Pop Dream #4: Chelsea

Here we go again. Pop Dream time!

-Yeah, I know this one is REALLY late. I had planned to post Pop Dream #4 last month, but there came the usual string of dumb incidents, distractions and priorities that took precedent, add the holiday season on top of that and it became clear that getting this done wasn’t going to happen in December, but it’s ready to roll out now, so let’s do this!

The subject of today’s Pop Dream is cuter than the button on a teddy bear’s nose. She’s into singing show tunes (really!), all kinds of animals, pigtails and having ice cream for dinner. Her dislikes include early bedtimes, spilling grape juice on the computer and ironically being treated like a baby. She boasts 1,672 lifetime jumps, 32 beach toys and 5 special teddy bears and she has 7 favorite cupcake flavors–including devil’s food fudge, the forbidden fruit! The Barbie Sister we’ll be spotlighting in today’s Pop Dream is…Chelsea Roberts.


Can we have adorably pinchable cheeks? YES, WE CAN!


Chelsea Roberts is the youngest of the 4 Barbie sisters and knows how to work her cuteness like a boss. A pwecious boss. This adorable 6-year-old always seems to come up with the exact super-cute thing to say in order to win over her sisters and their friends.


If ya got it, flaunt it!


Each Roberts sister has a running motif which defines their appearance and style. Barbie’s is glamorous. Skipper’s is starry. Stacie’s is sporty. Chelsea’s style can be summed up in one simple word:




One can always count on the following being present on nearly every outfit Chelsea wears: pink, flowers, tutus, ballet slippers and lots and lots of bows.


“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with bows! I own a bow or 2…or 3, or 4, or more like, 57. I don’t have a problem! I DO NOT have a problem!”


The youngest Roberts sister at age 6, Chelsea is the most innocent and free-spirited of the Fab Sisters. She is also the least pretentious. Due to her youth and rung on the Roberts totem pole, Chelsea is often seen with Stacie, though unlike the tomboyish Stacie, Chelsea is more of a girly-girl, and more whimsical.


Stacie: Awesome! We’re going to Cabo San Cabo this weekend! There’s killer waves there and primo rock climbing!

Chelsea: Yeah! And I can pull my lower lip up over my nose!

Chelsea is left-handed, which is probably the only thing she and Ned Flanders have in common.


“Absotively posilutely!”


When she’s not being cloyingly cute, annoying her older siblings and doing things like being upside-down just for funsies, she’s into the usual 6-year-old activities: playing hide-and-seek, freeze tag, etc. She own a menagerie of stuffed animals (referred to as her “stuffies” or her “posse”) and even plays with dolls and dollhouses! Meta!


“Yew done blowed muh mind!”

Chelsea is also an animal lover. She’s quite fond of the various Dreamhouse pets, but she prefers Blissa the cat most of all, wanting to hold her the most and playing dress-up with her.


“Imagine my delight!”


And yet, beneath her ‘baby doll’ exterior lies a surprisingly sharp mind. Chelsea’s a voracious and fluent reader; her official Mattel bio describes her as a 6-year-old prodigy. She’s been known to surprise others with unexpected displays of brilliance.


Chelsea: Barbie, do we have a spare centrifuge lying around?

Barbie: A centrifuge? What do you want that for??

Chelsea: No reason…

-Before we go any further, I should warn you: things are about to get cutesy. If you’re not a fan of cute, I suggest you stop right here. From here on out, it’s just gonna get more adorable.


You’ve been warned.


“Sisters Ahoy”: while on vacation on some undisclosed island paradise, the Kids’ Beach Club is holding a scavenger hunt, which Chelsea is determined to win. “If there’s a ribbon involved…don’t get in my way!” she warns on the confession couch. Chelsea later rounds up her sisters and organizes them into teams of 2, literally grabbing and pushing them into their respective groups and laying out her strategy. The looks on the other girls’ faces as their being ordered around by this little kewpie doll are priceless.


Such a cute little dictator!

“Primp My Ride”: Barbie schemes to upgrade Ken’s car, with Skipper and Stacie most of the handiwork (and squabbling). It’s up to Chelsea to keep Ken distracted, first by using her extreme cuteness to get into Ken’s mansion and then keep him occupied by playing games, with Chelsea winning every time. We learn in this short that she’s a diva at poker.


“Wild cards are for pre-schoolers.”

“Sticker It Up”: when faced with the prospect of making over the Dreamhouse with life-sized stickers from which 3-dimensional objects can emerge, each sister has their own interior decoration ideas. Chelsea’s is:


“A jungle gym! With real monkeys on the monkey bars!”

Later on, after the girls have gone wild (not in that way! Clean up your minds!) with the stickers, Chelsea has somehow managed to stick herself up on the wall.


She’s there, trust me.

“Fan Mail”: Chelsea and Stacie, upon hijacking Barbie’s blog, read the question “What should I do when a boy in my class doesn’t notice me?” Chelsea’s response: “Euucch! Be glad! Boys are disgusting! And they smell bad!” Truly the Socrates of our time.


Answering a later question regarding not knowing how to dance, Chelsea proclaims that “Dancing’s easy. All you gotta do is shake it!”, then she proceeds to. I told you things were going to get cutesy.

“Gone, Glitter, Gone”: In this 2-part episode, there is a massive glitter shortage in Malibu and it turns out that the only person who has glitter in large supplies is Chelsea.


“Now doesn’t that kick a little booty?”

Her sisters and even Raquelle are reduced to begging Chelsea for glitter, Godfather style, only to be rebuffed.


“She disrespected the family.”

-Incidentally, at one point Raquelle calls Chelsea “Kelly”. This is a reference to an earlier baby sister doll that Barbie had before Chelsea’s creation.

“Don’t Bet on It”: The sisters bet each other that can each do without their favorite things (Barbie=Ken, Skipper=gadgets, Stacie=sports, Chelsea=stuffed animals) for an entire day. Chelsea sets all the events into motion by teasing Skipper after she takes a tumble while walking and gazing at her laptop.


“Skipper and her gadgets sitting in a tree!”

Later on, Chelsea bows out of the contest after being overwhelmed by her stuffed entourage.


‘Twas the unicorns that did her in.


Not much to say here. Chelsea’s cute. If you like cute, you’ll like Chelsea. I also like how we get the occasional glimpse of her luminous intelligence; I like the idea that there’s some complex thinking going on in that strawberry shampoo-scented head of hers.


“This should be enough to power that centrifuge…yeah. Everything’s going according to plan.”

Next: we wind up our Barbie Sisters Pop Dream series by spotlighting the Dreamhouse pets: Blissa, Taffy and Tawny. Stay tooned.

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