Looking Ahead to July

Are you ready for the summer? We are. Here at Twinsanity we’ve been enjoying baking our brains in the hot sun and chillaxing in front of the TV (what, you expect us to go outside?!) so much that we’ve decided to take the rest of the month off. Hey. bloggers need vacations too. But don’t worry: we’ll be blogging again come July. Just to keep your collective appetites wet, here are some of the upcoming Twinsanity entries slated for next month:

  • The Retro Box: Yogi’s Gang – Yogi Bear and most of the Hanna-Barbera Zoo travel the land in a flying boat teaching kids to give a hoot and not pollute and to say their prayers, eat their vitamins and drink their milk. As much fun as it sounds.
  • Overthinking It: Furry Confusion – Twinsanity takes a far-too in-depth look at the head-scratching phenomenon of the Funny Animal in cartoon society.
  • The Retro Box: The Flintstones Comedy Hour – Flintstones, skits and rock songs. Oh, my!
  • Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Full Review – we follow up our Pac Preview Party entry to give our views on the show, so far.
  • Cartoon Planet in Crisis – Cartoon Network has given their not-exactly retro cartoon block another time slot on Thursdays, so why is no one cheering?

These topics and possibly more will be tackled by Twinsanity in July. But now, if you’ll excuse us, it’s kegger time.

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