Nerdvana: “Love Plus One” by Haircut 100

Today’s Nerdvana is a selection from the early 1980’s band Haircut 100, who had a very brief and tumultuous career (the band only produced 2 albums and the lead singer was only present for the first). I used to see the video for this particular track on TBS’s Night Tracks a lot (Night Tracks was basically TBS’s mini-MTV clone block, back when the ‘M’ in MTV stood for Music, rather than Mediocre), and it continues to be one of my favorite 80’s pop tunes.

Because of┬áthe video, I always think of ┬átropical islands and exotic rain forests whenever I hear this song. Remember Wild Cartoon Kingdom from last year? This would be a fitting opening theme for that if it were a show. Plus, I just really like the title. Enjoy “Love Plus One”.