Pop Dream #8: Luna and Luan

Guess what, everybody…

Ben Grimm

“It’s Pop Dream Time!!!”

Before we begin, I’d like to apologize for the delay. I meant to get this one out earlier this month, but I got sidetracked by another creative project that Damon and I are working on which may lead to something significant in the near future. But I don’t want to reveal too much of that until it looks like it’s actually going to happen.

Now, on with the fun!

Today’s look at the siblings from Nickelodeon’s The Loud House continues with the 3rd and 4th eldest sisters. One lives to rock and the other wants to have everyone rolling in the aisles. Today’s Pop Dream spotlights Luna and Luan Loud.

Luna Loud

“Are you ready to ROCK?!?”

Luan Loud

“Not yet. Give me five minutes! Ha-ha-ha-ha!”


At 15 years old, Luna is the third-oldest child of the Loud family, and the middle child of Lincoln’s five older sisters. Her most annoying habit is speaking in a British, and sometimes Swedish, accent.

Luna with Guitar

“Rock and roll! Hootchie-Coo!”

At 14 years old, Luan is the fourth-oldest child of the Loud family, and the second-youngest of Lincoln’s five older sisters. Her most annoying habit is telling bad jokes and puns, as well as pulling pranks.


“It’s showtime, folks!”


“You’re adorable, kid, but that’s MY line!”


Luna is slightly taller than Luan, but shorter than Leni. Luna sports a brown pixie cut (nice!) and her daily outfit consists mostly of purple (my favorite color) with a skull decal at the center of it and a plaid skirt. Luna is also the only Loud sister who wears boots.


“Prepare for my purple reign, y’all!”

Meanwhile, Luan’s hair is a lighter shade of brown than Luna’s. Like Lynn, she sports a ponytail, except that Luan doesn’t have bangs and she sports a stylin’ yellow scrunchie in her hair. She dresses in a white sleeveless shirt, a yellow skirt with a checkerboard pattern, yellow socks with a line pattern that are worn all the way up, and brown shoes. She also wears three pink flowers, one on her shirt, and one on each shoe, that serve as gag squirt-flowers. Luan also has braces on her teeth.

Luan Juggling

“I’ve got a heart of old gold, and a tin grin!”


Luna’s passion is music. Early in life, she gave her soul to rock and roll.




She discovered her true self when she attended a rock concert at a young age. Note that she’s wearing purple here as well.

One running gag about Luna that I like is how many of her lines are song titles and lyrics.

Luna with Guitar

“All we want is some peace, love and understanding!”

Luan, meanwhile, lives for comedy. Her favorite habit is injecting groan inducing puns and one-liners into every occasion. Like a cop, Luan is never off duty. In one episode, it’s revealed that she records herself sleeping in case she tells a funny joke so she can use it in her act.

Luan Sleeping

“Zzzzz….I just made a killing at the stock market…I shot my broker!…zzzzzz”

Luan is usually upbeat and easy going with a desire to make people laugh, but this kid has a dark side that surfaces on April 1st. On April Fool’s Day, Luan becomes a prank fiend. When April Fools Day comes, Luan becomes ruthless and crazier than ever to the points of being downright evil and psychotic.


“Hey, I like this kid’s style!”



“Get The Picture”. Lincoln, upset that Lori has inadvertently destroyed his game controller and hasn’t apologized for it, Lincoln sends her an angry voice message. At the precise moment when Lincoln begins screaming, Luna busts in, rocking out, rendering Lincoln’s salty language inaudible to us the audience.



“For Bros About to Rock”. Lola and Lana recall (n flashback) how Luna ruined their first Blarney the Dinosaur concert by attempting a mosh pit in the audience.



Hey, those kids are young. They’ll heal quickly.

“Undie Pressure”. Luna (along with the rest of her sisters) has a bet with Lincoln in which they can’t do their favorite things for the afternoon. Luna’s is that she can’t speak with a British accent. Initially, she has a solution…



“Herdie, verdie, verdie. Easy peasy, I just svitched to Svedish, ja?”


…Unfortunately, she hears a radio contest in which she needs to affect a British accent in order to win. She tries to whisper it, but eventually she screams “GIVE ME TH’ BLOODY TICKETS, MATE!”,  resulting in her winning the contest, but losing the bet.


“April Fool’s Rules”. On the morning before April Fool’s Day, The Loud Family prepares for chaos while Luan reminds them that “Oooooh! It’s Pranksmas Eve!”


Check out Lilly decked out in the watermelon getup. That’s both adorable and twisted at the same time.

Luan’s pranks are quite elaborate. In one, she somehow manages to gift wrap the entire Loud House.


“I guess that’s a wrap!”

In another, she covers her siblings in red gelatin.


“Aww, look at the Loud Family gettin’ jiggly with it!”


Luna is reportedly series creator Chris Savino’s favorite character on the show. I wouldn’t put Luna on my favorites list, but she definitely has her moments. Luna’s best scenes are usually short, memorable scenes and lines. Admittedly, my opinion on Luan is a tad biased because she is one of my favorite characters on the show. Wacky, comedic jokester characters on TV are almost always male, so it’s a nice change of pace to see a female character who embodies these traits. Luan is rarely the focus of stories, but her scenes are almost always hilarious. Luan is like a female Marx Brother.

Luan 3

“Now that’s the wackiest thing that I ever hoid!”

Next time: Lynn and Lucy. Keep Pop Dreaming.

Pop Dream #7: Lori and Leni


…to check the latest Pop Dream!

Our look at the siblings from Nickelodeon’s animated series The Loud House continues with the two eldest Loud sisters…Lori and Leni Loud.

Lori and Leni Loud

Lori: That’s right, we’re awesome! Deal with it!

Leni: “Deal”? I didn’t bring any cards.


At 17 years old, Lori is the oldest child of the Loud family, and the oldest of Lincoln’s five older sisters. This is a fact she uses to assert authority and absolute dominance over her siblings.

Lori Loud

She’s also the sister with the biggest “Hubba-hubba!” factor.




Meanwhile, at 16 years old, Leni is the second-oldest child of the Loud family, and the second-oldest of Lincoln’s five older sisters. Unlike Lori, she is very naive and quite ditzy, but she makes up for it in beauty and kindness.

Leni Loud


Lori is the tallest sibling of all, and like Leni, she has breasts. She has large blonde hair (a genetic trait she shares with her mother, even though her hair is longer). Her original design depicted her with pink eye shadow, a white tank top, navy blue shorts, and black shoes. Later it was changed with a light blue tank top, brown cargo shorts, blue slip-on shoes, and blue eye shadow. She also wears pearl earrings.



Yes, we’ve covered that.

Leni has long, pale-blonde hair, with side-swept bangs, and three pairs of eyelashes. She is almost as tall as Lori.

Her main outfit is a seafoam green dress with white frills and triangular sleeves. With this, she wears red hoop earrings, white sandals topped with light green bows, and a pair of white sunglasses on top of her head.




Lori is bossy, condescending, and has the second nastiest temper after Lola, but aside from that she is also cute, friendly, and protective. As the oldest sibling, she is supposed to act responsibly and mature, but sometimes she doesn’t act like it, and instead she behaves like her youngest sisters, like in “Left in the Dark”, where she’s afraid to go down into the dark basement.

Her most annoying habit is using her phone and texting to Bobby all of the time.

Lori Loud 2

“Ooh! Bobby just texted that I’m the prettiest thing on two legs! That’s what I love most about him; his astute insight!”

Lori Loud

She also has the somewhat annoying habit of inserting the word ‘literally’ into every other sentence, whether it’s apropos or not, kind of like how Smurfs use the word ‘smurf’.


“And after hearing that word for the umptee-seventh time, I ‘literally’ want to grab a shovel and beat myself on the head ’til I’m bloody!”

As for Leni, there are two things that you need to know about Leni:

  1. She’s seriously into fashion.

“The latest!”

And 2, she’s as sharp as an orange.

Arte Johnson

“Very fashionable…but stupid!”

Trivia Time: Did you know that Leni is named after the character of Lenny Small, a lumbering, slow witted giant with a heart of gold in George Stienbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men? Well, now you do.


“Tell me about the horses again, Lori.”


“No Guts, No Glori”. Lori is left in charge while the parents are out for Date Night, where she proceeds to enforce strict rules on all of her younger siblings.

No Guts No Glory 2



Pretty little dictator, isn’t she?


“Older siblings never die. They just annoy the heck out of you!”

Lori Loud's Feet

She also indulges in a little Lori time.

“Sounds of Silence”. Need a footstool but don’t have one? That’s what little brothers are for!



You know what’s coming next, so here it is…


“Feet! Heh-heh-heh! Yeah! Heh-heh-heh! Feet! Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!”

“Lock ‘n’ Loud”. The Loud Family’s neighbor, Mr. Grouse, claims to have been robbed.


Mr. Grouse: They cleaned me out! My phonograph, my black and white TV, my encyclopedias! Everything gone!

Lori: I literally don’t know what any of those things are!

“Driving Miss Hazy” . Despite her being of age, Leni still needs to get a ride to the mall because she’s failed her driver’s test thirteen times (to date). 13? Wow! I had to take my driver’s test thrice before I passed, and I felt like a loser! Lincoln attempts to teach Leni to drive by having her play his driver’s video game.


I’m dying to know how Leni got an image of herself in the game.

“House Music”. Luna encourages her siblings to form a band for a county fair. She appoints Leni to sing back up.

TLH - House Music

Leni: (singing) Backup, backup, backup…

TLH - House Music 2


Luna: No, Leni. You don’t actually sing “backup”. You sing what’s on the page.

Leni: OK, got it!

TLH - House Music 3

Leni: (singing) What’s on the page, what’s on the page…


Originally, when I first saw the initial promos for the Loud House, I was convinced that I would hate Lori, but surprisingly, I don’t dislike her at all. Yeah, she can be obnoxious at times, but that just comes with the territory of being the oldest. Having a younger sibling myself, I’m sure he can attest to that. Lori has a sensitive side as well as a protective side, which keeps her human rather than being a monster. As for Leni, dim-witted characters can be very entertaining, if handled properly. As we know, it takes smart people to effectively write dumb. So, here’s to eldest siblings everywhere. Live it up!


“A music video! Sweet! Say, how do you spell MTV?”


“Isn’t that dumb?”

Next Time: Luna and Luan. Keep Pop Dreaming.

Pop Dream #6: Lincoln

Ooh! Look over here!

Look sticker

Pop Dream is back, baby!

Stone Cold Steve Austin - Hell yeah!

Yes, I was so impressed by Damon’s mini series that I decided to tackle this myself. In this mini series, the show I’ll be covering is….The Loud House!

The Loud House - Family Portrait

Smile for the camera. Think of how great it will be when you’re old enough to leave home.

If you’ve read the previous set of Pop Dreams, you already know how this goes: Pop Dream covers five categories:

  • Overview
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Funnier Moments
  • Conclusion

What’s going to make this particular one a little different is the issue of numbers. There are no less than 11 Loud siblings, and as such, I’m going to cover them this way; I’m going to discuss Lincoln first, then each of his sisters will be covered two at a time in descending order by ages and by their sleeping arrangements. This way, there will be 6 segments in total.  If I did each character individually, I’d be doing this well into the end of the year, and keep in mind that I am lazy!

That said, let’s begin Pop Dreaming!

As previously stated, I’m going to start off by discussing the shows’ central character, and also the only Loud brother, Lincoln Loud!


“Boys rule and girls…aren’t so bad once you get to know them.”


Lincoln stands out among his family in a number of ways. He’s the shows’ central character and as such, most of the episodes are shows from his perspective. He’s the most grounded member of the main cast and he sometimes talks directly to the audience in the manner of Clarissa Explains It All. Most notably, Lincoln possesses something that none of his sisters have: a Y chromosome.

Cho Aniki


At 11 years old, Lincoln is the middle child and only son of the Loud family. Lincoln often speaks to the viewers about how he gets around his often-chaotic household, the insane antics of his sisters, and other things he does. Along with Lucy, he’s the quietest of the 11 Loud siblings. He’s also the only Loud sibling who has his own room (actually, a refurbished linen closet, but it still counts).


Lincoln seems to have a fondness for the color orange. His daily outfit consists of an orange polo shirt. His pajamas and his swim trunks are also orange.


However, Lincoln’s most noticeable feature is his white hair. He is the only member of the Loud House who’s hair is this color (save for Lucy, who has black hair). No explanation has been given as to why Lincoln’s hair is white. Some fans have speculated that Lincoln may be an albino, but series creator Chris Savino has stated that this is not the case.


“It’s probably brought on by stress! You try sharing a house with a bunch of cute girls sometime! It’s hard being the meat in a kawaii sandwich!”

Loud House - many-faces-lincoln-loud-16x9

Also, have you noticed that the cowlick on Lincoln’s hair never moves? It’s always on the same side of his head, regardless of which direction he’s facing. Why? Because cartoons!

Charlie Brown angry

“At least he didn’t have to join the Hair Club For Men at age 8! Yeah, life’s fair!”


Lincoln is an enthusiastic and charismatic boy. Although in some occasions he can be selfish, Lincoln is a good-hearted boy, who is always looking for fun, and thinking about the well being of others. Lincoln is an avid fancier of comic books, manga, video games, fantasy and science fiction stories, which are typical interests for a boy his age.

He is known to be “the man with a plan”, as he is usually elaborating plans with a specific objective, most of them for his own benefits. His plans rarely succeed because of his own selfish and reckless decisions or by his sisters’ interference. When he goes too far, he will always find the solution even if that means humiliating himself. One rather peculiar habit of his is reading comic books and manga while in his underwear.


“I’ve gotta feel the breeze between my knees!”


“What’s wrong with that? Running around wearing nothing but your shorts is perfectly natural!”

Loud House - Mother_and_son_hug

Here’s a pic of Lincoln hugging his mom. I don’t have a joke here, it just gives me the warm fuzzies.


“In Tents Debate”. Lincoln is the tiebreaker to decide where to go for the big family vacation, and his sisters try to win him over to their sides.  He allows the girls to collectively butter him up so he’ll decide on their choice. They proceed to wait on him hand and foot.


It’s…the…good life…


I don’t know why Lincoln wanted his toenails painted, but who am I to judge?

“The Loudest Yard”. Lincoln’s mother Rita Loud (Get it?) Tries to get Lincoln to get engage in some physical activity. In this episode, Lincoln says “Sports aren’t my thing.” I identify with that.

The Loudest Yard 1

In one scene, Rita attempts to show Lincoln that exercise can be fun “Whee!” (Yes, she really said ‘Whee!’)

The Loudest Yard 2

The Loudest Yard 3

It turns out that Lincoln has taped one of his comic books to Rita’s butt. I think that I enjoy this scene more than I should.

“Linc or Swim”. After Lincoln and his sisters get banned from every pool center near their home for various issues, he purchases a kiddie pool for himself without his sisters’ knowledge. Unfortunately, his sisters take over the pool.

Linc or Swim

“Family togetherness. We’re full of it!”


Lincoln may not be the funniest character on the show. He may not be the most dynamic or charismatic, but he’s a very necessary character. He’s the glue that keeps the show together. The calm at the center of the storm. Lincoln is Alex Reiger (played by Judd Hirsch on Taxi). It’s hard to dislike the kid. When following story, you begin to share Lincoln’s frustration and in turn, you want him to succeed. Lincoln can be eccentric also, but sometimes the show needs to have a grounded character in order to get things accomplished and Lincoln provides that. As the only boy in the Loud House, Lincoln will always stand out among his siblings, and for that, we salute you. Here’s to all the guys forced to live in a house full of girls!



“OK, so that happened.”

Next time: Lori and Leni. Keep Pop Dreaming.

Pop Dream #5: Blissa, Taffy & Tawny

We’re coming down to the end, folks. Here’s the final Barbie Dream House Pop Dream.

Yes, this is the final installment of this Pop Dream series, but no, this is not the end of the segment. Pop Dream will go on, but the next installment will focus on a completely different set of characters from an altogether different show or franchise. Who will be the subjects of the next Pop Dream? Even we don’t know yet, though we have some potential candidates; also, the next installment of Pop Dreams will either be done by myself, or by Jason, or possibly by both of us depending on the show and who writes up the actual entries. Until then, let’s wrap up our look at Dream House residents.

But what’s that, you ask? We’ve already covered Barbie herself…


“Sparkle, sparkle!”

…And each of her Fab Sisters…


“Groovin’…on a Sunday afternoon…”

…So who’s left?


Barbie’s pets, obviously!

Today’s Pop Dream is all about the most privileged pets on Earth, Blissa the cat, Taffy the dog and Tawny the horse.


The Dream House pets live a life unparalleled by any other small mammal. As Barbie’s pets, they dine on the most exquisite kibbles and oats, sleep and lounge on imported designer pillows, play with the most expensive pet toys and are groomed by the finest groomers in the land.


“Ah’m guessin’ those pets even get PET-icures!”


“Ah’ll, uh, show muhself out.”

This has made these 3 a tad soft, temperamental and spoiled, to put it mildly, but they still find room in their day for shenanigans.


“Hey listen, if somebody calls mentioning something about their sparrows getting devoured, it wasn’t us! We’ll be on your bed. No calls.”


There’s not much to cover with these characters in terms of appearance, since we’re talking about naked animals; basically, Taffy is a yellow Labrador Retriever…


“Doubt it? Well get her a Labrador, an’ she’ll retrieve it for ya!”

…Blissa is a pure white purebred, and Tawny is a blue-eyed Palomino.


My Not-So Little Pony

One fashion statement they all share is that they each bear their mistress’ symbol somewhere on their accoutrements.



“That’s the brand!”


While all 3 of the pets are equally sheltered, they each possess their own unique traits:

Tawny is by her mistress’s side with just a whistle. Living the fab life with Barbie has certainly gone to her head. She is lovably neurotic about her looks — from her immaculate mane to her designer horseshoes.


“Hey, she made sure I got satellite TV and air conditioning in the stable. Mama knows where her bread is buttered!”

Her likes include long gallops on the beach, being brushed and groomed, carrots with sugar, apples with sugar, sugar with sugar. Her dislikes include Flies, mosquitoes, empty food troughs, muddy boots, chilly stables—brrrr! Tawny’s stats include 20 carrot (with sugar) cravings a day, 6 warm blankets owned, 214 beach runs with Barbie and 10 piano concerts given (no small feat considering she has no fingers).



Blissa, the fickle feline, always purrs for Barbie, but everyone else has to be on alert. She’ll either snuggle up with Dreamhouse guests or turn their pant legs into scratching posts. This is because…

Blissa is only nice to people sometimes, but she’s always nice to Barbie. Likes: Napping, eating, eating more, napping again, pink pedis, pamper days, tuna fish. Dislikes: Water, a ball of yarn, bugs, snakes, climbing trees, dry crunchy cat food. She boasts 15 pink mani/pedis, 83 fave nap spots, 1 fab kitty bed and 83 scratch marks on the furniture.


Taffy isn’t just fond of the finer things like filet mignon and doggy spas, but also has a sophisticated taste for art and literature. She loves nothing more than a good chew toy, classical music and a nice long belly rub. She likes Playing fetch, being petted, naps, barking at the mailman, fire hydrants, doggie treats, dinnertime. She dislikes being bored, a short leash, loud vacuums, thunderstorms and an empty food dish. Her stats include 10 flying discs, 1 fab doggie bed, 5,823 balls chased and 1,384 buried bones.

-She also has a love interest in the form of Ken’s dog Hudson, echoing Barbie and Ken’s relationship, but we’re not going to show you that because this is a family blog, so we won’t taint things with images of dog-on-dog action.


I didn’t mean to dog you out!



“When the Cat’s Away”: Blissa is doing her best to ditch Chelsea, who’s eager to play dress-up with her. She ducks into Barbie’s Labyrinthian closest, leading to an all-out manhunt, or rather, cat-hunt, as Barbie, Ken and Tawny hunt for Chelsea while Chelsea hunts for Blissa. Highlights include Tawny smashing through the wall when Barbie whistles for her and the discovery that Barbie’s closet has its’ own beach area. Barbie eventually finds Chelsea and Chelsea finds Blissa, still with dress-up on her mind, so it ends happily…for the most part.


“Persistent, aren’t we??”

“Mission Impawsible”: the pets sneak out for a day on the town while Barbie and Ken are on a date. They nearly get spotted on a few occasions, once at the movie theater having just seen the horror-thriller Paws, which leaves Taffy and Tawny shaking, but not Blissa…


“I’ve seen worse. I’ve done worse!”

…And again while driving (!) to beat Barbie and Ken home.



You can tell Taffy’s panicking; normally she wouldn’t be riding in a car at top speed without letting her tongue flap in the breeze.


They also nearly get spotted at the lemonade shop. (Watch the short for a brief glimpse of a frustrated Raquelle working there!)


“Happy Bathday to You”: It’s Bath Day and the pets do everything in their power to avoid the scrubbing brush, including eating and shredding Barbie’s calendars and day planners, hiding in plain sight…




…To making a hasty getaway in a golf cart, which Tawny at the wheel. The drive away from the sisters…only to plunge straight into a tub that Barbie’s placed in the hall. No one ever said Tawny could drive well.


Wacky cut-up pets are often the icing on the cake in domestic comedies, and part of me really digs that Barbie has her own cabal of pets. It’s also cool that Blissa, Taffy and Tawny are all female; it’s a nice change of pace to see female comic-relief animals, since usually animal toon stars are almost always male.


Well that concludes our Pop Dream all about the Roberts Sisters. Next time…


…Something completely different.

Pop Dream #4: Chelsea

Here we go again. Pop Dream time!

-Yeah, I know this one is REALLY late. I had planned to post Pop Dream #4 last month, but there came the usual string of dumb incidents, distractions and priorities that took precedent, add the holiday season on top of that and it became clear that getting this done wasn’t going to happen in December, but it’s ready to roll out now, so let’s do this!

The subject of today’s Pop Dream is cuter than the button on a teddy bear’s nose. She’s into singing show tunes (really!), all kinds of animals, pigtails and having ice cream for dinner. Her dislikes include early bedtimes, spilling grape juice on the computer and ironically being treated like a baby. She boasts 1,672 lifetime jumps, 32 beach toys and 5 special teddy bears and she has 7 favorite cupcake flavors–including devil’s food fudge, the forbidden fruit! The Barbie Sister we’ll be spotlighting in today’s Pop Dream is…Chelsea Roberts.


Can we have adorably pinchable cheeks? YES, WE CAN!


Chelsea Roberts is the youngest of the 4 Barbie sisters and knows how to work her cuteness like a boss. A pwecious boss. This adorable 6-year-old always seems to come up with the exact super-cute thing to say in order to win over her sisters and their friends.


If ya got it, flaunt it!


Each Roberts sister has a running motif which defines their appearance and style. Barbie’s is glamorous. Skipper’s is starry. Stacie’s is sporty. Chelsea’s style can be summed up in one simple word:




One can always count on the following being present on nearly every outfit Chelsea wears: pink, flowers, tutus, ballet slippers and lots and lots of bows.


“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with bows! I own a bow or 2…or 3, or 4, or more like, 57. I don’t have a problem! I DO NOT have a problem!”


The youngest Roberts sister at age 6, Chelsea is the most innocent and free-spirited of the Fab Sisters. She is also the least pretentious. Due to her youth and rung on the Roberts totem pole, Chelsea is often seen with Stacie, though unlike the tomboyish Stacie, Chelsea is more of a girly-girl, and more whimsical.


Stacie: Awesome! We’re going to Cabo San Cabo this weekend! There’s killer waves there and primo rock climbing!

Chelsea: Yeah! And I can pull my lower lip up over my nose!

Chelsea is left-handed, which is probably the only thing she and Ned Flanders have in common.


“Absotively posilutely!”


When she’s not being cloyingly cute, annoying her older siblings and doing things like being upside-down just for funsies, she’s into the usual 6-year-old activities: playing hide-and-seek, freeze tag, etc. She own a menagerie of stuffed animals (referred to as her “stuffies” or her “posse”) and even plays with dolls and dollhouses! Meta!


“Yew done blowed muh mind!”

Chelsea is also an animal lover. She’s quite fond of the various Dreamhouse pets, but she prefers Blissa the cat most of all, wanting to hold her the most and playing dress-up with her.


“Imagine my delight!”


And yet, beneath her ‘baby doll’ exterior lies a surprisingly sharp mind. Chelsea’s a voracious and fluent reader; her official Mattel bio describes her as a 6-year-old prodigy. She’s been known to surprise others with unexpected displays of brilliance.


Chelsea: Barbie, do we have a spare centrifuge lying around?

Barbie: A centrifuge? What do you want that for??

Chelsea: No reason…

-Before we go any further, I should warn you: things are about to get cutesy. If you’re not a fan of cute, I suggest you stop right here. From here on out, it’s just gonna get more adorable.


You’ve been warned.


“Sisters Ahoy”: while on vacation on some undisclosed island paradise, the Kids’ Beach Club is holding a scavenger hunt, which Chelsea is determined to win. “If there’s a ribbon involved…don’t get in my way!” she warns on the confession couch. Chelsea later rounds up her sisters and organizes them into teams of 2, literally grabbing and pushing them into their respective groups and laying out her strategy. The looks on the other girls’ faces as their being ordered around by this little kewpie doll are priceless.


Such a cute little dictator!

“Primp My Ride”: Barbie schemes to upgrade Ken’s car, with Skipper and Stacie most of the handiwork (and squabbling). It’s up to Chelsea to keep Ken distracted, first by using her extreme cuteness to get into Ken’s mansion and then keep him occupied by playing games, with Chelsea winning every time. We learn in this short that she’s a diva at poker.


“Wild cards are for pre-schoolers.”

“Sticker It Up”: when faced with the prospect of making over the Dreamhouse with life-sized stickers from which 3-dimensional objects can emerge, each sister has their own interior decoration ideas. Chelsea’s is:


“A jungle gym! With real monkeys on the monkey bars!”

Later on, after the girls have gone wild (not in that way! Clean up your minds!) with the stickers, Chelsea has somehow managed to stick herself up on the wall.


She’s there, trust me.

“Fan Mail”: Chelsea and Stacie, upon hijacking Barbie’s blog, read the question “What should I do when a boy in my class doesn’t notice me?” Chelsea’s response: “Euucch! Be glad! Boys are disgusting! And they smell bad!” Truly the Socrates of our time.


Answering a later question regarding not knowing how to dance, Chelsea proclaims that “Dancing’s easy. All you gotta do is shake it!”, then she proceeds to. I told you things were going to get cutesy.

“Gone, Glitter, Gone”: In this 2-part episode, there is a massive glitter shortage in Malibu and it turns out that the only person who has glitter in large supplies is Chelsea.


“Now doesn’t that kick a little booty?”

Her sisters and even Raquelle are reduced to begging Chelsea for glitter, Godfather style, only to be rebuffed.


“She disrespected the family.”

-Incidentally, at one point Raquelle calls Chelsea “Kelly”. This is a reference to an earlier baby sister doll that Barbie had before Chelsea’s creation.

“Don’t Bet on It”: The sisters bet each other that can each do without their favorite things (Barbie=Ken, Skipper=gadgets, Stacie=sports, Chelsea=stuffed animals) for an entire day. Chelsea sets all the events into motion by teasing Skipper after she takes a tumble while walking and gazing at her laptop.


“Skipper and her gadgets sitting in a tree!”

Later on, Chelsea bows out of the contest after being overwhelmed by her stuffed entourage.


‘Twas the unicorns that did her in.


Not much to say here. Chelsea’s cute. If you like cute, you’ll like Chelsea. I also like how we get the occasional glimpse of her luminous intelligence; I like the idea that there’s some complex thinking going on in that strawberry shampoo-scented head of hers.


“This should be enough to power that centrifuge…yeah. Everything’s going according to plan.”

Next: we wind up our Barbie Sisters Pop Dream series by spotlighting the Dreamhouse pets: Blissa, Taffy and Tawny. Stay tooned.