Pop Dream #7: Lori and Leni


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Our look at the siblings from Nickelodeon’s animated series The Loud House continues with the two eldest Loud sisters…Lori and Leni Loud.

Lori and Leni Loud

Lori: That’s right, we’re awesome! Deal with it!

Leni: “Deal”? I didn’t bring any cards.


At 17 years old, Lori is the oldest child of the Loud family, and the oldest of Lincoln’s five older sisters. This is a fact she uses to assert authority and absolute dominance over her siblings.

Lori Loud

She’s also the sister with the biggest “Hubba-hubba!” factor.




Meanwhile, at 16 years old, Leni is the second-oldest child of the Loud family, and the second-oldest of Lincoln’s five older sisters. Unlike Lori, she is very naive and quite ditzy, but she makes up for it in beauty and kindness.

Leni Loud


Lori is the tallest sibling of all, and like Leni, she has breasts. She has large blonde hair (a genetic trait she shares with her mother, even though her hair is longer). Her original design depicted her with pink eye shadow, a white tank top, navy blue shorts, and black shoes. Later it was changed with a light blue tank top, brown cargo shorts, blue slip-on shoes, and blue eye shadow. She also wears pearl earrings.



Yes, we’ve covered that.

Leni has long, pale-blonde hair, with side-swept bangs, and three pairs of eyelashes. She is almost as tall as Lori.

Her main outfit is a seafoam green dress with white frills and triangular sleeves. With this, she wears red hoop earrings, white sandals topped with light green bows, and a pair of white sunglasses on top of her head.




Lori is bossy, condescending, and has the second nastiest temper after Lola, but aside from that she is also cute, friendly, and protective. As the oldest sibling, she is supposed to act responsibly and mature, but sometimes she doesn’t act like it, and instead she behaves like her youngest sisters, like in “Left in the Dark”, where she’s afraid to go down into the dark basement.

Her most annoying habit is using her phone and texting to Bobby all of the time.

Lori Loud 2

“Ooh! Bobby just texted that I’m the prettiest thing on two legs! That’s what I love most about him; his astute insight!”

Lori Loud

She also has the somewhat annoying habit of inserting the word ‘literally’ into every other sentence, whether it’s apropos or not, kind of like how Smurfs use the word ‘smurf’.


“And after hearing that word for the umptee-seventh time, I ‘literally’ want to grab a shovel and beat myself on the head ’til I’m bloody!”

As for Leni, there are two things that you need to know about Leni:

  1. She’s seriously into fashion.

“The latest!”

And 2, she’s as sharp as an orange.

Arte Johnson

“Very fashionable…but stupid!”

Trivia Time: Did you know that Leni is named after the character of Lenny Small, a lumbering, slow witted giant with a heart of gold in George Stienbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men? Well, now you do.


“Tell me about the horses again, Lori.”


“No Guts, No Glori”. Lori is left in charge while the parents are out for Date Night, where she proceeds to enforce strict rules on all of her younger siblings.

No Guts No Glory 2



Pretty little dictator, isn’t she?


“Older siblings never die. They just annoy the heck out of you!”

Lori Loud's Feet

She also indulges in a little Lori time.

“Sounds of Silence”. Need a footstool but don’t have one? That’s what little brothers are for!



You know what’s coming next, so here it is…


“Feet! Heh-heh-heh! Yeah! Heh-heh-heh! Feet! Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!”

“Lock ‘n’ Loud”. The Loud Family’s neighbor, Mr. Grouse, claims to have been robbed.


Mr. Grouse: They cleaned me out! My phonograph, my black and white TV, my encyclopedias! Everything gone!

Lori: I literally don’t know what any of those things are!

“Driving Miss Hazy” . Despite her being of age, Leni still needs to get a ride to the mall because she’s failed her driver’s test thirteen times (to date). 13? Wow! I had to take my driver’s test thrice before I passed, and I felt like a loser! Lincoln attempts to teach Leni to drive by having her play his driver’s video game.


I’m dying to know how Leni got an image of herself in the game.

“House Music”. Luna encourages her siblings to form a band for a county fair. She appoints Leni to sing back up.

TLH - House Music

Leni: (singing) Backup, backup, backup…

TLH - House Music 2


Luna: No, Leni. You don’t actually sing “backup”. You sing what’s on the page.

Leni: OK, got it!

TLH - House Music 3

Leni: (singing) What’s on the page, what’s on the page…


Originally, when I first saw the initial promos for the Loud House, I was convinced that I would hate Lori, but surprisingly, I don’t dislike her at all. Yeah, she can be obnoxious at times, but that just comes with the territory of being the oldest. Having a younger sibling myself, I’m sure he can attest to that. Lori has a sensitive side as well as a protective side, which keeps her human rather than being a monster. As for Leni, dim-witted characters can be very entertaining, if handled properly. As we know, it takes smart people to effectively write dumb. So, here’s to eldest siblings everywhere. Live it up!


“A music video! Sweet! Say, how do you spell MTV?”


“Isn’t that dumb?”

Next Time: Luna and Luan. Keep Pop Dreaming.


2 thoughts on “Pop Dream #7: Lori and Leni

  1. One of the things I love about Lori is how easily she could have become an annoying Valley Girl stereotype, especially with her phone and boyfriend obsession. But instead the writers just made her more as someone who’s bossy and condescending, but clearly loves her family and is a good mentor and “big sister” for everybody. She’s easily up there as one of my favorite sisters on the show, although she isn’t necessarily my #1. That’s on the next Pop Dream.


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