Twinsanity’s New Groove

This is a sort of addendum to what was discussed in the 2016 Yearly Wrap-Up. I just wanted to explain where where at as far as where this blog is going and (hopefully) will be going in 2017.


This won’t be in any way cryptic or final. However, I may ramble a bit, which I plan to address a little later on.

Both Damon and myself will explaining our plans for Twinsanity’s future, so to avoid confusion, after this passage, Damon’s thoughts will be posted in blue, while mine will be typed in purple.

First, let me say that overall, I don’t plan on making any dramatic changes to the blog. Twinsanity will still be comedy focused. It will still be animation focused and it will still be geek culture focused. None of that will change. However, I’m going to be taking a vacation from typing stuff about comic book super heroes for a while. I just feel like I’ve been talking about that particular subject far too often and I just want to to blog about other subjects besides that. I haven’t written a Cartoon Country in a while. I was on a roll there for a while, then I just kind of stopped. Not to boast, but since I pretty much saved that segment from oblivion, I really would like to get back into writing those. They’re enjoyable.

A couple of years ago, I planned to start a 2nd blog that I was going to call The Mash-Up, in which I would basically blog about whatever was on my mind at the time. Some of the current segments here, such as Toons & Tunes and Nerdvana were originally planned for that blog, but I decided that it would be easier to simply write the stuff that I planned for The Mash-Up here at Twinsanity, and that worked fine for the most part, except that as of late I feel as though far too many of my posts here have just been me picking a subject and giving a series of random thoughts about it, as opposed to Damon, who pitches TV show pilots, imaginative settings and mini synopses for animated movies and franchises. The random thoughts posts are OK, but I don’t want that to be the main thing that I’m known for doing because I know that I can be more creative than that. The random thoughts posts were only intended to be filler segments to keep the blog active while we were working on something bigger or for when each of us has an idea for the same segment in the works and we don’t want both of them appearing back-to-back. I fell into complacency with the random thoughts posts because they’re so easy to make, but they don’t require a lot of creativity, so from now on, I’m going to put a limit on the amount of time that I post the random thoughts posts. The 2 Funny, Toons & Tunes and musical Nerdvana posts won’t disappear from the site entirely; I’m still going to do them, but now they’re only going to be utilized as filler, the way that they were originally intended to be.

On a semi-related note, in regards to that Talkin’ Nerdy installment titled “What the What, PPG Reboot?!?” that I did a few months back, I hope that you enjoyed that, because that’s the last time that I’ll be talking about Powerpuff Girls 2016 on this blog. I haven’t been watching PPG 2016 after the initial 2 weeks of it’s debut, and after dedicating three posts to the show, I’ve literally run out of things to say about it. I’m tired of talking about that damn reboot!  Plus, I was never a PPG fanboy to begin with, so please stop asking me what I think of it.

This year, I’m going to find some new subject matter to focus on (hereinafter referred to as the “groove”) and these will among the main things that I’ll be writing about this year. I don’t know what it is is that I’ll be grooving on as of right now, but I’ll know what it is when I find it, or more accurately when it finds me. The What The Funny segments that I started last year is an indication of what’s to come (incidentally, I’m not done with those, not by a long shot. I’m going to cover two more Rocko’s Modern Life shorts before moving on a to a different show or franchise. I wasn’t able to write WTF #4 last month the way I had intended to, but it will definitely be written in January). The more imaginative posts take longer to make, but they make for a better end result.

So to sum up: I plan for my 2017 posts to be more focused and creatively driven. The random thoughts posts will kept to a minimum and only used as filler segments and no more comic book super hero stuff, as least not for a little while. Maybe after I’ve done a sufficient amount of other stuff, I’ll revisit that subject, but only afterwards.

Finally, with luck, 2017 will be the year that we finally began the process of transitioning Twinsanity from a blog to a website. It feels like we’ve been talking about doing that forever, but I’m hoping that this year we can at last put those plans into effect.

I’ve already outlined several of my plans for Twinsanity 2017 in the Yearly Wrap-Up, but nonetheless there are a few specifics which I feel I probably missed that need addressing.

Like how Broadway types feel about theater, I view Twinsanity as practically a living, breathing entity, something which needs to be nurtured and cared for in order for it to be its’ best. While I don’t wish to lose sight of Twinsanity’s overall focus–a site wherein Jason and I joke about, goof on, examine, comment on, analyse and generally geek out on animation and geek stuff–I’ve been wanting to expand this blog, its’ range of subject matter, its’ style and my own personal contributions to it, for some time. There are things I’d like to do more of and things I’d like to do less of.

While 2016 was notably not a very good year for me (not just for the reasons it wasn’t a good year for the planet as a whole, but for my own personal reasons as well), there were some bright spots: I don’t like to toot my own horn, but some of the posts I made in the last year or so that I’m particularly proud of were ‘Superhero City: A Visitiors’ Guide’, ‘A Touch of Magix’, ‘Hero: 108 – Fast Forward’, my recent Videots entries, the Cartoon Country I did on “Mysterious Mayhem at Mutant High!”, the TV Special Showdowns on Tabitha and Adam and the Clown Family and Nickelodeon’s Thanksgiving Fest and of course the Pop Dreams. (And no, I haven’t abandoned those: I still have 2 more Barbie Sisters Pop Dreams left to do, the former I plan to put up sometime this month, and the latter hopefully in February, after which the plan is to launch another series of Pop Dreams but center on a completely different show, franchise and set of characters.) I would like to do more posts like those aforementioned (again, I’m itching to “GO BIG” this year), realizing that the more detailed posts take time, so it may be at the risk of reducing the number of posts that I make in an average month, but that’s OK if it results in a better quality end product. Like I’m always saying, Quality over Quantity. I’d be fine with only making 1 post a month if said post kicked a lot of ass; I’d rather be brilliant and infrequent than forced and regular. (It also helps that there are 2 of us contributing material to the site, if Jason does a post a month and I do a post a month, that’s still 2 posts, which is the minimum number of posts we try to make.) Also, I haven’t done a Cartoon Country in a while, I’d like to get back to doing more of those.

Second, you may have noticed that I haven’t put up a 2 Funny, Toons & Tunes or a music video embed (hereinafter referred to as a Musical Nerdvana) in a while; my last Toons & Tunes was in September and my last musical Nerdvana was in October; this is intentional. Over the past years or so, I feel that I’ve become too dependent on those, a trap that was easy to fall into since those are so much simpler to make, so I would frequently posts those just to keep the site active and keep post counts high, but no more. I will no longer just be putting up video embeds with minimal descriptions and passing them off as my content for the month; those segments were intended to be filler segments between the bigger posts and a way to prevent 2 of the same segment from being posted back-to-back, and that’s solely how I’ll be utilizing them from now on. Expect less of those in the future, except as buffers between larger segments.

Finally, if there’s one thing I’m genuinely disappointed with myself about is that so far I haven’t been able to escape doing posts about superheroes, despite my wanting to expand my horizons from that. Last year I made a post called “The Animal Factor” which I had planned to be a tad more ambitious, sort of a Hero:108/Littlest Pet Shop/Animal Crossing kind of thing with a sci-fi twist, but it ended up being yet another superhero-wanking post. (I may make a 2nd attempt at “The Animal Factor” if I can properly get my thoughts together on it.) This coming year I’m going to make a conscious effort to reduce the number of superhero-themed posts I make; as of this writing, I’m taking a self-imposed break from superhero posts, effective until ????. I may do another one somewhere down the line, but right now I’d like to branch out and explore other subject matter. Ideally, I’d like to get a comfortable backlog of non-superhero posts, say, about 3 to 4 months worth, before I do another superhero themed post.

As a sidebar to that, as of this writing I won’t be devoting any more posts to DC Super Hero Girls. I still like the show and I’ll continue to watch it, but I won’t be doing any more blog posts about it here. As previously stated, I’m trying to expand my subject matter beyond superheroes, plus I’ve given that show enough free publicity already; I was starting to feel like this was becoming a DCSHG fan site, which was never my intent.

I’d really like to find some new, interesting subject matter to make decent posts about, i.e. a New Groove. As of this writing I don’t know what the new Groove will be, but I’m hoping it can help take Twinsanity to an all-new level, which has been my overriding goal for a while now.

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  1. We don’t utilize this format all of the time; only in cases like this where both of us want to offer our own thoughts on the subject. It’s a better idea than writing two separate posts.


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