Beyond the Background: Bogel and Weerd

Today Beyond the Background tracks down the ghastly duo from 1985’s The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo, Bogel and Weerd.

FTR, Bogel is the short, round one, and Weerd is the one with the stylin’ Bob Marley style sheet dreads.

These goofy ghosts were itching to open the Chest of Demons, which housed thirteen of the most terrifying and powerful ghosts and demons ever to walk the face of the Earth. They were unable to open the chest (as it could only be opened by the living) but were able to trick Scooby-Doo and Shaggy into opening it. The ghosts could only be returned to the chest by those who originally set them free; thus, the Mystery, Inc. gang (sans Fred and Velma, who were undergoing “contractual negotiations” at the time) embarked on a worldwide quest to recapture them before they wreak irreversible havoc upon the world. Throughout the ordeal, Weerd and Bogel served as incompetent henchmen to which ever monster was released from the chest.

Here’s what some of these legendary ghouls had to say about Bogel and Weerd:

  • Dark Magician Maldor the Malevolent: “Calling these 2 dumb would be an insult to dumb people everywhere.”
  • The ruler of the Mirror Realm Mirror Demon: “Their faces were the only things that made me wish mirrors had never been invented.”
  • Zomba, the Zombie Demon who imprisoned her victims in TV Shows: “They were more tedious than reruns.”
  • Demon Witch Marcella: “They smelled like armpit hair and cheeseburger meat.”
  • Professor Phantazmo, The Ringleader of a Circus of Horrors: “They made lousy henchmen. But they could do a surprisingly good soft-shoe routine!”

After 11 of the 13 ghosts were imprisoned back inside the chest (the other 2 escaped to the Nether Realm where they were later caught and arrested for scalping tickets to the Mortal Kombat tournament) and the 13 Ghosts quest ended, we know what became of the other 13 Ghosts stars: renowned warlock Vincent Van Ghoul went on to star in horror movies…

“They said I had a knock for inspiring terror and the macabre. Of course, what I really want to do is direct.”

…And juvenile scam-artist and opportunist Flim-Flam is currently doing 25 to Life…

“Eh, jail’s not so bad.” I got me a nice racket sneaking in exotic candy bars from the outside, and every Wednesday we get to go to the park to pick up litter. Of course here it’s shiv or be shivved!”

…But whatever became of Weerd and Bogel? After failing to unleash the 13 Ghosts onto the world, Weerd hatched a diabolical plan which he called “The Diabolical Plan”. (Naming stuff was never his strong suit.) He used his knowledge of black magic to open a portal to the Dark Dimension, and the 2 of them planned to summon forth an army of ghosts to take over the planet, with themselves as leaders. (Bogel was especially looking forward to enforcing the daily fried chicken feedings and foot rubs.) Unfortunately, Weerd made a tactical error: he chose to open this portal in New York City (he chose there because it was a vastly populated melting pot of the world), and after a brief dust-up with the city’s local paranormal authorities, they were never heard from again.
Winston: “Hey, were just doing our jobs. They were planning to spread dark ectoplasm all over our favorite taco joint!”
Peter: “Yeah, we scientists/heroes gotta pay the bills too. Proton packs don’t pay for themselves, ya know!”
Egon: “If it’s any consolation, they’ll contribute to the progression of paranormal science. Yeah, those 2 should dissect nicely.”
Ray: “Hey, act surprised! You know busting makes us feel good. It’s in our theme song, for cryin’ out loud!”
-And now you know.

4 thoughts on “Beyond the Background: Bogel and Weerd

  1. ROTFLMAO!!!

    I wrote a fan-fic over at ToonZone a while back that posited Flim Flam in a different light. Check it out over at the Story Board.

    Nice job tying 13 Ghosts together with Real Ghostbusters. I'd say Real Ghostbusters replaced Scooby in the Saturday lineup, but in truth they replaced the Super Powers team (same time slot, 10 am (ET), ahead of 13 Ghosts, IIRC).


  2. Thanks. I've used Yabba in a previous story, the one that also involved Flim Flam, and, yes, there's more where that comes from.

    For my next trick, I'll see where I can fit Scooby Dum & Dee into the mix. I've got more story ideas cooking in the cranium oven……..


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