Welcome to Astral City!

Hello. This is Jason, known by many on the internet message boards as Blackstar. This blog was created by myself and by my twin brother Damon, aka Silverstar. This is the first ever post for our blog. First, let me give you a brief overview as to what exactly this blog is all about.
Basically, Astral City will be our little outlet; a place were we will be posting about animation, pop culture and other stuff. There may also be the occasional review. This is a place in which we can talk about whatever we want and will be able to say whatever we want without the fear of infractions by oversensitive moderators, but don’t worry. This isn’t just another one of those “rant-about-stuff-that-we-don’t-like” blogs. No, this is just a place where we can hang out and let our minds and opinions roam free, not unlike the wild caribou.

More to come…


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