Talkin’ Nerdy: The Kids’ WB Blues

During my time of internet surfing, I came across this old Kids’ WB! promo advertising the network’s airing the reruns of Steven Spielberg’s Tiny Toon Adventures.

Ah, the dubbing. So bad….

What I find interesting about this particular promo (aside from wondering why only 2 singing voices were heard in the variation of the Tiny Toons theme song if the entire cast of TTA was supposed to be singing) is how it’s acts as though Animaniacs is the seasoned veteran series and the Tiny Toons characters are treated like the new kids on the block, when in reality. Tiny Toons started and stopped before Animaniacs. TTA ran from 1990 to 1995, while A! ran from 1993 to 1999. Yet, on Kids’ WB, Cartoon Network and later The Hub, A! was always acquired first, and TTA wasn’t acquired until after the A! reruns got decent ratings. These weren’t even new episodes of TTA; they were only “new” to Kids’ WB because they never aired on that network before. It must be somewhat grating for the TTA characters to have a series that they helped to create go on to surpass them in popularity. It’s kind of like your little brother or sister constantly getting picked for a team before you.

The Warners didn’t know it yet, but the Tiny Toons were only harbingers to the coming horror. A far greater threat to their security on the WB network was looming over the horizon. A threat that goes by the name of…

Pokemon logo

If the Warners think that having to share a network with the Tiny Toons is bad, wait until all of the comedy cartoons are forced to share a tiny cubicle.