Unpopular Opinions: Teen Titans TAS is Silly!

Let’s talk about Teen Titans GO! for a minute.



Yeah, I know. This is a VERY polarizing series. It’s silly and nonsensical and loud and garish and seems completely inane to anyone beyond the second grade. No denying that. But what I don’t get is when people complain about TTGO! (and they do… a lot!), someone will inevitably chime in with something like…


“Teen Titans GO! is garbage! It’s a slap in the face to fans of the original  dark and serious Teen Titans!”




This show was “dark and serious”? THIS SHOW?? The show in which 5 teenagers live together in a giant T-shaped tower with no adults and no discernible income who never take off their costumes (they even sleep with them on), call each other by their superhero names all the time, in one episode tried to stop a British fashion designer who’s stuck in the 1960’s from using his Yellow Submarine/Monty Python powers from turning the entire city stereotypically British and in another battled a wacky magician voiced by Tom “Spongebob Squarepants” Kenny who imprisoned them in his magic hat and they spent a bulk of the story as talking animals and in yet another episode fought a mound of living, talking tofu? You’re calling THIS show “dark and serious”??


Teen Titans GO! is very juvenile, I’ll give you that, but let’s not let our fandom cloud our memories and capacity for logical thinking, shall we? The 2003 Teen Titans series was a silly show that was occasionally intense, not an intense show that was occasionally silly. Selective memory much? Yeah, there were some intense, dramatic moments, but overall it was pretty darn goofy.


The show was like a group of kids playing superheroes, but the game never stopped. The kids stayed in character and play-acted all day and all night. Am I calling Teen Titans: TAS bad? No. But it was not “dark and serious”. The show did a Wacky Races spoof in one episode, for crying out loud.

On a similar note, when people bad-mouth the 2016 Powerpuff Girls reboot (and they do)…


…I’ll hear something like:


“This show is an abomination! It’s a dumb comedy instead of a serious action cartoon like the original PPG was!”

-Whaaa? You think the original Powerpuff Girls was a serious action cartoon?



Were we watching the same show back then? Or was there another show called The Powerpuff Girls that I’m not aware of? ‘Cause the PPG show that I saw was a comedy cartoon which sent up the superhero genre, like The Tick. I once said that very thing to some wanking fan, and said fan replied with:


“The Tick was a silly parody!”

And Powerpuff Girls wasn’t??


“PPG aired on Toonami for a little while!”

So did Hamtaro, so following your logic, that would also make Hamtaro an action cartoon.

Again, you can prefer whichever incarnation of PPG that you choose, but don’t hand me this malarkey that the original PPG was this hardcore action cartoon, because I know it wasn’t. I was there. It was a show about 3 color-coordinated kindergarten aged girls with crazy superpowers who spent their days fighting a super-smart chimp, a metrosexual demon, a big pink furry hillbilly monster and a gang of green skinned mutant juvenile delinquents.

Here’s today’s Unpopular Opinion. It’s actually a truism, so some of you hardcore super-fans might want to sit down for this one:



No, I’m not denying that there’s some great writing and action and even drama in the better stories, nor am I saying that superhero stories aren’t cool, they most certainly can be, but let’s face it: the genre as a whole is inherently goofy and absurd. It’s a universe littered with muscularly fit guys and gals who somehow come into possession of crazy magic powers and mad skills, they give themselves silly names and don brightly colored pajamas with giant letters and/or symbols on them and use said crazy magic powers to do battle against bank robbers, space invaders, mad scientists and would-be world conquerors. Reality check time: superheroes are already silly as all get-out, so turning them into fun, strictly-for-laughs comedies isn’t really that big of a stretch.

I’m not saying people have to enjoy the likes of Teen Titans GO! or Powerpuff Girls 2016; chances are if you’re above the target age group for these shows and you grew up watching their predecessors, then these shows are likely not going to be your cup of tea, but before you attempt to claim that the previous incarnations of these shows were something akin to Lord of the Rings or 12 Angry Men, you might want to take these off:


NOSTALGIA GOGGLES. Now with 75% More Blind Ignorance!

Talkin’ Nerdy: What the What, PPG Reboot?!?

It’s been a few weeks since Cartoon Network launched it’s 2016 reboot of The Powerpuff Girls (unoffically known as Powerpuff Girls 2016), and I’ve seen the first crop of episodes. Now, there are folks out there who vehemently hate this show, but myself, I don’t love it, but I don’t feel like it’s the worst thing to happen since the ebola virus either. As far as I’m concerned, this is just another mediocre reboot of a beloved classic.

PPG 2016 Title Card

This isn’t going to be one of those “Old VS New” deals where we try to determine which incarnation is better, as both versions have their strengths and weaknesses and also because I have zero interest in doing that.  However, there are a few curious points concerning this show that I’d like to address here. Some things about PPG 2016 that left me scratching my head wondering “Why?”. Before I proceed, I just want to say right off the bat that I won’t be talking about the PPGs new voices, nor will I be talking about “Horn Sweet Horn”, aka, the infamous unicorn episode. It’s overtones are touchy subject matter and discussing it here would be akin to opening Pandora’s Box. I’m not opening that can o’ worms here. If anyone wants to read complaints from fans about that episode, there’s literally everywhere else on the internet. Take your pick. That said, it’s nitpicking time!

  1. OK, so on PPG 2016, Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles are a little older this time. No longer attending Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, but are instead attending elementary school (possibly middle school). I could deal with that, except…

PPG 2016

…the Girls still look exactly like they did before! Why age them at all if they’re still going to look like 5-year-olds?

2. What was the point of writing out the Mayor’s assistant Sara Bellum? I thought that the whole point of PPG was to emphasize “Girl Power”, so why get rid of a female character who’s smart, resourceful and totally capable?

3. Jennifer Hale is still on hand to reprise her role as Ms. Keane, but another character previously voiced by Ms. Hale, Princess Morebucks, is being voiced by someone else. Why? That would be like rebooting Futurama and bringing Billy West back to voice Fry and Dr. Zoidberg, but then hire someone else to voice Professor Farnsworth.

Film Brain

“Sense no make. Sense no make.”

4. In the episode “The Wrinklypuff Gals”, the Girls use super science to age themselves to better fit in the older kids (who actually look their age) after being bullied by them and as a result, end up aging themselves into senior citizens. A passable plot, except that everyone in Townsville loves the Powepuff Girls and everyone in Townsville knows about them and that they have super powers. Who in Townsville would want to bully a Powerpuff? And who’d be stupid enough to try?

5. In the episode “Strong Armed”, Bubbles breaks her arm while battling a giant monster. Professor Utonium constructs a robot cast for her and during her 6 week healing process, Bubbles grows attached to the cast and treats it as though it were a person. OK, I can buy one of the Girls being injured by someone in their own strength class, but Bubbles breaks her arm and has to wear a cast for six weeks like a regular person? the Powepuff Girls are super beings! It was established back in the short “Cop Out” that even getting dipped in acid doesn’t hurt them. You’d think that being a Powerpuff, Bubbles would heal considerably faster than a normal human would.

I knew from the very beginning that fans of the original PPG would hate the rebooted series with the fury of 1000 suns. After all…

Haters Gonna Hate

…However in this particular case, I can see why they would have some complaints. A lot of the things in PPG 2016 just seemed to be changes for change’s sake alone, which is never a good reason for change. Different doesn’t always mean better, or even as good. I could accept some of these creative changes if there were logic and reason behind making them, but as it stands, while I’m not declaring war on PPG 2016, I’m not going to declare my fandom for it either.

One more thing, despite of the mixed reception that PPG 2016 has been receiving, apparently this show is a hit with kids, as Natalie Palamides (the new voice of Buttercup) has confirmed that the show has been renewed for 2nd season, and that PPG 2016 will be crossing over with Teen Titans GO! in it’s 2nd season.