

TLH - Speel It Out



TLH - Space Invader 1

“Space Invader”: After an argument with Lucy (whom she shares a bedroom with), Lynn asks Lincoln if she can bunk with him. After some persuasion,

TLH - Space Invader 2

As well as giving him the old “sad eyes” routine, Lincoln relents.

TLH - Space Invader 5

TLH - Space Invader 4

TLH - Space Invader 6

Lynn proves to be the roommate from hell. Bouncing a ball against the wall, luchador wrestling with Lincoln and snoring while drooling. When Lincoln tries to subject his sister to the same treatment, hoping that she’ll get fed up and leave…

TLH - Space Invader 7

…She instead moves all of her stuff into Lincoln’s room, declaring him “The best roommate ever!”

TLH - Lock 'N' Loud - Roller Derby Team

“Lock ‘n Loud”: Lynn organizes a security squad made up of herself and her rollerball team.

TLH - Price of Admission - Lincoln and Lucy 1

“The Price of Admission”: Lincoln, freaked out after watching a scary movie, is asked to retrieve something from the attic. Afraid to go there alone, he tries to convince Lucy to accompany him with the promise that “There might be bats up there!”

TLH - Price of Admission - Lincoln and Lucy 2

Lucy’s reply: “There are, but they’re not vampire bats. What’s the point?”

TLH - Butterfly Effect 1

Interestingly, Lucy gets her wish in the short “The Butterfly Effect”.

TLH - Butterfly Effect 2

“I’ve been bitten by a vampire bat!”

TLH - Butterfly Effect 3

“Best. Day. Ever!”

TLH - House Music - Lucy

“House Music”: Lucy, along with her siblings, are performing as a band in a county fair. Their mom Rita gushes over them before they perform.

Rita: Ooh! Look at my little rock stars!

Lucy: My real genre is death metal.

Rita: SO CUTE!!


Neither Lynn nor Lucy are among my favorite Loud sisters, but each of them have their share of amusing moments. Lucy in particular surprised me, as I ended up enjoying her character more than I thought I would. Usually I find goth characters to be somewhat limited, but TLH managed to get more material from the character than I would have. And that we’re doing Lucy and Lynn near the end of October somehow seems fitting. So let’s end this with a musical trip from the dark side…of fashion!



“Yeah, but I’m five years older than Lucy, so I win!”

Dick Vitale

“That’s awesome, baby, with a capital A!”

Next time, it’s the twins Lola & Lana. Keep Pop Dreaming.