Why Reptil is Awesome!

Reptil 3

(NOTE: I’m only talking about the Super Hero Squad Show version.)

  1. He has the power to morph into dinosaurs. That’s win for uniqueness alone.
  2. He’s a rookie Animal Factor hero. Represent!
  3. His Sun Stone amulet is an Infinity Fractal which fell backward through time. I got my meditation crystal from a booth in front of an Orange Julius.
  4. He has his own room inside the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.
  5. He gets to be mentored by Wolverine.
  6. He can turn into a mother@#$%in’ T-Rex.
  7. He’s a Latino superhero, but he doesn’t have a generic, stereotypically ethnic name, like “El Muchacho” or something.
  8. How many superheroes also live with their parents in a cozy suburban house on the outskirts of Superhero City?
  9. He got to run on the Bifrost Bridge. (He could’ve sprouted pterodactyl wings and flown, but it’s still cool.)
  10. He makes red and scaly look fashionable.
  11. Two words: raptor claws.
  12. He gets to fight crime in bare feet.
  13. He can kick bad guy butt and make a killer tortilla.
  14. He’s classmates with Firestar.
  15. He can theoretically transform into an Indominus Rex.
Indominus Rex

Bloody Roar, baby!

3 thoughts on “Why Reptil is Awesome!

  1. Want 5 more reasons…?

    16- Two more words: Raptor TAIL!

    17- He’s apart of at TWO Avengers Tag-Team Squad!

    18- He was the ONLY new member of the “Super Hero Squad Show” and steals every scene.

    19- He’s the Beast Boy of the DC Universe.
    (And it’s about time!)

    20- He would indefinitely win in a showdown with Johnny Test & Jar-Jar Binks!


  2. -He was the ONLY new member of the “Super Hero Squad Show”-

    Well, not exactly. He was ‘new’ in the sense that his role on the Squad was that of the rookie-in-training and that The Super Hero Squad Show was the character’s first ever TV appearance, but he was not created specifically for the show. Reptil was created for the comics shortly before SHS was launched.


    The only SHS cast member who was created specifically for the show was the Mayor of Superhero City, and he was basically this show’s Stan Lee cameo.


    1. “He was ‘new’ in the sense that his role on the Squad was that of the rookie-in-training”

      That’s what I was aiming for, even though that was his starring appearance and I also have that 1st issue of the characters appearance as well. 😀

      The Mayor of Superhero City is indeed a cool cameo role for the show, but he was basically an exclusive for the TV program, which is kinda funny that they did that for him.

      PS. Reptil’s latest dresscode for “Avengers Academy” or “Frost Fight” really sucks. They gave him a snazzy top shirt but a basic jeans/boots. It was really mismatched & I hated the fact that he was wearing shoes when he didn’t really need to as his character’s personality/psychology is different from most other ‘traditional’ Superheroes. :/


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