State of the Blog: Here Comes the New

I’ll keep things brief. This will be my final What Up? post before I resume production here, I promise.

First, I’d like to thank you guys for sticking with us and being patient. I know the level of productivity here has been kind of an elevator ride lately (as in up and down), so we appreciate your patience as we continue to evolve and refine this thing that we call Twinsanity. The reason I’m posting this is because we’re FINALLY about ready to resume putting up actual posts here again. I’m compiling images and information and writing jokes and stuff even as I type here; I don’t want to reveal what specifically we’ll be putting up right here and now, as I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but those who have been keeping up with us may have some vague idea as to what to expect. I hope to get at least 1 of these new posts up sometime this month.

I will say that the upcoming posts and new segments that we’re working on will be slightly different than what we’ve been doing in recent years; the What the Funny, Pop Dream and Neat Stuff entries (more of which are coming) are an indication of what to expect from us in the upcoming weeks and months. Like WTF and Pop Dream, these new bits will focus on a specific franchise, cast or concept and will extend across multiple posts as opposed to random one-and-done posts like the average Ad Nausea or Talkin’ Nerdy. I’ve been looking for something that’ll stretch my writing chops and contain more detail and finesse.

Does this mean that we’re done producing entries for the established segments? No. It’s just that Twinsanity is a variety blog, it’s always been a variety blog; we try to do a variety of things here to keep things interesting; I’ve never wanted to cover just one thing over and over, I’d just get bored and burned out doing that. The only things I’m actively avoiding here are Highly Opinionated, 2 Funny, anything involving comic book superheroes and the posts which consist of nothing but video embeds with a brief description of them. The former I’ve admittedly grown tired of and would like to move on from, as they represent a period of the blog’s history (and a time in my life) that I wish to put in the past and distance myself from, the other (superhero stuff) I feel like I’ve devoted too much time here to and that just isn’t where my head’s at creatively right now (presently I’m on more of a kick for the 70’s through 90’s Saturday Morning experience, toons–as in the Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry and Roger Rabbit variety–nuclear families and animals. I don’t ask questions, I go where the muse leads me), and the latter just aren’t as creative or imaginative as I’d like (I try to put my own creativity and effort into everything I do, and just embedding a video didn’t really accomplish that), plus I feel like I’d become too dependent on those, especially in the past 2 years or so. Nerdvana and Toons & Tunes are still OK, provided they contain actual context like the Cooking with Toons, Driving with Toons, Down on the Toon Farm, Wild Cartoon Kingdom and The Future Rocks! Nerdvana installments and the Ewoks/Droids Adventure Hour, ChalkZone and Fantastic Four show openings Toons & Tunes posts. The other segments are still fair game, especially Cartoon Country, since it’s very versatile and covers a lot of ground (Cartoon Country is probably the closest thing we have to a general segment); if I come up with an idea for a new Retro Bin or Cartoon Couch or Beyond the Background or whatever, I’ll most certainly do one, but as of this writing I haven’t been inspired to do a new entry for any of those yet and I’m past the point where I feel like I have to just put something, anything up for the sake of keeping post counts high; Twinsanity just turned 7 as of February (we first launched Twinsainty in February 2010), so after 7 years I think we’ve accrued a comfortable enough backlog of entries in those segments that we can take time off to explore new and different stuff. I’d rather take the necessary time to make just 1 really good, detailed post than grind out a bunch of cheapies; like I’m always saying: quality over quantity.

So while the other segments won’t be going away, right now the stuff from our current mindset, hereinafter referred to as the ‘New Groove’ (e.g. Neat Stuff, Pop Dream, What the Funny and the new segments which will be revealed in time) will be taking precedent; they’re what’s currently in our heads right now, and we’re itching to get those started.

Despite the slight change in style and delivery, the focus of Twinsanity will remain the same: cartoons, comedy, pop-culture stuff, fun stuff and geek stuff. That’s never going to change.

Well, I’m done rambling now. The next post you get from me will be a real post with actual content, images and funny stuff in it, I promise. New posts are coming up very shortly, so stay tooned, but now it’s time for me to….





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