Unpopular Opinions: Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker

Here’s an unpopular opinion for ya: I liked Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Peter Parker.

Andrew Garfield Spider-Man

No, I’m not kidding. I know a lot of Spider fans were crying blasphemy over The Amazing Spider-Man‘s Peter Parker being re-imagined as a wise-cracking Sk8ter Boy, but I actually didn’t mind this take on the character. Whether Garfield’s characterization was a good fit for Peter Parker/Spider-Man is debatable, but I did like how for once the science-loving whiz kid character wasn’t portrayed as a stereotypical dweeby loser. I found it a refreshing change of pace to see a smart kid who didn’t have a bowl-shaped haircut, thick glasses, a collared shirt buttoned all the way to the top, a pocket protector and high-water pants.


“Easy as Pi! EHHH-huh-huh-huh!”

I plan to one day make a show featuring a super-smart genius kid who isn’t a stereotyped nerd or bookworm. I personally think we need to see more ‘cool’ smart kids. Just because someone’s prolific in math and science doesn’t automatically make that person physically awkward and socially retarded. Mathletes and Science Geeks can be outgoing, savvy and attractive too. To quote ESPN’s Bomani Jones: “Just because your kids are into science doesn’t mean you have to dress them like dorks. Smart kids like cool sneakers too!”

2 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions: Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker

  1. People disliked Garfield as Peter Parker? Outside of him looking over 30, I felt Garfield gave Peter Parker a rather proper and strong update to the character. He was still nerdy, but it was done in a way that wasn’t overly silly and comical, and something that would fit us nerds of today, and he was able to give Spidey some fun wisecracking that made him pretty likable. Honestly, while I’ve heard a lot of great things about Tom Holland’s portrayal, I’m sad that Garfield was pretty much given the shaft by Sony after the huge ASM2 debacle.


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