Pop Dream #5: Blissa, Taffy & Tawny

We’re coming down to the end, folks. Here’s the final Barbie Dream House Pop Dream.

Yes, this is the final installment of this Pop Dream series, but no, this is not the end of the segment. Pop Dream will go on, but the next installment will focus on a completely different set of characters from an altogether different show or franchise. Who will be the subjects of the next Pop Dream? Even we don’t know yet, though we have some potential candidates; also, the next installment of Pop Dreams will either be done by myself, or by Jason, or possibly by both of us depending on the show and who writes up the actual entries. Until then, let’s wrap up our look at Dream House residents.

But what’s that, you ask? We’ve already covered Barbie herself…


“Sparkle, sparkle!”

…And each of her Fab Sisters…


“Groovin’…on a Sunday afternoon…”

…So who’s left?


Barbie’s pets, obviously!

Today’s Pop Dream is all about the most privileged pets on Earth, Blissa the cat, Taffy the dog and Tawny the horse.


The Dream House pets live a life unparalleled by any other small mammal. As Barbie’s pets, they dine on the most exquisite kibbles and oats, sleep and lounge on imported designer pillows, play with the most expensive pet toys and are groomed by the finest groomers in the land.


“Ah’m guessin’ those pets even get PET-icures!”


“Ah’ll, uh, show muhself out.”

This has made these 3 a tad soft, temperamental and spoiled, to put it mildly, but they still find room in their day for shenanigans.


“Hey listen, if somebody calls mentioning something about their sparrows getting devoured, it wasn’t us! We’ll be on your bed. No calls.”


There’s not much to cover with these characters in terms of appearance, since we’re talking about naked animals; basically, Taffy is a yellow Labrador Retriever…


“Doubt it? Well get her a Labrador, an’ she’ll retrieve it for ya!”

…Blissa is a pure white purebred, and Tawny is a blue-eyed Palomino.


My Not-So Little Pony

One fashion statement they all share is that they each bear their mistress’ symbol somewhere on their accoutrements.



“That’s the brand!”


While all 3 of the pets are equally sheltered, they each possess their own unique traits:

Tawny is by her mistress’s side with just a whistle. Living the fab life with Barbie has certainly gone to her head. She is lovably neurotic about her looks — from her immaculate mane to her designer horseshoes.


“Hey, she made sure I got satellite TV and air conditioning in the stable. Mama knows where her bread is buttered!”

Her likes include long gallops on the beach, being brushed and groomed, carrots with sugar, apples with sugar, sugar with sugar. Her dislikes include Flies, mosquitoes, empty food troughs, muddy boots, chilly stables—brrrr! Tawny’s stats include 20 carrot (with sugar) cravings a day, 6 warm blankets owned, 214 beach runs with Barbie and 10 piano concerts given (no small feat considering she has no fingers).



Blissa, the fickle feline, always purrs for Barbie, but everyone else has to be on alert. She’ll either snuggle up with Dreamhouse guests or turn their pant legs into scratching posts. This is because…

Blissa is only nice to people sometimes, but she’s always nice to Barbie. Likes: Napping, eating, eating more, napping again, pink pedis, pamper days, tuna fish. Dislikes: Water, a ball of yarn, bugs, snakes, climbing trees, dry crunchy cat food. She boasts 15 pink mani/pedis, 83 fave nap spots, 1 fab kitty bed and 83 scratch marks on the furniture.


Taffy isn’t just fond of the finer things like filet mignon and doggy spas, but also has a sophisticated taste for art and literature. She loves nothing more than a good chew toy, classical music and a nice long belly rub. She likes Playing fetch, being petted, naps, barking at the mailman, fire hydrants, doggie treats, dinnertime. She dislikes being bored, a short leash, loud vacuums, thunderstorms and an empty food dish. Her stats include 10 flying discs, 1 fab doggie bed, 5,823 balls chased and 1,384 buried bones.

-She also has a love interest in the form of Ken’s dog Hudson, echoing Barbie and Ken’s relationship, but we’re not going to show you that because this is a family blog, so we won’t taint things with images of dog-on-dog action.


I didn’t mean to dog you out!



“When the Cat’s Away”: Blissa is doing her best to ditch Chelsea, who’s eager to play dress-up with her. She ducks into Barbie’s Labyrinthian closest, leading to an all-out manhunt, or rather, cat-hunt, as Barbie, Ken and Tawny hunt for Chelsea while Chelsea hunts for Blissa. Highlights include Tawny smashing through the wall when Barbie whistles for her and the discovery that Barbie’s closet has its’ own beach area. Barbie eventually finds Chelsea and Chelsea finds Blissa, still with dress-up on her mind, so it ends happily…for the most part.


“Persistent, aren’t we??”

“Mission Impawsible”: the pets sneak out for a day on the town while Barbie and Ken are on a date. They nearly get spotted on a few occasions, once at the movie theater having just seen the horror-thriller Paws, which leaves Taffy and Tawny shaking, but not Blissa…


“I’ve seen worse. I’ve done worse!”

…And again while driving (!) to beat Barbie and Ken home.



You can tell Taffy’s panicking; normally she wouldn’t be riding in a car at top speed without letting her tongue flap in the breeze.


They also nearly get spotted at the lemonade shop. (Watch the short for a brief glimpse of a frustrated Raquelle working there!)


“Happy Bathday to You”: It’s Bath Day and the pets do everything in their power to avoid the scrubbing brush, including eating and shredding Barbie’s calendars and day planners, hiding in plain sight…




…To making a hasty getaway in a golf cart, which Tawny at the wheel. The drive away from the sisters…only to plunge straight into a tub that Barbie’s placed in the hall. No one ever said Tawny could drive well.


Wacky cut-up pets are often the icing on the cake in domestic comedies, and part of me really digs that Barbie has her own cabal of pets. It’s also cool that Blissa, Taffy and Tawny are all female; it’s a nice change of pace to see female comic-relief animals, since usually animal toon stars are almost always male.


Well that concludes our Pop Dream all about the Roberts Sisters. Next time…


…Something completely different.

Pop Dream #4: Chelsea

Here we go again. Pop Dream time!

-Yeah, I know this one is REALLY late. I had planned to post Pop Dream #4 last month, but there came the usual string of dumb incidents, distractions and priorities that took precedent, add the holiday season on top of that and it became clear that getting this done wasn’t going to happen in December, but it’s ready to roll out now, so let’s do this!

The subject of today’s Pop Dream is cuter than the button on a teddy bear’s nose. She’s into singing show tunes (really!), all kinds of animals, pigtails and having ice cream for dinner. Her dislikes include early bedtimes, spilling grape juice on the computer and ironically being treated like a baby. She boasts 1,672 lifetime jumps, 32 beach toys and 5 special teddy bears and she has 7 favorite cupcake flavors–including devil’s food fudge, the forbidden fruit! The Barbie Sister we’ll be spotlighting in today’s Pop Dream is…Chelsea Roberts.


Can we have adorably pinchable cheeks? YES, WE CAN!


Chelsea Roberts is the youngest of the 4 Barbie sisters and knows how to work her cuteness like a boss. A pwecious boss. This adorable 6-year-old always seems to come up with the exact super-cute thing to say in order to win over her sisters and their friends.


If ya got it, flaunt it!


Each Roberts sister has a running motif which defines their appearance and style. Barbie’s is glamorous. Skipper’s is starry. Stacie’s is sporty. Chelsea’s style can be summed up in one simple word:




One can always count on the following being present on nearly every outfit Chelsea wears: pink, flowers, tutus, ballet slippers and lots and lots of bows.


“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with bows! I own a bow or 2…or 3, or 4, or more like, 57. I don’t have a problem! I DO NOT have a problem!”


The youngest Roberts sister at age 6, Chelsea is the most innocent and free-spirited of the Fab Sisters. She is also the least pretentious. Due to her youth and rung on the Roberts totem pole, Chelsea is often seen with Stacie, though unlike the tomboyish Stacie, Chelsea is more of a girly-girl, and more whimsical.


Stacie: Awesome! We’re going to Cabo San Cabo this weekend! There’s killer waves there and primo rock climbing!

Chelsea: Yeah! And I can pull my lower lip up over my nose!

Chelsea is left-handed, which is probably the only thing she and Ned Flanders have in common.


“Absotively posilutely!”


When she’s not being cloyingly cute, annoying her older siblings and doing things like being upside-down just for funsies, she’s into the usual 6-year-old activities: playing hide-and-seek, freeze tag, etc. She own a menagerie of stuffed animals (referred to as her “stuffies” or her “posse”) and even plays with dolls and dollhouses! Meta!


“Yew done blowed muh mind!”

Chelsea is also an animal lover. She’s quite fond of the various Dreamhouse pets, but she prefers Blissa the cat most of all, wanting to hold her the most and playing dress-up with her.


“Imagine my delight!”


And yet, beneath her ‘baby doll’ exterior lies a surprisingly sharp mind. Chelsea’s a voracious and fluent reader; her official Mattel bio describes her as a 6-year-old prodigy. She’s been known to surprise others with unexpected displays of brilliance.


Chelsea: Barbie, do we have a spare centrifuge lying around?

Barbie: A centrifuge? What do you want that for??

Chelsea: No reason…

-Before we go any further, I should warn you: things are about to get cutesy. If you’re not a fan of cute, I suggest you stop right here. From here on out, it’s just gonna get more adorable.


You’ve been warned.


“Sisters Ahoy”: while on vacation on some undisclosed island paradise, the Kids’ Beach Club is holding a scavenger hunt, which Chelsea is determined to win. “If there’s a ribbon involved…don’t get in my way!” she warns on the confession couch. Chelsea later rounds up her sisters and organizes them into teams of 2, literally grabbing and pushing them into their respective groups and laying out her strategy. The looks on the other girls’ faces as their being ordered around by this little kewpie doll are priceless.


Such a cute little dictator!

“Primp My Ride”: Barbie schemes to upgrade Ken’s car, with Skipper and Stacie most of the handiwork (and squabbling). It’s up to Chelsea to keep Ken distracted, first by using her extreme cuteness to get into Ken’s mansion and then keep him occupied by playing games, with Chelsea winning every time. We learn in this short that she’s a diva at poker.


“Wild cards are for pre-schoolers.”

“Sticker It Up”: when faced with the prospect of making over the Dreamhouse with life-sized stickers from which 3-dimensional objects can emerge, each sister has their own interior decoration ideas. Chelsea’s is:


“A jungle gym! With real monkeys on the monkey bars!”

Later on, after the girls have gone wild (not in that way! Clean up your minds!) with the stickers, Chelsea has somehow managed to stick herself up on the wall.


She’s there, trust me.

“Fan Mail”: Chelsea and Stacie, upon hijacking Barbie’s blog, read the question “What should I do when a boy in my class doesn’t notice me?” Chelsea’s response: “Euucch! Be glad! Boys are disgusting! And they smell bad!” Truly the Socrates of our time.


Answering a later question regarding not knowing how to dance, Chelsea proclaims that “Dancing’s easy. All you gotta do is shake it!”, then she proceeds to. I told you things were going to get cutesy.

“Gone, Glitter, Gone”: In this 2-part episode, there is a massive glitter shortage in Malibu and it turns out that the only person who has glitter in large supplies is Chelsea.


“Now doesn’t that kick a little booty?”

Her sisters and even Raquelle are reduced to begging Chelsea for glitter, Godfather style, only to be rebuffed.


“She disrespected the family.”

-Incidentally, at one point Raquelle calls Chelsea “Kelly”. This is a reference to an earlier baby sister doll that Barbie had before Chelsea’s creation.

“Don’t Bet on It”: The sisters bet each other that can each do without their favorite things (Barbie=Ken, Skipper=gadgets, Stacie=sports, Chelsea=stuffed animals) for an entire day. Chelsea sets all the events into motion by teasing Skipper after she takes a tumble while walking and gazing at her laptop.


“Skipper and her gadgets sitting in a tree!”

Later on, Chelsea bows out of the contest after being overwhelmed by her stuffed entourage.


‘Twas the unicorns that did her in.


Not much to say here. Chelsea’s cute. If you like cute, you’ll like Chelsea. I also like how we get the occasional glimpse of her luminous intelligence; I like the idea that there’s some complex thinking going on in that strawberry shampoo-scented head of hers.


“This should be enough to power that centrifuge…yeah. Everything’s going according to plan.”

Next: we wind up our Barbie Sisters Pop Dream series by spotlighting the Dreamhouse pets: Blissa, Taffy and Tawny. Stay tooned.

Pop Dream #3: Stacie

According to the ol’ clock on the wall….


…It’s time for another Pop Dream.

-First, apologies again for the wait. I know the wait for new entries can get kind of long, and that can be annoying, but keep in mind, there are only a finite number of these and I try to space them out. Also, due to extraneous circumstances (i.e., life and stuff) lately I have slightly less free time to blog the way I’d like to. Part of why these take so long to produce is because I’m meticulous and I like for my entries to be as close to perfection as possible. I could either rush to get these out, and they’d be really sloppy and I’d hate them, or I can take my time and do them well. I choose to do the latter. I’m not going to phone in a Pop Dream just for the sake of doing one. Now, on to the popping…

The Fab Sister we’re covering in today’s Pop Dream is an extreme sports lover who keeps everyone on their toes with her hyperkinetic energy, drill sergeant-like scheduling and entirely honest views on boring activities. She easily fits in with the guys, but doesn’t get why Skipper seems to be obsessed with them. Today’s Pop Dream is all about……Stacie Roberts.


Yes, she can rock plaid.


Anastasia “Stacie” Roberts is the second eldest of Barbie’s three younger sisters, Stacie lives with Barbie, Skipper, Chelsea, Blissa, Taffy and Tawny in the Dreamhouse. She’s a bit of a tomboy, and a spunky Atta-Girl; basically pure energy in shorts. She enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, surfboarding, making schedules and bringing order to chaos. Stacie would probably love Fuel TV, if it still existed, that is.


Big ups to my fallen homey….I miss you, man!

Her dislikes are tardiness, messiness, wearing foo-foo dresses and people not giving 100 percent (grrrr!). Stacie has 156 things on her to-do list, owns 514 soccer goals (so far!),  3 pairs of swim fins and 1 awesome surfboard.


Stacie’s significant other


True to her tomboyish nature, Stacie is the least frilly dresser among the Roberts Sisters, preferring T-shirts, tank tops and jerseys to dresses, and is rarely seen without her trademark ponytail.



However, she still manages to squeeze some of that trademark adorable Roberts pinkness into her daily appearance. Hearts and stuff still abound.


The fruit doesn’t falls far from the glittery tree, after all.


As previously stated, Stacie’s the spitfire of the Dreamhouse. Though spunkier and more rough-and-tumble than the average fashion doll, Stacie’s still a Barbie sister through and through. She has a skateboard, but she puts glitter on it.

Nothing slows her down. If someone could harness Stacie’s energy, they could power Las Vegas for a month. When she’s not surfing, skateboarding, playing soccer or some other sport…




…She’s busy organizing activities and calling the shots for the Dreamhouse’s latest shenanigan. Even Barbie lets Stacie make the play when she’s on a roll. You can’t stand in the way of a hurricane. Although she sometimes is annoyed with her younger sister Chelsea, and frequently gets annoyed by her older sister Skipper,


It’s worth it just to see this expression.

Stacie retains a P.M.A….


“That’s a Positive Mental Attitude…”

and her boundless energy to keep things running, sometimes even smoothly.


Barbie: Is it soccer season again already?

Stacie: Dude, soccer’s a global sport. It’s always soccer season somewhere!



“Fan Mail”: Stacie and Chelsea hijack their big sis’ blog and take their own stabs at answering questions from Barbie’s many, many, many, many fans. To the query “What do you do when your B.F.F. copies everything you wear?” Stacie responds with:


“Wear your underwear on the outside and see if she copies that. if she does, hey, she’s a really cool friend.” You know, there’s actually some twisted logic in that.

“Sisters Ahoy”: Barbie is paired with Stacie for the Kids’ Beach Club scavenger hunt.


Not only does this flying comet in a ponytail drag Barbie along for the ride on a jet ski…


But she refuses to be put out of action after being swallowed by a giant oyster. She merely makes an understated “A little help?” before Barbie tickles the oyster (who knew they had nerve glands?) to spit Stacie out.


Undaunted, Stacie brings with her numerous pearls for her troubles. I told you nothing slows this kid down.

“Sticker it Up”: The sisters redecorate the Dreamhouse with mail-order life-size stickers which become real 3-dimensional objects once they’re stuck up (I love cartoons!).


Upon noticing that one of the items is a trampoline, Barbie notes that “They messed up the order,” Stacie agrees, saying that she wanted said trampoline in hot pink.

Later in the short, Stacie is involved in a little back-and-forth with Chelsea. sticker-1

This clever little bit involves Stacie putting up a sticker of a blue beanbag chair, only for Chelsea to place her own sticker of a pink wooden chair decorated with flowers right over it. An annoyed Stacie puts another blue beanbag sticker over Chelsea’s sticker, Chelsea counters with another copy of her pink chair sticker, and this leads into a full-blown one-upsmanship contest between the 2 of them.


By the end of this pas-a-deux, there’s a huge honking chunk of these stickers angling from the wall, then the pile inevitably succumbs to gravity and plops onto the floor by the girls’ feet. They pull the stickers from the floor to reveal a single chair which is a hybrid of both their choices: a pink beanbag chair decorated with flowers. Stacie and Chelsea silently shrug to one another. It’s mostly visual.

“Happy Bathday to You”: The sisters scramble to give their pets Taffy, Tawny and Blissa their monthly bath. As you can expect, the 3 of them don’t particularly want to have a bath, and so comical highjinks ensue. Stacie assigns each of her sisters to corral a specific pet while she “monitors the logistics from the front base”, in other words, as she confesses on the couch, she’s trying to avoid bath time herself, right before she passes out from a whiff of her own stinky armpits. When the sisters finally trap the pets, Stacie mocks them…



…Only to fall into the tub herself.


“Uhhh…never mind.”

At the episode’s end, when the pets are outside getting themselves dirty again, Stacie is giddily playing in the dirt too. It’s a nice change of pace to see a girl happy to be dirty and stinky.




It took me a few episodes to get a proper bead on Stacie; I wasn’t sure what to make of her at first, but to update that story, she’s currently my second favorite Barbie sister after Skipper. She’s a tomboy, but still a girly tomboy; I’m glad the producers didn’t go the obvious route and make Stacie a more typical angry, tough, pink-rejecting tomboy like Spinelli from Recess or Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls. Nothing against those characters, I like them both, but it’s refreshing to get a tomboyish character who still doesn’t mind being a little feminine. Her energy and attitude are infectious as well; I’m ironically a very lazy and sarcastic person, yet I tend to gravitate towards perky, upbeat characters. Stacie is the active, sporty “Go team!” extrovert that I never was.

Let’s wrap up this tribute with a non-jock’s take on a sports song.





Next is Chelsea. Keep on Pop Dreaming.





Pop Dream #2: Skipper

Here we go again! Time for another Pop Dream.

-Before we commence with the silliness, I’d just like to apologize to you all for letting so much time lapse between entries. No new posts for 13 days isn’t something I wish to get into the habit of doing. Generally speaking, we try to post a minimum of 2 entries per month, which roughly equates to at least 1 new entry from each of us every 2 weeks, if not once a week; there hasn’t been anything serious going on, just more dumb commitments, incidents and shenanigans occurring recently in real life that we needed to address. Among the things I personally needed to take care of during this time was compiling research and material for the remaining Pop Dreams (there are going to be 5 of these in total–suffer!). I’m committed to completing all 5, but again, I won’t be doing them all in a row; I’ll still be producing new entries for the other segments as well, in order to space the Pop Dream entries out since they’re a finite number of them and so you (and I) won’t get bored reading nothing but Pop Dreams. We have more stuff in store, and, although with the holidays just around the corner I can’t make any promises, I’m going to try to get the rest of these (and the other stuff I have planned) out in a more timely fashion from now on.

-That said, on with Pop Dream entry #2.

The Barbie Sister we’re spotlighting today enjoys blogging, texting, making movies, DJ-ing, music and trying out the latest gadgets and techie toys, she’s made 287 blog posts (to date), and 26 short movies, owns 18 techie gadgets and has 57, 283 followers online. Her chief dislikes are low-tech, low wi-fi signals and low game scores. Today’s Pop Dream is all about…Skipper Roberts.


Go-Go Gadget Teenybopper


“Skipper. Hmm. Skipper….Hey, Everyone. It’s Skipper!”


Skipper Roberts (yes, that’s really her name, and it’s freaking adorable)…


“Hey, little buddy!”

…is the second oldest of the Fab Sisters, right after the sparkly teen dream Barbie herself. Having been bounced from numerous other jobs, she currently works alongside her big sis at the Barbie Boutique, as the general tech chick. The oldest of the three younger sisters of Barbie, Skipper is a tech guru/budding filmmaker. When she’s not directing her fam in her next movie masterpiece, she’s texting, gaming and talking… sometimes at the same time. Of all the sisters, she’s the one who wonders, “Should I do what Barbie does or do the last thing Barbie would do?”


Skipper texting. Get used to the sight of this, she does it  A LOT.



Skipper is the only Barbie Sister who’s not a blond. Presumably this is because after Skipper was aged from a little girl to a teenager like Barbie in the doll line, they wanted a way to distinguish her from Barbie. I don’t know whether in-universe Skipper’s hair just naturally changed from blond to brown/brunette or if she dyed it dark in order to stand out from her sorority, but either way it helps her to stick out among her sibs. The purple streak is a nice touch.

Skipper also boasts a very unique and distinctive manner of dress. She seems to have a thing for stars, as evidenced by her daily outfit in the early seasons of the web series…


…To this snazzy little number that she adopted later on.


“It’s a little thing called style!”


As previously stated, Skipper is the Dreamhouse’s resident tech-head and gadget guru.



“I think I’m in love! Zork! What a piece of work! And the girl’s pretty fine too!”

She’s rarely seen without some form of tech, like a laptop, tablet or smartphone on her person. It comes in handy for texting, blogging and getting down her latest artistic masterpiece…


…Not to mention utilizing that convenient little flashlight app when Little Sis needs to take a trip down the hall.


Too…dang…adorable. Must…look…away!


Skipper typically has her nose buried in some handheld device and her eyes are instinctively set to roll. She typically groans at the prospect of having to do family stuff; her instinctive response when asked to do something is: “Can’t someone else do it?”.


This isn’t because she’s lazy (she is lazy, but that’s not the only reason), but because she’s usually wrapped up in her latest pursuit or trying out her newest piece of tech. She lives half her life in the real world (well, the real doll world) while part of her remains footed in the electronics store.

Despite basically living in her own world of tech, Skipper seems to be the most grounded and pragmatic of the Roberts Sisters. She’s the one who makes the pithy comments and astute observations, such as pointing out how weird it is how Barbie has only just now gotten her driver’s license when she’s had a past career as a race car driver, and like most teens she’s quick with the quips and gentle (sometimes not-so-gentle) jabs at her siblings.


“SarcasTech, the Cutting Remark Database? Bookmarking that!”



“Now that’s a big needle!”

“Doctor Barbie”: Skipper and Stacie jostle with each other throughout this short, each of them vying to be Dr. Barbie’s Little Helper. Poor Stacie is worked down to her last nerve. We see her on the confession couch venting.


“Helping is MY thing! Skipper never wants to do ANYTHING!”

Then we immediately cut to Skipper on the confession couch, who says:


“The wi-fi’s down. So while I’m waiting, I’m gonna spend the afternoon busting Stacie’s chops, that’s my thing!”

“Ooh, How Campy Too”: Skipper again goads Stacie by telling her (as she’s attempting to spend an entire day alone roughing it in the woods) that she and the others are about to get ‘mani-pedies’ in the camper, which is parked right next to Stacie’s tent.


“Suuuuure ya don’t wanna join us?” Her delivery of that line is priceless.

When Stacie adamantly replies that she “needs to do real camping!”, Skipper shoots back with “Hey, we’re doing real camping! Tonight we’re gonna watch a movie about the great outdoors on the big screen!” You can imagine Stacie’s reaction. We then cut to Skipper on the confession couch (which is now housed outside) where she says:


“My idea of roughing it? A hotel without high speed wi-fi!” Line of the episode, right there.


“Day at the Beach”:  Skipper spends the bulk of this short texting away on her handheld and staying apart from the beach festivities that Barbie, Ken, Chelsea and Raquelle (who failing hard at trying to outdo Barbie) are involved in. Barbie tries to convince Skipper to “ditch those gadgets and get in the game”, which goes over as well as you’d expect it to.


“You surf the way you wanna surf, I’ll surf the way I wanna surf!”

I could just cut to myself grinning and giving a thumbs-up whenever Skipper talks. Almost everything that comes out of her mouth is gold!

Later in this same short, we get a rare glimpse of Skipper coming unglued; after the dump truck driver Chelsea has hired to bury Ken in the sand has also dumped a ton o’ sand on top of Barbie’s car (we’ll get to Chelsea in due time), Skipper panics and starts digging for her HG-3D-4G Mini-Cam, which is in the backseat. Ken attempts to be the voice of reason, advising Skipper to just “leave it be”, only for Skipper to emerge with her precious device a second later. Now completely composed again, she matter-of-factly states “Got it. Let’s go”, then buries her nose in her device one again.


“Eeh? EEEHHH?”


“Sisters Ahoy”: Skipper’s head acts as a magnet for coconuts in this episode. The poor girl gets conked on the cranium exactly THRICE in this short.


Anyone who’s read my Top 9 Favorite Characters list knows that I was looking forward to this particular Pop Dream, since as I expunged there, Skipper is my favorite character on Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse and my favorite Barbie Sister. Skipper is totally what I’d be like if I were a fashion doll. As an identical twin I can relate to wanting to stand out just a little, I’m a techno-geek and an artist who’s constantly distracted by the nuttiness surrounding me, and I can definitely relate to the desire to sometimes rag on your fellows, though you’re still devoted to them and have their backs. I wonder what Skipper would say about such glowing praise.



Next up is Stacie. Hopefully the wait for the next one won’t be as long. See ya there.

Pop Dream #1: Barbie


I’m going to try something a little different today. This is the first installment of a new mini-series type of segment that I’ve been working on. Inspired by DiGi Valentine’s Who Dat?, I wanted to make a series of entries spotlighting some of my favorite animated characters. You may be thinking, “Don’t you already do that with Why (Blank) is Awesome!?” This segment will differ from W_IA! in 2 distinct ways: First, unlike W_IA!, I’ll be giving more detailed descriptions of the characters profiled and why I like them, as opposed to just making a short list; I’ll be tackling the big questions like why can’t Snake Eyes of G.I. Joe talk?

Snake Eyes

We asked him, but he wouldn’t say.

Second, unlike W_IA!, which can spotlight any character from any show, studio or franchise and whose assemblage is random for the most part, in this segment I’ll be spotlighting a finite list of my favorite characters from one particular show, franchise or studio. I’m calling this mini-series Pop Dream; the name has that laid-back, easy-breezy, sparkly vibe to it, but with a sense of fun. As the name implies (to me, anyway), the shows and franchises spotlighted on Pop Dream will be either a) comedic, b) toyetic or c) both. No drama or action shows will be featured here. Comedy/adventure hybrids are permissible, but I’d only focus on the comedy aspects of said show, not the action elements.

Here’s how this will work: I’ll be profiling my favorite characters from a specific show (NOTE: I won’t be doing every character from that show, just my favorite ones, so no need to flood the comments with “You didn’t do So-and-So” or “You forgot Such-and-Such”. If I skip a particular character, then that character lacks that extra something which puts characters on my top tier list), in the following categories:

  1. Overview
  2. Appearance
  3. Personality
  4. Funnier Moments
  5. Conclusion

All mixed in with our usual jokes, quips and nonsense of course. Also, no, this won’t be all that I’ll be doing here or all that you’ll be reading here for a while; since this is a finite list, I won’t be doing every Pop Dream installment in a row; the Ad Nausea, Beyond the Background, Cartoon Country segments and the like will still continue as always, and the Pop Dreams will just run alongside of them. I’ll do a Pop Dream, then take a break and work on one of the other ongoing segments while working on the next Pop Dream until it’s ready, then that’ll be presented, and so on in that fashion, until they’re all done. If this set is successful, then I may be spotlighting another set of characters sometime in the future.

The set of characters which I’ll be focusing on for this Pop Dream are: Barbie and her Fab Sisters.

Barbie Best Sisters Ever!

We’ll be starting at the top of the Roberts totem pole and profiling Barbie first, then each sister in descending order. Some ground rules: One, the Barbie franchise has had multiple continuities over the years, so to keep things simple, I will only be focusing on the versions of the characters depicted in the web series Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse (one of my guilty pleasures) and to a lesser extent, the Barbie and her Sisters videos, so these profiles will be more or less a mash-up of those. I will not be delving into any of the Barbie role play videos (Starlight Adventure, Three Musketeers, Princess & the Pop Star, etc.); there’s too many of them to try and comb through and none of those are canon anyway. Two, I won’t reviewing any of these episodes/videos; I’ll only be referencing certain episodes as they pertain to the character(s) being spotlighted. Otherwise, these would be the length of War and Peace.

Phew! Now that we’ve established what Pop Dream is, on to the Pop Dreaming!

She’s the Queen of Malibu (and was once its’ Mayor), she’s had over 137 careers (and counting), she’s been to the moon, is an ambassador to a space alien culture, drives a cool car and if she were an ice cream flavor, she’d be pink. Our first Pop Dream is all about…Barbie Roberts.


“Get your sparkle on!” – an actual quote.


Barbara Millicent “Barbie” Roberts is pretty, perky, peppy, popular and practically perfect (that’s a lot of p’s) young adult fashion doll. How old is she? Who can say? In “Gifts, Goofs, Galore”, even her friends aren’t sure of Barbie’s age. She’s run for President, and you have to be at least 35 to do that, and one of her friends, Midge, seems to have been lifted straight from the late 1950’s….so…..

A Smidge of Midge 2

…You know, she looks to be about 18 or 20 years of age, so let’s just say she’s a young adult, and leave it at that.


“Wibbly-wobbly, Timey-wimey!”

Born in humble Willows, Wisconsin, Barbie currently resides in THE most palatial doll house in the world, simply known as the Dreamhouse.


The address is 1959 Malibu Way. get it?

Said Dreamhouse, in addition to being very pink, is almost as much a character as the people who inhabit it, being fully state-of-the-art and automated with the latest technology, boasting a convertible disco room, a Labyrintian closet which people have been known to get lost in, a chocolate fountain in the foyer and full of multiple rooms and areas many of which its’ residents are still discovering. Barbie is a full-blown celebrity, for doing seemingly nothing except being attractive.


Not like real life, right?


A typical day for Barbie involves her hobnobbing with A-List stars, negotiations with diplomats and world leaders and advising NASA, as well as the important things, like coasting through Malibu in her awesome car, hanging with her attractive friends, who literally compete with one another for the coveted title of Barbie’s B.F.F.; obsessing over the color pink and lots of shopping. Barbie shares the Dreamhouse with her 3 younger sisters Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea and their pets Blissa the cat, Taffy the dog and Tawny the palomino horse. Nobody’s sure of the whereabouts of the Roberts’ parents, George and Martha. Maybe they’re on their fifth honeymoon or off buying His and Hers islands in the tropics, who can say?


“They’re probably just sequestered in their vault counting their mad money. The last time we did that, we were gone for weeks!”


Barbie has herself become an archetype: she’s your basic Malibu Barbie blond hottie. She’s always dressed to the nines….


…Even while just lounging around the house.


In this instance, on the horn with Viacom lobbying for a Hair Channel.

It would be impossible to try and list all of Barbie’s various outfits she’s worn throughout her numerous appearances, but they’re all basically…




Let’s face it — Barbie is the doll who has it all. She’s a fashion icon who has a fab home, the best friends and the perfect guy who’s nuts about her. She’s great at everything, while remaining humble and kind, and is always there to cheer on her friends no matter the challenges. That’s why everyone loves her. She’s like that popular girl in school who’s head cheerleader, dating the quarterback, is homecoming queen and on the honor roll, drives a cool car, her family’s clearly not hurting for money, every guy loves her, every girl wants to be her. You want to hate her for having such a cake life, but you can’t because she’s also super-nice.


As the oldest sister, Barbie seems to be the prime mover among the Fab Sisters. (It also doesn’t hurt that she’s got all the vehicles, accessories and hookups and is the only licensed driver among them.)


Whether it’s making over the house for the umptee-seventh time, weathering a crisis (like running out of chocolate croissants) or anchoring great adventures involving puppies…


…Barbie’s usually the one at the helm, that is when she isn’t hanging with her boyfriend Ken Carson.


Of course Barbie has a boyfriend. A chick like her was born with a boyfriend!


“Doctor Barbie”: Barbie breaks off negotiations between rival world leaders to tend to her sister Chelsea’s plastic pox.


She then pauses to reveal that (among dozens of other careers) that she’s a doctor, but only after Skipper nearly misses her cue to ask, “Aren’t YOU a doctor??”


“Cringing in the Rain”: Barbie reveals that she loves to walk in the rain, and sometimes does so with The Prince of England, mumbling under her breath that the prince is a bit of an umbrella hog.


“Look! The sky is leaking!”

“Rhapsody in Buttercream”: Barbie recalls the time Stacie and Chelsea “assisted” her in the kitchen on Spaghetti Night.


“Mission Impawsible”: While on a date with Ken, Barbie devours a giant hot dog bigger than her head, in one gulp (off-screen of course). How she manages to eat like that and stay thin, now that’s a talent.


“Sisters Ahoy”: Barbie, paired with the hyperactive Stacie for the beach scavenger hunt, asks how they’re going to get out to the coral reef to obtain a oyster’s pearl, and then we cut to Stacie driving a jet ski, dragging Barbie along in the back on a small inner tube, clinging on for dear life.


This gag is repeated at the end of the episode, with the same jet ski being the girls’ 2nd place prize. Again, Barbie gets the worst of it. This particular gag stands out to me, since it’s rare when a character like Barbie slips on the banana peel.


Barbie is like Mario in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, in that while she arguably may not be the best character, you have to deal with her. Similarly, Barbie’s not my favorite Barbie sister (I don’t hate the character or even dislike her, I just like the others more), but there wouldn’t be a franchise without her. Given that part of her character is how she’s pretty and popular, seemingly infinitely rich and has got it goin’ on, it would be too, too easy to portray her as cocky, show-offish and full of herself…



…Her general niceness, upbeat attitude and helpfulness keeps her from being unlikable, even though she basically lives in a bubble. A pink bubble with lots of unicorns and glitter.

It’s also worth mentioning that, like Zaphod Beeblebrox in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, she inhabits an artificial (mostly plastic) universe which was designed specifically for her to inhabit; she is therefore the most important person in said universe, as evidenced by a constellation in the sky in “Ooh, How Campy Too” which is shaped like Barbie’s logo. It truly is a Barbie world, the others just live in it.

And because I know you’re all expecting it, here it is:

Next up is Skipper. Stay tooned.