New Boomerang Hopes and Predictions: Addendum

This is an update to New Boomerang Hopes and Predictions.

We’ve recently received some new info on all this. For one thing, according to Nickandmore, the Boomerang re-brand, which was presumed to be happening at the end of March, will not be happening until the 4th quarter of 2014, i.e., late fall.

“Imagine my delight.”
Also, the new Boomerang will target younger audiences, girls and families, unlike the boy-skewing Cartoon Network. (At least we now have some idea as to what sort of programming we can expect on the new Boom.) Of course all of this is supplemented by the news that Stuart Snyder will be stepping down as President of Cartoon Network at the end of this month.
Now, while I’m tempted to react this way upon hearing this latter announcement……
…We have to look at things realistically. There are 3 things we must consider:
  1. While it’s true that Snyder was largely responsible for pushing live-action onto CN, as well as its’ current unabashed skewing towards boys and “goofy boy” comedies to the exclusion of just about everything else and Adult Swim’s continued engulfing on Toon’s schedule, the man did some good things for CN. he greenlit Adventure Time (not a fan of it myself, but I know people are) and Regular Show (which I am a fan of), and he did help pull CN slightly out of the hole it had dug itself into from around 2004 through 2007. That said, it always felt like it was 1 step forward, 3 steps back with this guy, so I’d be lying if I said that part of me isn’t kind of glad that he’s going, but….
  2. Just because Snyder’s departing doesn’t mean that things are going to change dramatically at Cartoon Network, nor does it mean that a new Golden Age for CN is on the horizon. Stu may be going, but Rob Sorcher and others will still be around, and the Nickandmore article clearly states that CN will not be abandoning its’ current boy-skewing ways. I hate to be ants at the picnic, but Cartoon Network is definitely not going to go back to being the way it was 13 years ago, with a wide and diverse range of new shows with that same level of quality, creativity and imagination, still aiming for creating the fun, must-watch atmosphere of the past but with the shows of today. Trying to recreate the atmosphere from back in the day by producing and using a variety of new comedic and action shows from countless sources as well as creating visually entertaining bumpers of all sorts would be progress, but CN doesn’t seem to be down with that. More’s the pity.
  3.  Given that Cartoon Network will experience a regime change soon, any future plans for both Boomerang and Cartoon Network could likely be re-evaluated by the new management. The Boomerang re-brand isn’t supposed to happen until late fall, and Snyder’s replacement hasn’t been named yet, so management could be shaken up in any number of ways until then, but unless plans change, it would seem that CN will basically continue as it has been. That being the case, I hope the plans for Boom don’t change, as I’ll likely be watching that more than Cartoon Network, depending on their schedule.

3 thoughts on “New Boomerang Hopes and Predictions: Addendum

  1. So Boomerang is becoming Hub Network 2: Non-Brony Boogaloo? Seems good enough. Granted, I'd prefer what Nick's doing in creating shows that are rather gender-neutral with some exceptions though that has issues as well, but I'm expecting too much.

    And this gives me an excuse to watch Boomerang again. It was cool for a couple of months, until I started seeing the same episodes again and again, and got bored with it, and changed the channel. Reason why I avoid rerun channels like the plague.


  2. With Da Boom skewing toward girl-centric programming, the Powerpuff Girls are about to get some company, methinks. Looks like they'll finally dust off Juniper Lee, among other things. Taking a wait 'n' see on this.


  3. With Da Boom skewing toward girl-centric programming, the Powerpuff Girls are about to get some company, methinks. Looks like they'll finally dust off Juniper Lee, among other things. Taking a wait 'n' see on this.


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