Why Gear is Awesome!

  1. He’s another in that rare and proud lineage of super-powered geeks.
  2. He’s best buddies with Dakota’s resident high-voltage hero.
  3. His Bang Baby power is super-intelligence: able to design ultra-tech gizmos at the drop of a hat and acing his tests with only a short glance at the questions. Basically he’s Brainiac 5 without the green skin.
  4. He manages to be a cool formidable hero despite having the middle name Osgood.
  5. He’s the creator of Back-Pack, a robot unit usable as a probe and portable computer assistance system. It’s like a smartphone you can wear on your back.
  6. His uniform colors are green and white, the coolest color combination in the world! (New York Jets fans only)
  7. He’s cool despite his uniform colors being green and white, the lamest color combination in the world! (New York Jets haters only)
  8. He’s created Jet-Blades, vectored thruster-equipped jet boots, from modified roller blades. He’s Sidewalk Surfer!
  9. He has his own hoverboard, the Jet Board. We’re all supposed to have hoverboards by 2015, according to the movie Back to the Future II. Clock’s ticking, scientists!
  10. He created a sensor and neural interface control helmet, which constantly feeds information to his brain, the data stream of which can only be read by super-intellects, thus making unusable for everybody except for him, Professor Steven Hawking and Bill Gates.
  11. He’s created Zap-Caps, grenade-like explosive balls which upon impact can zap their victims with electric shock or encase them in a concrete-like substance of his own design, which hardens faster than concrete and is 10 times as strong. He’s like a Home Depot version of a superhero.
  12. He’s also created Zap Caps, Mark II, grenade-like balls with metal bands for restraining purposes. Plus, Zap Caps is just fun to say.
  13. He modified a freaking TV remote for time travel! Most of us can’t even get every clock in our houses synced up.
  14. He’s been shown to still be fighting crime in the not-too-distant future, despite gaining a gut. Hey, those donuts are like edible crack!

5 thoughts on “Why Gear is Awesome!

  1. T'is true. The character was based on a character from the 'Static' comic book series, Rick Stone, who was one of Virgil's friends in the books, but not his close confidant who knew Virgil's secret; Frieda had that role in the comics. Rick/Richie came out in the comics' story “What are Little Boys Made Of?”, but on the show Richie's sexual preferences were simply never disclosed. Though the late Dwayne McDuffie was quoted as saying on the subject: “It'll never come up on the show, but Richie is gay”.


  2. It was actually Static who had a son in the future. The episode never mentioned if Richie had a family in the future or not. All we knew about future Richie was that he got fat.


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