Nerdvana: "World Clique" by Deee Lite

Welcome to a new segment here on Twinsanity: Nerdvana. These segments will be very loosely structured and will be in no way informative. Here, we’re just going to talk about nerdy, geeky stuff that we like. It can be anything; a character. A show. A trope. A song. It doesn’t matter. Just as long as we like it and want to write about it. Even we need to take a break from snarkiness occasionally.

Let’s start with one of my jams. The song “World Clique” by the group Deee Lite. I first heard this song when Deee Lite performed as the musical guests on Saturday Night Live. The host that week was Rosanne Barr. Deee Lite performed their big hit song “Groove Is In the Heart” as their first number, and this on, the title track from their first album, as the second number. This song just sounds like a ‘B’, ya know.

Anyways, here’s “World Clique”. Enjoy.

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