Unpopular Opinions: DC League of Super-Pets

Regardless of what people thought about the DC League of Super-Pets movie, I have to admit that the film’s version of the Justice League was pretty cool.

Super, Man!

You have Jessica Cruz as the team’s Green Lantern. Hal Jordan or John Stewart would’ve been more obvious choices, but Jess’ design looks cool, and this way Wonder Woman isn’t the only lady on the team.

Plus WB tried to make Aquaman look as much like Jason Momoa as possible. I dig it.

Well, I have just one really: Cyborg’s Half-fro. Seriously, what’s up with that?

Retroville: Bugs Bunny Meets the Super Heroes

So recently Jason came across this and showed it to me:



My initial thought upon seeing this was:


…But after having a little more time to process things, I have a little more to say about it. Unfortunately, we never actually saw this majestic spectacle unfold, and as far as we know, no more footage of this extravaganza exists, so I can only offer my initial impressions on it.

-First of all, I love how Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin are referred to as “The Super Heroes”, as if these 3 are the only superheroes in existence.


“So they’re ‘The Super Heroes’, huh? And what are we, chopped liver?”

A more accurate title would be Bugs Bunny Meets the Justice League or Bugs Bunny Meets the Super Friends or Bugs Bunny Meets the DC Super Heroes, or the 3 of Them That We Could Fit Into This Venue, Anyway.

While the DC roster is, shall we say, a trifle limited, I can at least see the reasoning for it, from a technical standpoint. I can understand why Flash and Green Lantern weren’t used for this:


…As their super powers would have been impossible to replicate on a live stage, especially at such a small theater.


“A guy who can move at the speed of light and a space cop who can make green energy constructs? No way in Helvetica can we afford that!”


Similarly, I understand why they didn’t go with Aquaman: ’cause then they would’ve had to put a pool on the stage and the performers would have had to avoid falling into it, and the guy who would’ve played Aquaman would not only have to be able to fit into the suit, but also be a good swimmer, so yeah, it would’ve been too much of a hassle to make the ‘story’ of this show center around the ocean in order to accommodate him.


Green Arrow would’ve simply been redundant: they didn’t need 2 rich guys with toys, plus they couldn’t risk a stray arrow hitting somebody in the audience.

They likely went with Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin because they were the easiest ones to replicate on a live stage with no special effects. Of course you wouldn’t be seeing Batman whipping out his grappling hook or Wondy snaring someone with her magic lasso; once you strip away all the fancy stuff like the Lasso of Truth, silver armbands and fancy Bat-Gadgets, their powers basically amount to punching and kicking, so we just get 3 Justice League members for this show. Two if we’re not counting sidekicks.


“Well, screw you too, buddy!”

On the Looney Tunes side, we get Bugs of course, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Taz, Speedy Gonzales, Foghorn Leghorn and a grossly oversized Tweety Bird. (Though not the human Looney Tunes like Elmer Fudd or Yosemite Sam for some reason.) I gotta say, these aren’t the greatest costumes I’ve ever seen. Daffy looks like he’s suffering from a bad case of Can’t-Shut-My-Beak-Itis. My guess is that Warner Bros. just gave whoever came up with this the OK to use their characters, but otherwise weren’t heavily involved in it. These costumes look more like outfits you’d buy for a kid’s birthday at Party City.


Heck, the mascots at Six Flags look better than this.

What’s funny about this is that it ran at the Baltimore Civic Center, and we’re Marylanders. How did this manage to slip past us? We’ve honestly never heard of this until Jason saw this commercial on his YouTube feed. The kid versions of ourselves would’ve wanted to go see this; I’m sure it would’ve been pure cheese, but it would’ve been entertaining cheese. For kid comic book and cartoon geeks, the Looney Tunes and the Justice League sharing a stage was like a video arcade that also had free pizza. If nothing else this could’ve been a fun show to riff on MST3K style. Now I wish I had seen this; I’m dying to know what sort of circumstances would create the need for 3 members of the Justice League to team up with the Looney Tunes. The very idea that Foghorn Leghorn exists somewhere in the DCU is utterly side-splitting to me.

One final note about the roster: we get Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman, but there’s a glaring omission here, one the size of a brontosaurus…



You can’t have a live show starring the DC Super Heroes and not have Superman. That’d be like having a Disney live show without Mickey Mouse or a Muppets special without Kermit the Frog. You just don’t do that. What’s especially strange about Superman’s absence is that this show happened in 1979…

Superman The Movie

…The same year Superman: The Movie opened in theaters. You’d think any entrepreneur worth their salt would put Supes in the show just to cash in on all the hype. And it’s not like they couldn’t use Big Blue: all they’d have to do is put a buff guy in the blue-and-red suit and make some breakaway props for him to smash up. I know they couldn’t have him flying or using heat vision, but he could at least burst through a prop wall or something.

The big question raised by this is simply: who comes up with something like this??

Bugs Bunny 2

“Eh, campy stage shows were just somethin’ ya did in the 70’s doc. Like listenin’ to disco music or snortin’ lines o’ cocaine!”

Talkin’ Nerdy/Unpopular Opinions: DC Super Hero Girls is MY Teen Titans

An epiphany can come from the strangest places at the strangest times, can’t it?

The other day last week I was watching this DC Super Hero Girls short:

…And it suddenly dawned on me one reason why I like this series so much.

DC Super Hero Girls is closer to the Teen Titans


…Or Teen Titans GO! series…


…That I wanted.


DCSHG is closer to what I wanted from Teen Titans: more familiar DC characters with closer ties to the iconic DC superheroes (nothing against the 2003 show, but I wouldn’t have gone with the Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans team; I would’ve preferred a show starring the Founding Five…


…Or some contemporary derivation thereof; ideally, I’d like for there to have been some non-whites among the team and the odd gender-swap here and there, as the whole “several guys and 1 gal” thing never clicked with me.


Perhaps replace Speedy with Artemis,


Or switch out Garth in favor of Kaldur.


Or better yet Tula/Aquagirl, for some good ol’ fashioned fan-service.)

…Shorter, simpler slice-of-life stories with a greater emphasis on comedy, a diminished presence of villains and fight scenes and no wannabe anime look and feel. Again, I have nothing against anime, but I never felt the whole anime-aping look and feel had any place on the show. It had gotten to the point where some fans got the idea–and who knows where they got this idea–that Teen Titans was actually made in Japan, proving something a friend of mine once said: “It amazes me how half of [Teen Titans]’s fan base has never picked up a comic in their bloody lives.”

Now, let me again point out that I didn’t hate Teen Titans; I liked the show OK, but in my mind it wasn’t the voice and tone that I would’ve used. For my taste, TT was marketed too much and framed too strongly as a boys’ action show (though plenty of girls liked the show too). I have nothing against boys’ action shows, but they’re a dime a dozen.


“COWABUNGA, DUDES! (And dudettes to a lesser extent.”)

My ideal Teen Titans show, rather than being part-action, part-comedy, would’ve been nearly ALL comedy, which I realize wouldn’t have sat right with many hardcore superhero fans, but I feel the comedic format showcasing the “calm between storms” moments depicting what the capes do in their down time was one of the few things Teen Titans GO! got right. Typically when the subject of TTGO! comes up, the biggest complaint I hear wailed towards the heavens is…


“WHY IS IT A COMEDY?????!!!?????”

Personally, I don’t have a problem with a superhero show being a comedy. The whole superhero genre at it’s core is itself very, very silly: it’s about fit dudes and chicks who gain crazy magic powers, don wacky costumes, give themselves goofy names and go out to beat up mad scientists and would-be world conquerors. Superheroes are already as goofy as all get-out, so a lighthearted take on them isn’t that big a departure, folks.

No, my issue with shows like Teen Titans GO!, Ultimate Spider-Man



And Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.


Comes in 5 fun colors! Try ’em all!

…Isn’t that they’re comedies, it’s that they’re not funny. If someone wants to make a jokey and jovial superhero show, then by all means do, but if you’re going to do that, be funny! My issue with TTGO! isn’t that it’s a comedy or that it features little to no actual crime fighting, it’s that the jokes aren’t funny, the characters act like amoral sociopathic a-holes and all of the characters shout their lines all the time. Volume doesn’t make a lame joke funny.

Now here’s what my take on Teen Titans would’ve been like: my TT would have been set in a universe which acknowledged the presence of the adult Justice League members, who would serve as parental figures/mentors to the kid heroes…


It always bothered me how TT depicted the kid characters living on their own with no adults or any kind of adult supervision, and not even so much as a passing mention of the adult DC heroes. I know that bugs me more than it should, but it still bugged me.

…The main setting would be the Hall of Justice…


…Which could probably have a separate guest cottage/quarters/club house for the kids.


The basic crux would be that the adult Leaguers would typically sideline the kids from missions, so while they were off saving the day, the show would spotlight the kid sidekicks at home having wacky shenanigans. There could be the occasional passing mention of some of the League’s missions being overheard on the TV or radio or happening off in the distance, showing the wacky highjinks the kids are getting into alongside of the Justice League stories. On TT, all of the villain whomping and fight scenes would take place off-screen. My take on Teen Titans would basically be like the Justice Friends segments from Dexter’s Laboratory


…Only cuter.


Nerdvana: The Animal Factor

We’re familiar with Marvel’s Super Hero Squad Show, correct?

Super Hero Squad

The titular Squad on that show was comprised of superheroes who each possessed a specific factor to make an ideal team. They were:

  • Strength Factor
  • Speed Factor
  • Energy Factor
  • Elemental Factor
  • Animal Factor
  • Technology Factor

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed from my recent entries, I’ve been on kind of an animal kick lately, and that beastly train is still a-chuggin’ along. Today’s Nerdvana spotlights one of my favorite factors, The Animal Factor.

Animal Jam Animals

We’re totally gettin’ zoological up in here!


As its’ name implies (in case you haven’t figured it out by now), Animal Factor heroes employ the abilities, strengths and characteristics of animals and bestial ferocity into their power sets.

Beast Evolution

It’s time to get WILD!

Since I have nothing better to do, I’ve classified Animal Factor heroes into 3 distinct types: Ferals (animal/human hybrids who possess physical and mental characteristics of various creatures), Animorphs (beings able to shapeshift and/or assume the abilities of animals at will) and Power Animals (animals with super powers). Today I’ll be listing some of my favorite Animal Factor heroes. As with many of our lists, these won’t be in any particular order, so I won’t be numbering them. That said, on with the time-wasting fun.


The Beast (X-Men)

Beast Scholar

I’ve already gushed about Hank McCoy in an earlier article, so I’ll keep it brief: the Beast is one of my favorite X-Men. He’s an erudite genius in the body of a big blue gorilla. Despite his appearance, he doesn’t speak in “Unga-Munga” dialogue, nor does he wallow in self-pity and angst over his mutation; he takes it all in stride with a big brain, a literary quote for any occasion and a good, cheery sense of humor. More recently, Marvel gave Hank a secondary mutation, making him more cat-like…

Beast Secondary Mutation

…And while I’m not completely against this idea, I don’t consider it all that necessary either. Beast was fine the way he was.

Human Beast Now

Sometimes I wish Marvel hadn’t opted to make Beast blue and furry at all; I actually liked OG Beast, but again, you already know that.

Shalimar Fox (Mutant X)

Shalimar 1

I know Mutant X was just a poor man’s X-Men clone, and the show was rated LB (for Low Budget), but I did like some things about it, one of the main ones being the Feral class and its’ representative, Feline Feral Shalimar Fox. Yeah, the fact that the Ferals didn’t look any different was mainly because the show didn’t have the coin for fancy makeup and costumes, but I liked the idea of possessing the animalistic ferocity while keeping your matinee idol looks. Shalimar was my favorite character on the show: sleek, agile, acrobatic, limber, prone to fits of savagery but with a soft vulnerable side, plus she lived up her last name.

Jimi Hendrix

“Foxy Lady!”

Cheetah (DC Super Hero Girls)

Cheetah 2

I’ll be honest, I never really cared or thought much about Cheetah before, but I like the DC Super Hero Girls version, though not at first. Initially, I thought Cheetah was just a one-dimensional bee-yotch who screwed with the others (most notably Wonder Woman) while never suffering any consequences, but in later shorts and in the hour-long TV special we get to see that there’s more to her than that, she actually possesses some humanity underneath her obnoxiousness and can even be friendly on occasion. Plus, I really like her design and costume here; I prefer Cheetah a cat/human hybrid that some rich snoot in kitty pajamas.

Cheetah 3

She’s fast, like a…well, like a cheetah!

Cheetah 4

She’s lazy, but show me a cat who isn’t lazy.

Cheetah 5

Just don’t step on her tail. Ever.


Jayna (The Wonder Twins)


I like the Wonder Twins. Deal with it, nerds. Jayna can transform into any animal, whether real, mythological, indigenous to Earth or to some other planet. Since she must vocalize her choice of form to assume, she must know the common name. Naming the wrong animal will cause her to assume the wrong animal’s form. She has been known to take the form of anything from an ant to a whale.

In the Super Friends comic book, Jayna’s powers were shown to be more extensive. By transforming into an animal of Kryptonian origin, for instance, Jayna could gain both the creature’s natural abilities and the super-powers that all Kryptonians possess under Earth-like conditions; she was even capable of overpowering Superman in the form of a Kryptonian animal. She could also morph into creatures like griffins or werewolves.


Plus she and her twin brother Zan enjoyed snacking on Wonder Girl’s CDs. Give ’em a break, they’re aliens. Spacey, real spacey!

Beast Boy (DC Super Hero Girls version)

Beast Boy

Another character I was usually just “eh” about, though the DC Super Hero Girls take on him is one of my favorites. His costume here is cool, he’s not as exaggeratedly skinny here and here he manages to be the funny guy without being portrayed as a brain-dead moron.

Honorable mention goes to the Young Justice version, where the character was voiced by Logan Grove, the original voice of Gumball Watterson.

Beast Boy Young Justice

I was OK with Gumball Beast Boy, I just didn’t like the show’s take on the origin of his powers. I didn’t mind the connection to Miss Martian, but I did mind the explanation that his receiving a blood transfusion for M’Gann is how he got his powers. If that were the case, he should be able to morph into more than just animals. Decent costume, though, and I actually like the half-monkey look he chose to stay in most of the time.



Mari McCabe can’t technically shapeshift, but she can magically assume the abilities of the animal kingdom. Vixen possesses the innate ability to make direct contact with the Earth’s morphogenetic field, which is sometimes known as the “Red”. This contact with the “Red” allows to draw upon the abilities of any animal that has ever lived on the planet. By simply focusing on a specific animal, she can draw its talent directly from the morphogenetic field and mimic its abilities, thus giving herself a variety of superhuman powers.

Vixen’s connection to the “Red” is so deep that she can use the abilities of multiple animals, once holding onto the morphogenetic traits of an entire forest. Her abilities have allowed her to channel the powers of extinct animals (such as the saber-toothed tiger and the Triceratops), domesticated animals (like the Doberman Pinscher), and even mystical beasts (like dragons). Her powers even allow her to twist some animal abilities, like when she used the bio-luminescence of a Marine hatchet fish and an Angler fish to produce light from her hand and to create a laser-like beam from her head.

Vixen wears a mystic artifact called the Tantu Totem, a fox-head shaped talisman given to her ancestors by the African trickster god Anansi. It was previously thought that the totem was the source of her powers but later stories, have shown that it merely prevents the morphogenetic field from overwhelming her mind. It was once assumed that the totem increased her range for mimicking animals as she has been seen taking on the traits of animals from across the world. However this limit has been removed since The New 52. The full capability of the totem is unknown but Vixen once used the magic of the totem to heal bruises and wounds within seconds by simply touching it. The totem is thus far absent from her uniform and she has been seen taking on the traits of animals that were not within her vicinity.

On top of all that, she’s a freakin; supermodel!

Vixen 2


No offense to Bumblebee, but I still wish DC had chosen her as the African-American representative to DC Super Hero Girls.

Astria (The Young/Space Sentinels)


A relatively obscure choice, Astria was a character from The Space Sentinels (originally titled The Young Sentinels and renamed midway through its only season), a Saturday morning animated series produced by Filmation which debuted on the American NBC network on September 10, 1977 and ran for thirteen half-hour episodes. She could morph into any living animal (duh! Why else would she be on this list?), plus she was one of the few African-American superheroes on TV at the time. Nice. Plus, she managed to give the team’s resident robot mascot, MO, a case of Jungle Fever hardware, since he was hot for her.

Reptil (The Super Hero Squad Show)

Reptil Normal

Again, I’ve praised Reptil in previous entries, so I’ll to abridge my thoughts here. I first learned about Humberto Lopez, aka Reptil, via The Super Hero Squad Show and he quickly became a favorite of mine. Despite the funky tights and no shoes which make him look like he’s wearing a wet suit, Reptil’s spunky, cute in a rambunctious boyish way and possesses one of the more unique powers on record: his Sun Stone amulet allows him to transform into various dinosaur forms…

Reptil Pterodactyl

Either partially, such as sprouting pterodactyl wings…

Reptil Dino Form

Or full-on dinosaur or humanoid dino forms. Also, he manages to make red and scaly look kind of cool.


Krypto the Superdog


C’mon. He’s a dog with all the powers of Superman. Do I really need to explain why he’s on the list? He can save you from an active volcano, and then fetch you the paper. He’s the ultimate pet: a cross between Superman and Jeeves.


Plus we get adorable fan art like this!

Brainy Barker (Krypto the Superdog)

Brainy Barker

My favorite member of the Dog Stars. She’s a purple Afghan in a cape with telekinetic/telepathic powers. ‘Nuff said.

Monkey (Dexter’s Laboratory/Dial ‘M’ for Monkey)


A super-powered lab monkey given amazing powers via weird scientific experiments by boy genius Dexter himself. Monkey can fly, manipulate energy, fire laser beams from his eyes, move objects telekinetically, change into and out of his costume with a thought and his costume is really cool looking. Not bad for a lower primate. Hmmm, maybe I should’ve put him on my roster for Build Your Own Fantastic Four.

Bolt (Disney’s Bolt)


On his TV show, Bolt possessed such dazzling powers as super speed and a ‘sonic bark’. They were just fictional of course, but still pretty cool. Also, I like the bolt mark on his fur.

-So there you have it. Some of my favorite Animal Factor heroes.


“So am I an Animal Factor or a Tech Factor? I’m not sure…


“…But if you don’t wanna get chomped by a robot dog and avoid a Robotic Uprising, I’d advise you to make friends with both!”


Peeks: Justice League Action Trailer


“News, Everyone!”

A trailer for Cartoon Network and DC’s upcoming Justice League Action trailer is up. Give it a gander.


So, what do y’all think? My opinion? Well first, I don’t like to say ‘I told you so’, but….

Colbert Called It

I said that this show was going to have a heavy Brave and the Bold vibe to it, and that looks to be the case here. This show seems to be cutting right to the chase and just spotlighting the action, and I for one am OK with that. I know some people were and still are craving something along the lines of Justice League/Unlimited or Young Justice, but personally I like the idea of the heroes just getting things done without worrying about any simmering drama or angst along the way. Drama-free is fine with me.

The internet buzz on JLA seems to be pretty positive too. Of course, there are still some people who are grumbling “Teen Titans GO!”, and “This looks too lighthearted”, and to those people I say:

Madea Shut Up

Can’t we just be happy that we’re finally getting a new DC superhero cartoon (on TV anyway, there’s still DC Super Hero Girls on the web, which I’m digging and also DC Super Friends, which is just OK and Batman Unlimited, which I’m personally not into since no females = no sale for me, but kids seem to like it), and that this one actually looks like it might be entertaining? The animation is better than TTGO! The stories are clearly action-oriented, unlike TTGO! (Though I contend that the idea behind TTGO! wasn’t a bad one.) Most of all, this show actually looks coherent, unlike TTGO! which is the TV equivalent of listening to a 6-year-old telling you a joke that he/she has made up his/herself: it makes no sense, rambles and falters and anything that looks like a passable gag is repeated several times, as if its’ very repetition makes it funnier. As for JLA seeming too lighthearted, after the dark and dreary glumfest that was Batman V Superman, I welcome a lighthearted approach with open arms.


  • Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are back!
  • Wonder Woman is in full effect.
  • We’re getting Firestorm, and the Ronald Raymond/Dr. Martin Stein version at that.
  • The animation looks good.
  • Vixen will be making an appearance.
  • Space Cabbie. Freaking. Space. Cabbie.


Finally, I’d like to address one YouTube uploader who described Justice League Action as a “new Batman show”.


This is NOT a Batman show. This is a JUSTICE LEAGUE show. Batman’s cool and all, but I’m sick and tired of every DC show or movie being all about Batman. This show is supposed to star and focus on the DC Trinity, and I would really like to see Wonder Woman and Superman finally start getting some love from DC and the fans.

Justice League Action