One thought on “Twinsanity’s on Tumblr

  1. Just for the record, this doesn’t mean that we’re going to stop posting here. This site is still very much active. Our Tumblr account is for posting little jokes, gags and thoughts that we don’t feel are big enough to warrant an entire post. The more detailed stuff like Cartoon Country, Brain Candy, Toon Adjacent, The Cartoon Couch, etc., will still be posted here on WordPress.

    Also, we haven’t lost sight of our long term goal: to make videos. That process is taking a little longer than we previously anticipated. This is something to keep everyone (including ourselves) entertained while we’re preparing to make that big leap.

    Finally, please read some of the other stuff that we’ve posted here. There’s so much more to this site than just the Burger Castle SNL sketch and “The Dumb Donald/Muchmouth Conundrum”. We’d appreciate it.


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