Adult Swim to Take 7-8 PM Hour

Due to the phenomenal ratings that Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block has received after just a single evening of beginning at 8 PM EST, Turner Broadcasting has recently announced that beginning February 30, 2015, Adult Swim will be taking over the 7 PM to 8 PM broadcasting hour from Cartoon Network.

“We’re very excited about this new hour,” Rob Sorcher said in a recent interview. “The less Cartoon Network we can show, the higher the ratings get. Stu’s gone now, so I’m running thangs ’round these parts, y’hear??”

Viewers are also encouraged to interact with Adult Swim online on their newly founded website,

For AS’s additional hour, Turner plans to run a back-to-back power hour consisting of their recent acquisitions of mega-hits The New Monkees and Ellen’s Acres.




Oh, by the way……..

Now that we’ve gotten your attention, we can get on with the fun. Just in time for April Fool’s Day, check below for Things Only a FOOL Would Wait For.

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