The ‘Animaniacs’ Reboot and Other Assorted Stuff Discussion Post

Jason (Goldstar)’s “No New Animaniacs!’ Unpopular Opinion post was supposed to be him stating how he felt that Animaniacs should be left as-is and not receive a reboot–then Warner Bros. had to go and announce a reboot of the show. Suddenly, all of the comments to that post were about the reboot, thus undermining the point of the original post.

I’m personally not all that psyched for this reboot, but you guys clearly are, because the comments, news and updates about it keep coming. So we’ve decided to make a new post just for discussion about this show. Any new comments anyone has about the A! reboot should henceforth be made here instead of in “No New Animaniacs!”, and any subsequent comments regarding the A! reboot that gets posted in the Unpopular Opinions post will be redirected over to this one. So have at it, folks; personally I don’t have anything more to say about this than what I’ve stated already.


240 thoughts on “The ‘Animaniacs’ Reboot and Other Assorted Stuff Discussion Post


    The voice cast for Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur was revealed. It includes Diamond White (who’s done voice work on Phineas And Ferb, Sofia The First, and The Lion Guard) in the lead role and Marvel veteran Fred Tatasciore as Devil Dinosaur. This is the first Marvel cartoon since Disney’s acquisition of Marvel to be made by Disney Television Animation (unlike those like Avengers Assemble or Ultimate Spiderman, or something like Big Hero 6 The Series being made only by Disney Television Animation). The show was announced back in 2019, and it (along with shows like Marvel’s Spidey And His Amazing Friends and MODOK) will be in its own universe due to Marvel going through corporate restructuring. Animation is done by Titmouse (whose works include Motorcity, Megas XLR, Turbo Fast, Niko And The Sword Of Light, Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja, and Mao Mao Heroes Of Pure Heart).


  2. For my birthday a few weeks ago, I got a DC Comics Kids graphic novel called Primer. It’s about a girl named Ashley Rayburn, the daughter of a criminal who gets adopted by loving stepparents. She comes across special paints that gives her access to superpowers. It’s a pretty good book with themes about artistic expression and the meaning of family. There’s a few references to Gotham City, but the book still stands on its own and is pretty easy to get into.


  3. 1. The 2021 My Little Pony movie was originally going to be in theaters, but it was said a few days ago that the movie will kid come out on Netflix. It’s meant to be a tie in for Generation 5, or G5.

    There’s also been some conflicting reports on if the new show is a reboot or a continuation of G4. Some sources say the former while some say it will be in the continuity of G4, but with a focus on new characters.

    2. The new Sony movie The Mitchells Vs The Machines will come out on Netflix this year. It was originally going to be in theaters, but that was scrapped. It’s produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (who’ve worked on Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, The Lego Movie, and Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse). It’s both written and directed by Michael Rianda and Jeff Rowe (who both worked on Gravity Falls). The movie at one point was called Connected before going back to the original title.

    3. There will be an adult oriented Scooby Doo series centering on Velma coming to HBO Max. It’s 10 episodes, and Velma is voiced by Mindy Kaling in this series, and she’s also an executive producer.


    1. 1. More My Little Pony stuff, OK. Hasbro is likely hoping to have another Friendship is Magic phenomenon. Lightning rarely strikes twice, but perhaps this new one will attract a following. Who knows? I’m going to hold off on any opinions until I learn more about it.

      2. I could have sworn that Mitchells VS Machines (formerly Connected) had already been released. Anyway, the character designs are all right, except for the humans’ weird bugged out eyes. Kudos for having a animated family in a kid’s movie in with two parents for a change.

      3.Regarding the Velma series, my initial thought was “Was anybody asking for this?”. During all of my years of watching Scooby Doo on TV, I never once thought “Gee, I wish someone would make a Velma series for grown ups!” The main problem that I have with ideas like this is that they reek of coming from adult fans who want the cartoons that they enjoyed as children to grow up like they did. Consequently, as evidenced by shows like Riverdale and the upcoming live action Powerpuff Girls series for the CW with the titular Girls re-imagined as disillusioned twenty-somethings (which sounds stupid and I’m not going to watch it, btw) is that these same kid viewers who are now grown up want to see their favorite characters become jaded and cynical because they themselves are now jaded and cynical. Frankly, if you have issues to work out with life, try therapy. Don’t make lame TV shows about innocent cartoon characters going through a angst and adapting a “FTW” attitude. Like Reality TV, this is one genre of “entertainment” that I’m not going to miss when it goes away.


    1. OK then.

      Not everything announced there appeals to me personally, but much of it isn’t supposed to. In any regard, it’s clear that Warner Media is putting a lot into this new big push to broaden their audience spectrum; here’s hoping it pays off.


  4. Well, that’s interesting news, to say the least. My initial thoughts:

    Bugs Bunny Builders: I’m just glad to find that WarnerMedia still wants to do stuff with Lola. I hope it’s the funny version of Lola.

    Jessica’s Little Big World: I’ve seen several episodes of Craig of the Creek and I have nothing against the character of Jessica. She’s fine enough as Craig’s little sister, but I don’t think that she’s deep, interesting or dynamic enough of a character to carry an entire series. As a supporting character, Jessica is fine, but she doesn’t have a leading lady’s aura. But then, I’m not the target audience for this show; it’s aimed at preschoolers, so I likely won’t be watching it anyway. Therefore, my opinion on it doesn’t carry the weight of sunlight.

    Tom & Jerry Juniors: OK? So WarnerMedia is going to attempt another Tom & Jerry kidification? Mind you, Tom & Jerry Kids was a long time ago and while the show wasn’t terrible, it also wasn’t necessary, since the basic stories and comedy shtick didn’t change at all. T&J were just pint sized. That was it. If there’s going to be another TV show with kid versions of T&J, let’s hope that the show’s producers actually take advantage of the characters’ being youths this time around.


    1. 1. I find it interesting how the character designs on Bugs Bunny Builders seem to look very similar to the ones of The Looney Tunes Show. I would say Jessica Borutski had a hand in this, but she’s currently a director on The Loud House. Maybe it’s the secondary character designer. It’s kind of like how Stretch Armstrong And The Flex Fighters has visual similarities to Spectacular Spiderman due to Joey Mason, the main character designer of the former, being a secondary character designer for the latter (Sean Galloway is the main character designer of the latter). I think the show has potential, though if it’s not good, at least there’s Looney Tunes Cartoons to fill the Looney Tunes void. It makes me wonder what a preschool Scooby Doo show would be like.

      2. It’s not related to these announced shows, but it is about preschool shows. I find it interesting how in recent years, most of the time, Disney Junior cartoons airing on the Disney Junior channel have gotten better ratings than cartoons airing on the main Disney Channel (even though Disney Channel is in more homes compared to Disney Channel). For example, the Amphibia episode “The Shut In” aired on Saturday October 17 at 8:30pm. Despite this, it got 289, 000 views. Contrast that with the Vampirina episode “Remy’s Recipe/Vampire Chaperone” airing at 11:00am on the Disney Junior channel on October 16, which got a little over 300,000 views. This even affects Disney XD shows (keeping in mind how Disney XD is also in less homes compared to Disney Channel). October 19 had the DuckTales special “Let’s Get Dangerous” get about 105,000 views when airing at 7:00pm. The Vampirina episode “Fang Ten/Science Rocks”, which aired that same day at 11:00am, got 350,000 views. More recently, the Muppet Babies episode “Muppet Space Camp/The Best Best Friends Beach Day” aired at 6:00 pm on February 12 and got 503,000 views on the Disney Junior channel. The series finale to Big Hero 6 The Series aired on February 15 at 7:30pm on Disney XD and got 73,000 views.


  5. Here’s something that dropped into HBO Max with no kind of advertising whatsoever. It’s something called Tom And Jerry Special Shorts, made to tie in with the live action movie coming out next week and the 80th anniversary of Tom And Jerry. It has some of the people from Looney Tunes Cartoons working on it.


  6. This is a surprise; I just heard about Tom & Jerry Junior this past week, but I heard nothing about this. Interestingly, someone on YouTube said that they wished that Warner Bros would give Tom & Jerry the Looney Tunes Cartoons treatment (that was the inspiration for that Big Ideas post “A NEW New Tom & Jerry Show”, BTW). It seems like someone at Warner Media really wants to put Tom & Jerry back in the limelight.


  7. A new Monster High cartoon, as well as a live action movie, are coming out next year on Nickelodeon. The showrunner for the cartoon is Shea Fontana (known for her work on DC Superhero Girls 2015) while the movie will be written by Jenny Jaffe (Big Hero 6 The Series) and both Greg Erb and Jason Oremland (The Princess And The Frog).


      1. It’s been on a break for a few years. I’m not surprised they would try to bring it back somehow. I think Shea Fontana is a good choice for this show given her relationship with Mattel (she worked on DC Superhero Girls 2015 and Polly Pocket 2018).


  8. We have a double knockout for animation news. Here are two things that were recently revealed:

    1. The upcoming Star Trek Prodigy was originally going to come out on Nickelodeon but is now going to Paramount Plus. It’ll still be shown on Nickelodeon at a later date. We don’t know when the show will premiere.

    2. There apparently would’ve been a girl centric Mortal Kombat cartoon airing on Cartoon Network. It would’ve had 52 episodes are 11 minutes each, start episodic before becoming serialized, and star Cassie Cage. There’s more to it. I’m not that familiar with Mortal Kombat (my main exposure being the DVD movie Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge), but this sounded interesting.


  9. Sorry for more posting, but the news just keeps on coming. We have more animation news.

    1. Nickelodeon is launching Avatar Studios, which will handle any projects based on Avatar The Last Airbender. Original series creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Brian Konietzko are in charge of the studio.

    2. The new Rugrats is coming to Paramount Plus, and will see the return of Elizabeth Daily as Tommy, Nancy Cartwright as Chuckie, Kath Soucie as Phil & Lil, Cheryl Chase as Angelica, and Cree Summer as Susie.


    1. 1. Nick is planning to do more Avatar-related stuff? What else is there to do with that franchise? Gotta keep on milkin’ that cash cow, I suppose.

      2. Nick can milk their established franchises are much as they choose (see above), but I personally regard the prospect of a new Rugrats series in the same vein as I viewed a possible Dean Martin-Jerry Lewis reconciliation back in the day: I was never a huge fan of their previous work, so I’m no hurry to see the new ish. I’ll most likely be skipping this one.


    2. You know I still haven’t seen The Legend of Korra.

      I have no horse in that race, as I am not now, nor have I ever been, a Rugrats fan. I didn’t like the original series, so a new one doesn’t excite me at all.


      1. I realize this is late, but I do have one stray thought regarding the Rugrats reboot:

        Having now seen the trailer for the new Rugrats, I have to ask: What’s the point of this? Other than being rendered in CGI, how is this Rugrats different from the original series? And why make a “new” Rugrats that’s exactly like the old one? Personally, the only reason why I would ever reboot something of mine is if I thought that I could do it better. The reboots of DuckTales and Muppet Babies are justified because they’re both significantly different from their predecessors, but this new Rugrats (based on what admittedly little that I’ve seen) just looks to be the exact same show, only computer animated. Money and nostalgia seem to the only motivating factors for this.


    3. I feel like I’m the only person on the internet who’s not jumping for joy over this Avatar Studios initiative.

      I would’ve been fine with Avatar: The Last Airbender just being a one-and-done, but the show ended up being super-popular and so Nickelodeon was like, “We’ve got to make another one”. Sure, fine. So then they make The Legend of Korra, which got a mixed reception, but a lot of people still liked it, so now Nick is going to try and squeeze every ounce of juice they can from this. If Avatar‘s creators are itching to make more stuff, then great, more power to ’em, but I’d rather they make something totally new instead of just more Avatar-related stuff.

      Super duper Unpopular Opinion here, but I found the original A:TLA a bit dull aside from the characters of Toph and Ty Lee, and I’ve only seen tiny bits of Korra, which didn’t really pull me in. I get that Nick wants to do with Avatar what Disney is currently doing with Star Wars (namely, franchising the hell out of it), but really, what else can they possibly do with Avatar? Steampunk Avatar? Avatar in Space? Avatar Racers? Avatar Babies? What?? Can we please stop strip-mining the nostalgia of millennials already? I know fans are loving this, but personally I’m Avatar-ed out.

      Sorry for the rant, but it’s just really frustrating to see everything from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s getting revived when you’re trying to get a new thing started. When did originality go out of style?


      1. There are a bunch of Avatar comics and graphic novels that can be adapted into tv shows and movies. There could also be some new material covering up the time gaps between Last Airbender and Korra, as well as material before Aang. There’s a video that Awestruck Vox from The Roundtable did taking about Avatar Studios, and how it could be a game changer if done right..


      2. Sorry for double posting. For the originality angle, I’d say it can work if you have the right people attached to it so that can draw people in. I was drawn in to shows like TOTS and Kid Cosmic due to their respective creators Travis Braun and Craig McCracken having worked on plenty of shows I like. I was also drawn into something like Glitch Techs since, while it has the feel of 2000s action comedy show, it also has a lot going for it that makes it a show of its own.


    1. I thought only 1 of the 2 boys was a fish-kid, not both of them, and I didn’t know there was a girl in it. OK, I’m confused now.

      Here’s hoping there aren’t any dead parents in this one; I’m so sick of that tired old cliche.


    1. I still haven’t seen the first 2 seasons yet because I don’t have Hulu, and I’m not signing up for a streaming service for just one show. Based on what I’ve seen and read of this version of A!, it looks passable, but nothing I’d make plans to watch. I am, however somewhat surprised that it looks like the 3rd season will be airing on Hulu; I figured after their 2-season commitment with Hulu had ended that the show would move over to HBO Max. Not sure how Disney managed to pull this off.

      -As for MODOK, I’m not excited about that; it sounds like an extended Robot Chicken sketch. The premise sounds like a one-joke idea that will get old really fast. As a Patton Oswalt fan, I would’ve rather gotten another season of Mystery Science Theater 3000.


  10. The Barbarian And The Troll (previously called Brendar The Barbarian) is an upcoming 13 episode puppet series for Nickelodeon. It’s created by Mike Mitchell (who worked on Spongebob SquarePants, Trolls, and The Lego Movie 2) and veteran puppeteer Drew Massey. Excluding those from Noggin and Nick Jr, this is Nickelodeon’s first puppet series since Mr. Meaty.

    “The Barbarian and the Troll centers on Brendar, a fierce warrior determined to vanquish an evil demon who’s imprisoned her brother. Joining her on her quest is Evan, a bridge troll with a hunger for adventure.”

    “The Barbarian and the Troll stars Spencer Grammer, Drew Massey, Colleen Smith, Allan Trautman, Sarah Sarang Oh, Nicolette Santino, Peggy Etra, James Murray, Jeny Cassady and Gina Yashere.”



    So, there’s this show called No Activity that was done in live action for the first 3 seasons, but switched to animation starting in season 4 due to the pandemic. I’m not really interested in the show itself, but the story behind this is interesting. Could other live action shows do this? I do wonder if this decision was made almost immediately after the pandemic started given how it takes at least 9-12 months to make a cartoon episode.


      1. It’s funny how there’s all this Nickelodeon news for Paramount Plus when the actual Nickelodeon upfront is in 2 weeks. Even if it could be promising, all this Paramount Plus news will overshadow it.


    1. The ‘controversy’ over Pepe LePew is also supposedly why he’s been left out of Looney Tunes Cartoons, although he did appear in the specially made ‘Happy Birthday Bugs” video that the LTC team put out.

      -Thing is, Pepe was only in the original Space Jam for a few minutes. Like, one scene. In New Looney Tunes, the producers tried to rectify the character’s ‘problematic’ nature by transforming him into a suave secret agent. He still flirted, but only with his female (fox) partner, who would always quickly reject his advances.

      And before the usual blowhards start whining about ‘cancel culture’ crap, the notion of Pepe being a serial rapist is hardly anything new; it’s been a long-running source of humor among stand-up comedians since at least the late 80’s to early 90’s.


      1. It would be possibly to keep Pepe around without his problematic elements (refer to Damon’s mention of Pepe on New Looney Tunes), but I guess that Warner Brothers just isn’t interested in doing the work.


  12. Before anyone says it, no one “came for” or “canceled” Pepe LePew; this was a decision made by the studio heads themselves; they weren’t pressured into doing this by anyone.

    I don’t want to come off like I’m advocating this move or anything, because I’m neutral; I have no horse in this race, I don’t work in the animation industry (yet), I’m just a cartoon fan, BUUUUT I have to say: right now, at this point in our culture and in the wake of recent events, yeah, this is probably for the better at the moment. Times change, attitudes change and everything must be able to adapt with the times of get left behind. Point blank: Rape isn’t funny. I myself have never been a fan of one-sided romances; I always feel sorry for the poor victim being relentlessly pursued. You can’t have a character whose schtick is basically rapey right now in the wake of the #MeToo movement; it’s not a good look and it could potentially cost the studio money and good PR, which they can’t afford to lose. Anyway, it’s not like Pepe was ever a top tier Looney Tune; he was B or C list at best. His cartoons followed a one-joke premise that just didn’t age well.

    Now if this decision leads to no Fifi LaFume in Tiny Toons Looniversity, prepare for the sh*t storm!

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  13. An animated series based on the graphic novel Slam is in development for HBO MAX. Pamela Ribon, who co-created the graphic novel, is adapting the comic into a series. She’s better known for co-writing Moana and Ralph Breaks The Internet. The show will be made in collaboration with Rooster Teeth, Boom Studios, and Minnow Mountain.


    1. Gonna tread lightly here, because I don’t want this particular discussion to become too political. Twinsanity is an entertainment website, not a political website, and it’s never going to become one. Suffice to say that any over the top, extreme political comments will NOT be posted, and repeat offenders will be permanently banned from here. Don’t test us. Having said that, here’s my 2 cents:

      Most of this faux outrage is caused by click-baity right-wing websites made in an attempted to get ever more clicks. The RWNJs have declared Cancel Culture as their newest boogieman because they need to have something to rally against. Republicans don’t know how to govern; they only know to complain, belittle and tear down.

      Pepe Le Pew is indeed problematic, but he’s not unfixable. I think that it might have been better if Warner Brothers had kept his Space Jam: A New Legacy scene in the film, as it showed a woman openly rejecting Pepe’s advances and forcefully telling him that no means no. As well as an onlooker (LeBron James) informing Pepe that what he’s been doing these last few decades isn’t OK and that behavior just isn’t going to fly now.

      All of this cancelled Muppets noise is just overblown jibber-jabber that’ll be forgotten after a week. Miss Piggy isn’t going anywhere.


      1. “Most of this faux outrage is caused by click-baity right-wing websites made in an attempted to get ever more clicks. The RWNJs have declared Cancel Culture as their newest boogieman because they need to have something to rally against.”

        Right now we have boring competency in leadership, rather than the 24/7 clown show we got from the previous administration, so GOP pundits scream about stupid stuff like this to distract their viewers/constituents because they have nothing else going on.



    So here’s something strange. At the end of March, Disney XD will start to air 101 Dalmatian Street. The show has been airing in many countries since the UK showed it back in December 2018 and was available on Disney Plus last year. I’m guessing it’s meant to be filler space given how DuckTales is ending soon and all Disney XD has left for premieres will be anime.


    1. As you say, 101 Dalmatian Street made it’s international debut back in 2018 and has been streaming on Disney+ since it’s inception (which is where we saw it), so these episodes are only “new” to the people who haven’t seen it yet. It would probably make more sense for Disney to run 101 Dalmatian Street on their main channel, but since the show is most likely a one-and-done (there are no announced plans for second season as of this writing), Disney must not think that it’d be worth it to run the show there, since as previously stated, most of us have already seen it.


    2. I find the way Disney X-D is advertising this show to be a trifle misleading, to say the least. I’m not sure why they’re promoting the show like it’s an action cartoon and Cruella’s a major factor on it when she’s not; she only appears in the season (series) finale. Near as I can figure Disney is promoting it this way to a) stir up excitement for that live-action Cruella movie they’re coning out with and b) to make viewers who haven’t actually seen the show more into it than they’d be if they knew it was really just a fun, silly comedy. But I guess it’s a moot point since Disney X-D itself is shutting down worldwide; with Big Hero 6 and DuckTales having just recently ended, their showing of the now 3-year-old 101 Dalmatian Street is likely just a way to burn through something kind of new that’s never appeared on US TV before so the channel can have something to run before Disney X-D becomes Disney X-Dead.


  15. Today’s Muppet Babies episode, “Lone Eagle/The Fellowship Of The Rainbow Yoyo”, has Sam The Eagle voiced by Eric Bauza (he sounds pretty good, albeit a bit similar to his Marvin the Martian voice). He and Matt Danner are tied for the most amount of major characters they voice:

    Matt: Kermit, Waldorf, Beaker, Rowlf, and Chef

    Eric: Fozzie, Statler, Bunsen, Robin, and Sam


  16. I recently found this tweet thread from Joan Ford, one of the writers of Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs. This tweet is from last year. She mentioned how a character named Shaley, who was in the Halloween episode, is actually transgender. She mentions in the comments how the plan for the character was to just have her part of the gang before she would casually reveal in another episode that she was trans (Joan herself is trans given how she helped develop the character), but the show’s cancellation put that plan on the back burner. Also, she’s voiced by Tress MacNeille and not a transgender actress due to the show’s small budget.


  17. I’m surprised no one’s mentioned this yet, but with Tom Anscheim at the helm, Cartoon Network is attempting live-action…again.

    CN’s tried this before, to less-than-spectacular results, but we here at Twinsanity think that live-action on Cartoon Network could work, if done correctly. We’ve detailed our strategies for this here and here, so I don’t have to parrot what’s already been said.


    1. I’m not exactly fond of Cartoon Brew given how they don’t exactly do a good job with presenting the facts. Still, the live action thing was mentioned during the Warner Media upfront last month, but it was just overshadowed by all the animation announcements.


    1. Good for him. I’ve seen both Looney Tunes Cartoons and the 2 Tom & Jerry Special Shorts, as far as I’m concerned, Mr. Browngardt has earned his spot at Warner. Also, both Jason and myself were unironically fans of Uncle Grandpa; I loved how it was a pure, dumb comedy rather than an action, adventure, mystery or dramatic cartoon with some comedic elements. It was the alternative to all of the serialized and serious cartoons that have come into vogue recently. Those are fine, but some of us still enjoy simple, episodic and silly stuff. It’s good that someone else agrees with us that Funny isn’t a 4-letter word.


    1. Gee, it’s almost like trying to turn a fun kids’ cartoon into an angsty YA melodrama was a mind-numbingly stupid idea or something.


    2. It’s Riverdale, but with the Powerpuff Girls. Did anyone think this was going to be good? Now CW wants to rewrite the pilot? You can polish a turd all you want, it’s still going to be a turd. I don’t think there’s any way that this can be made good.


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