Why Vinnie Terrio is Awesome!

Vinnie Terrio

  1. He’s a gecko, but he doesn’t shill insurance.
  2. He’s the shortest LPS pet, but he’s got a reflex strut.
  3. His sail-fin is shaped into a Travolta-styled coif.
  4. He’s the only LPS pet who’s not a mammal. He knows the struggle of being a minority.
  5. He’s just a dancin’ fool.
  6. He’s voiced by Kyle Rideout, who not only has a cool name, but does an amazingly hilarious voice!
  7. He finds it quite easy being green.
  8. He’s not that bright, but his swagger makes up for it.
  9. He’s often in pursuit of fly honeys, OK, just flies.
  10. He can lose his tail and grow it back. Modular.
  11. He’s best friends with Sunil Nevla the mongoose. Together they form a Dynamic Duo of funny!
  12. He’s named after Denny Terrio, the host of the disco dance competition show Dance Fever. (Look it up.)
  13. He’s bringing scaly back.
  14. He once performed on a TV dance show in a trench coat while balancing a teenage girl on his back. Hey, you try doing that!