2 Funny: Gerry Todd & Droopy’s Good Deed

Happy Saturday Morning to Ya! Because we’re so reasonably fond of you, today’s 2 Funny is a double feature! First up, a favorite bit of ours from Canada’s legendary comedy series, SCTV. Rick Moranis gets an entire segment to shine as the original Videot. Here’s the first episode of “The Gerry Todd Show”.


-Next up, a classic MGM cartoon featuring Droopy Dog. Here, Droopy is a Boy Scout (so he’s a kid in this? OK) competing to perform a good deed in order to meet the President, but an adult bulldog bum steps in to snatch the prize for himself. Enjoy “Droopy’s Good Deed”. (NOTE: this is the uncut version, so there are one or two ‘blackface’ gags in it that were clearly done pre-Political Correctness.)



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