Toons & Tunes: The Super 6 Intro

Today’s Toons & Tunes is the intro to The Super 6, an animated cartoon series which was produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises in 1966, and shown on NBC from 1966 to 1969. The series was DePatie-Freleng’s first vehicle for Saturday morning. For those who don’t know, The Super 6 was a superhero spoof which featured half a dozen diverse characters (Elevator Man, Granite Man, Magneto Man, Super Scuba, Captain Zammo and the less-than-spectacular guitar-riding rookie superhero Super Bwoing, who was typically only called into action when absolutely no one else was available) under the supervision of a cranky dispatcher. The show’s title was somewhat deceiving, as the heroes never actually fought crime as a team; each episode consisted of three 5-6 minute segments, with the introductory segment featuring Super Bwoing and the last featuring one of the other five heroes. The middle segment featured the totally unrelated The Brothers Matzoriley.

The show’s surf-rock style theme was provided by Gary Lewis & the Playboys.

Trivia Time: Captain Zammo, the character who appeared in the smallest number of segments of any of the other members of the Six, had his name changed after his first appearance from his original moniker “Whammo” to “Zammo”. According to Friz Freleng in a [1982] interview, the name change occurred when Wham-O, creators of such wonders as the Super Ball, filed a legal grievance against DePatie-Freleng over trademark infringement. Reportedly, the first commercial to air after the first televised “Captain Whammo” segment was ironically for the Super Ball.



2 thoughts on “Toons & Tunes: The Super 6 Intro

  1. If The Super 6 were airing today, the shows’ roster would have be updated for the 21st century; There’d have to be some ethnic super heroes or even a female super hero or two thrown in for good measure. Not necessarily get rid of any existing characters, but perhaps the shows’ producers could rotate characters each episode. It’s just that a cast of super heroes that’s made up entirely of Caucasian males ferociously dates the show.


  2. Another bit o’trivia regarding Captain Zammo: he was typically called in for military-style baddies; he even had his own subordinate in the form of his sidekick Private Hammo. Before I had seen any episodes of The Super 6 (courtesy of our friend Hobbyfan’s blog ‘Saturday Morning Archives’, prior to that I had only read about the series), when I first spotted Capt. Zammo I assumed he was some sort of wizard superhero, given the pointed hat and the tights, not a military man. Though that turned out to not be the case, I contend that a superhero sorcerer could make for a potentially interesting idea.


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