Just a Little Somethin’-Somethin’

First post of 2019! Yep.

First, let me give y’all an update on how things are progressing site-wise: We’re still writing up scripts and conceiving concepts for videos, and our deal with our brother wherein we begin editing for him and in turn he gives us the necessary editing software is still in place, BUUUUUUT our bro is a student with an active social life, and as such we have to get our schedules synced up so that we can actually begin working on that. I don’t fault him for having a life, but I was hoping to have started actual video production by now; I plan to give him a little more time to come through, but if there’s no change in the immediate future, I’ll just have to break down and purchase the editing software myself. Also, we need more and better lighting here; where we’re planning to shoot has an odd lighting effect, on my camera people look dark and shadowy in here, so I’m currently shopping around for LED lights and possibly back lights as of this writing.

In the meantime we’ve been hatching some ideas for new material; some of it big and detailed and other stuff short, little tidbits that will serve as filler between the bigger stuff. Bottom line: while video production is unfortunately taking a little longer than I anticipated, I don’t want this site to just sit here collecting dust while it’s under re-construction, so we might, repeat, might, put up some of the ‘mini’ episodes as old-style blog posts in the coming weeks, just to keep things going here and so our workload doesn’t pile any more than it already has. The ‘major’ works, i.e., What The Funny, Pop Dream, The Retro Bin, etc., will still be done as videos, as eventually everything will, but some of the shorter, simpler stuff can get posted now as appetizers, if you will.

Make no mistake, however; our plans to grow Twinsanity have not changed. We’re still moving to video production and we’re still going to update the look of this site; we’ve been wanting to upgrade this place for the longest time, no way we’re abandoning those plans now while we’re so close. I need to rant for a bit here: one reason we wish to change our medium from text to video is because we suspect that not a lot of folks are actually reading these posts; a lot of the searches we receive are mainly for certain images and/or links, and often the same ones each time. I’ve heard that Millenials ‘don’t have time to read’ and pay more attention to videos, and while we don’t do what we do just for the clicks, it doesn’t make a ton of sense to pour your heart and soul into a piece of work is it’s going to be largely ignored. We have fun stuff and opinions that we want to share with you guys, we plan for Twinsanity to be more, so much more than just that site people go to to see that Burger Castle sketch from Saturday Night Live or pictures of Dumb Donald from Fat Albert. BTW, I’m not knocking those of you who do actually read our stuff and follow our site; you guys are amazing and more power to you, but sometimes a person can feel a little disgruntled sometimes without a steady diet of feedback, which is another reason why we’re switching over to videos: to reach a wider audience. It’d be nice to not feel like we’re just shouting at the wind.

So if some new (albeit shorter and less complicated) ‘old-style’ blog posts start popping up here soon, you’ll know why. We haven’t dropped our plans to expand, these will just stuff to tide you guys (and us) over until the overhaul takes place. We’re both determined to bring Twinsanity back to life in 2019.

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