2 Funny: Captain Marginal

Today’s 2 Funny comes from cartoonist Michael Kupperman and was originally shown on the late Comedy Central series TV Funhouse. Imagine DC’s Captain Marvel origin story gone horribly wrong. Enjoy Captain Marginal.


2 thoughts on “2 Funny: Captain Marginal

  1. Gosh, I miss TV Funhouse (both the Comedy Central and SNL incarnations). The CC version was cancelled way too soon; I would've loved to see it last a bit longer.


    1. One likely obstacle regarding Comedy Central’s “TV Funhouse” was that evidently CC couldn’t use any of the segments that were featured on Saturday Night Live (The Ambiguously Gay Duo, The X-Presidents, Fun With Real Audio) since they’re owned by NBC, so even though the X-Presidents and the Ambiguously Gay Duo were seen in the shows’ opening title sequence, their shorts were never featured on the show.


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