Nerdvana: Year of the Pig



You know what I like about the Chinese Zodiac? How it uses animals to represent each year.


Tiger, Goat (or Ram or Sheep), Snake, Monkey, Dog, Pig, Rat, Horse, Rabbit, Rooster, Ox and Dragon. And a partridge in a pear tree.


“Oh, wow. It’s another animal thing. Imagine my joy!”

Why? According to one legend, the Lord Buddha summoned all the animals to come to him before he departed from Earth. Only 12 animals came to bid him farewell. As a reward he named a year after each other one in the order that they arrived. First came the Rat, then the Ox, the Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Thus we have 12 signs today.

The More You Know

And this year is….The Year of the Pig!



“Now that is Some Pig!”


“Oh, yeah! That’s right! It’s my year! Shower me with praise and riches, and give me all of your Nudie Magazines!”


Pig Talisman

Fun Fact: In the cartoon series Jackie Chan Adventures, the Pig talisman possessed one of the cooler powers: heat beam eye blasts.

Those born in the year of the Pig possess all the most desirable traits of human nature — they are loving, trustworthy, loyal, gentle and faithful.


“Aw, g-g-g-gosh, fellas!”

Pigs are modest and unassuming, and so their excellent qualities may not be readily apparent on first acquaintance.


“You sayin’ I’m fat??”

They prefer a quiet life of comfort and financial security and while shy, they can be quite lively with close friends.



In romantic relationships they are very vulnerable and they become quite involved emotionally.


“Be gentle, I’m fragile!”

Their compatible signs are the Rabbit, the Ram (or Sheep) and of course, the Pig.


“Make it with a sheep? Ah, no. Buddy, I’m a perv, but even I’ve got standards!”

Year of the Pig

So here’s wishing everyone born in the Year of the Pig a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year. Celebrate by taking a pig out to lunch.


Just don’t order anything with bacon in it.


“Dude! Not cool!”

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