About Us

Hi. Damon here. You may know me better as Silverstar.

My twin brother Jason and I have been participating on various message boards throughout the years. While it’s been fun sometimes, the road has occasionally been a little rocky; we sometimes cause a little controversy with our views and opinions, and we’ve each had various run-ins with moderators and other posters.

Which brings us here. This is Astral City, our own blog. After running amok on the boards for so long, we figured that a blog might be a little better suited for our purposes; can’t get suspended or banned from your own blog, after all.

We’re still moving in here; the place is kind of au natural right now, but bear with us. In the days, weeks and months to come, there will be reviews, rants, critiques, words of wisdom, points to ponder and crazy opinions. Who knows? Maybe we can even have a little fun.

Stay tuned.

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