Why Jumpy Ghostface is Awesome!

  1. He’s a cute bunny who’s also a formidable warrior. We like adorable things capable of kicking ass.
  2. He’s the only animal on a squad of human heroes. That’s it, boyo, climb the ladder.
  3. His weapon of choice is a jump rope. A WMD from Wham-O.
  4. His last name is the first name of a member of the Wu-Tang Clan and the killer from the Scream movies.
  5. He’s the Rabbit King. Not as good as being the Lizard King, but still, it’s good to see a Royal who doesn’t mind mixing with the common folk.
  6. He manages to be adorable despite having absolutely no lower jaw.
  7. He can wrap his ears around his face to replicate a ninja mask. See? Form does accord with function.
  8. He lives in a giant tortoise shell and rides atop a small turtle on a treadmill. Paybacks are hell.
  9. He’s a daydreamer and his daydreams are capable of sucking you into his imagination. It’s all in the mind, man.
  10. He often has a carrot in his mouth. As Bugs Bunny will attest, at the end of the day a little carrot between your cheek and gum tastes mighty good.
  11. He has a soft spot for insects and won’t let any harm come to them.

“Good, good.”

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