2 Funny/Player Two Start!: Pac-Man 256 Schf@#!

Today’s 2 Funny serves double duty as a Player Two Start, as it’s from Battle Geek Plus. The BGP gang’s rousing play of Pac-Man 256 (so named because the original Pac-Man automatically glitched out after 256 levels rather than having a true ending, as its’ programmers didn’t think anyone would actually get that far) inspires Josh Christopher to bust out with this truly bumpin’ geek rock earworm. I’ve been grooving on this one since last night. Here’s “Pac-Man 256 Schf@#!” WARNING: the language is a tad saltier than we usually try to get here. If there are young ‘uns in the house, you might want to put your headphones on.

I can never get enough geek rock, myself.