2 Funny: Lights Fantastic

Today’s 2 Funny is one of my favorite “one shot” Looney Tunes shorts. This one directed by the great Friz Freleng. A tribute to the light shows in Times Square/ There’s no plot or story of any kind, just a series of skits and blackout gags, but it’s still hilarious. Sometimes artists do their best work with restricted tools. Enjoy “Lights Fantastic”.

The aboveĀ is an excerpt. I wasn’t able to embed the entire short due to “technical reasons”.

Dan VS. Yelling



However, you can view Lights Fantastic in its’ entirety here.


Toons & Tunes: Blow My Stack

This is another one of the Merrie Melodies segments from Cartoon Network’s The Looney Tunes Show. It’s a rap number (of sorts) starring one of our favorite hotheads, Yosemite Sam, accompanied by a chorus of three amazingly big-hipped background singers. Enjoy “Blow My Stack”.

Toons & Tunes: Daffy Duck the Wizard

Here’s one of the more memorable (and better, in my opinion) Merrie Melodies segments that were featured in The Looney Tunes Show. Specifically, this one aired in the episode “Sunday Night Slice”. This was also the longest MM segment that was ever made for the show; 4 minutes. Personally, I would’ve saved a “special” number like this one for the season finale, but that’s me. Anyway, here’s “Daffy Duck the Wizard”. Enjoy.