We’re Still Here

Just wanted to pop in to let you guys know what’s been going on here as of late. Since neither of us are on social media (it’s basically here and email exclusively), communication isn’t always that easy. We want to assure you that new material is coming. I know these gaps between posts are annoying; we’re not happy about it either, but we’ve both been really busy and occupied with other things lately. So apologies about these delays, but we haven’t forgotten about you or this site. There will be new posts here soon; we have some in the works currently, and they’ll be typed and published as soon as they’re ready.

Among the things we’ve been busy doing this past month or so is we’ve been learning the ins and outs of video production. As many of you who’ve been following us here for the past few years already know, one of our long-term goals is to transform Twinsanity from a blog to a full-blown website, moving from text to videos, our ultimate plan is for Twinsanity to consist mainly of videos; there may still be the occasional blog post, but those will largely consist solely of text, the stuff with visuals, jokes, skits and cutaways (i.e. Cartoon Country, The Cartoon Couch, The Retro Bin, Toon Adjacent, etc.) will be presented as videos, in addition to some other totally new video material ideas that we’re currently kicking around, among them a revised 2 Funny in which the material will be made, written and performed by ourselves as opposed to just embedding someone else’s work. We’re currently in the process of picking out software programs and equipment, learning how shoot, film and edit, assembling props, costumes, writing up scripts, juggling ideas and everything else that comes with said transition, so if all goes according to plan, the next crop of blog posts with images and jokes and stuff which will be coming out within the next few months or so will be the last of their kind before we make the switch to video production.

To sum up, we apologize for the wait, and we thank you for bearing with us. The face of this site is going to change, but Twinsanity is far from over.


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