Nerdvana: Street Spirit (Fade Out) by Radiohead

Yes, this is another musical Nerdvana; this time it’s one of my favorite 90’s songs, “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” by the band Radiohead. Despite being described by band member/songwriter Thom Yorke as “one of the saddest songs ever written….about a dark tunnel with no light at the end”, I guess I sort of tune out the lyrics, since I never associate this song with bleakness and darkness; rather I focus of the song’s overall beauty and the dreamlike quality of the video, so my memories and imagery of this song are actually pleasant and whimsical.

Interestingly, and probably because I was first exposed to both around the same time, in my mind “Street Spirit” is inexorably tied to the Oh, Yeah! Cartoons short The Twins Crimson and Those Amazing Robots by Carlos Ramos. In fact, if played together the 2 almost sync up. Try it sometime.

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