2 Funny: Can’t Touch Me

Remember when Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy was still funny? If you still watch Family Guy, that’s cool, but for myself, the show grew repetitious and formulaic a few years ago. Ironically, Seth MacFarlane once said in an interview that he didn’t want FG to become a zombie like The Simpsons. I think that you’re a little late, Seth.

Anyway, today’s 2 Funny is a clip from FG’s glory days. Specifically, the shows’ first season. This is from the episode titled “Petoria” when Peter Griffin declares his home as an independent nation, with himself as it’s ruler and becomes drunk with power. Enjoy “Can’t Touch Me”.



2 Funny: Emperor Palpatine’s Phone Call

This weekend is the premiere of the new movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so to mark the occasion, I thought that I’d look back at one of my favorite sketches from the first Robot Chicken Star Wars Special, back when Robot Chicken was still funny. This sketch falls into the “I wish I wrote that” category. Seth MacFarlane’s voicing of emperor Palpatine is hilarious.