Cartoon Country: Littlest Pet Shop Update – From "Aaah!" to "Eh"

This is an addendum to Pets Over Ponies, an article I did back in January 2013. As is the new custom for Reviews on the Run, I’m gonna keep this short and sweet (OK, short).

It is often said that the true test of a cartoon’s (or any piece of artistic work, for that matter)’s quality is if it’s still as good to you upon a re-watching as it was when you first peeped it out. Sadly, for me this doesn’t seem to be entirely the case with The Channel Formerly Known as The Hub’s Littlest Pet Shop, which is reported to be resuming new episode airings this winter. During this extended hiatus for new eps of LPS (after The Hub sank like a lead balloon covered in fat people, Hasbro seems to be focusing primarily on features as opposed to their near-former TV network) I’ve taken some time off to sober up and re-watch the odd episode here and there, and it looks the runner’s high I was on back when LPS first hit the scene seems to have worn off.
Don’t get me wrong; it’s not as though Littlest Pet Shop is terribly bad, the problem is that it’s not terribly good either. It’s falling very firmly into “meh” territory for me. In retrospect, I think I was more enamored of the idea of there being another Hasbro show that wasn’t My Little Pony to glom onto more than the show itself. There are still some specific characters and elements that I’m still into: I still like Blythe and her ever-changing hairstyles and outfits, I still like Youmgmee (I am kind of curious to see what antics these 2 will get into now that Youngmee is in on Blythe’s big secret), I still love Aunt Christie and Sweet Delights, really hope to see more of them (but I’ve already geeked out on that in a Nerdvana so no need to repeat myself here), I still kind of like Emma and Stephanie, wouldn’t mind seeing more of them, Roger is OK in small doses, though I still would like his character more if he had a wife to play off of; you can’t have the Odd Couple with only Oscar, with no contrast to balance things out, it’s just not as funny, Mrs. Twombly, Sue and Jasper have their moments (though it seems like the latter 2 are really only there to fill up the numbers), and the pets’ antics are OK once in a while, though I admit I like the aforementioned human characters more. The Biskit Twins are still my least favorite characters by far. Not a fan of them. At all. I tried to find something redeemable about them, but they just don’t do it for me. I’m just not down with glorifying villains. I like that they’re twins and that they’re rich and I kind of like their designs, but that’s as far as my enthusiasm for them goes.
Am I done with Littlest Pet Shop? Not entirely. I may still check out some of the new episodes when they debut, assuming there’s a premise that sounds interesting to me, but in all honesty I can’t say how much longer I’ll be riding the LPS bandwagon. It’s a short ride, save some money.

3 thoughts on “Cartoon Country: Littlest Pet Shop Update – From "Aaah!" to "Eh"

  1. I definitely know what that's like. I came to the same realization about 'The Amazing World of Gumball'. I gave the show 2 seasons to grow on me, but it never did. In retrospect, I think it was mostly the idea behind the show that I liked more so then the show itself, and even then, I only cared about the episodes that focused on the Watterson family, and even that element of the series is far from perfect. I only watched a single episode of season 3, and I honestly don't feel like I've been missing anything.


  2. This show won't be lasting too much longer, anyway, at this rte. I just don't see it – or a reason for it, IMHO – it's not as good, popular, or as worthy as that damn pony show (and I've really to hate that show, too!).]

    Either way, glad you cleared shit up, especially on those worthless ass twins. I was hating them from the very beginning. They are a poison to this show for me and always have been.

    Overall, I'm glad to have found better cartoons out there as of late that get what I want to see more of out of Western Animation, and neither THIS SHOW, nor that damn pony show, are really doing it for me all that much, what I exactly want…

    – The Shop Soldier (thinking of changing his name to “Shokew”…)


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