My Idea for Cartoon Network: Toons at 10

Hello, everyone. First, let me say sorry it’s been so long since the last entry here. I’ve been busy with work, life and so forth. That said, on to the topic…

So last week, Cartoon Network announced it’s upcoming series at it’s Upfront, and among the things that were mentioned as being up-and-coming are 15 minute shows that will air at 9pm just before Adult Swim. Many fans have been complaining about AS starting earlier and earlier and taking away valuable time away from Cartoon Network. Now personally, I think that this move that Cartoon Network is planning is a step in the right direction. In fact, it’s similar to an idea that I myself had for the network that would effectively bridge the gap between Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. I call it (drum roll)…..Toons at Ten (or Toons at 10, whichever spelling you prefer). Toons at Ten would basically be an hour of animated (I can’t overstress that: the channel is called CARTOON Network for a reason, but I’ve done enough ranting about that on Toon Zone) programming that’s bolder and more daring than the usual TV-Y and TV-Y7 rated kid vid stuff, but not as hard and edgy as the shows on Adult Swim, so no TV-MA rated programming like The Boondocks or Metalocalypse. Toons at 10 would be sort of a Adult Swim-lite that would ease the transition from Toon to AS. There could also conceivably be some 15 minute original programs especially made for the block if the network were interested in producing them. Excluding any original programs, here are some of my choices for shows which could get a run on the Toons at 10 block:

Looney Tunes (uncensored)
The Tex Avery Show (uncensored)
King of the Hill
The Simpsons (I know that it’s very unlikely that Toon will acquire this, but it fits the lineup, so let’s just go with it)
Mission Hill
The Oblongs
Baby Blues (I don’t really care about this show myself, but it is the type of show that could get a run on this lineup)
Megas XLR
The Critic
Daria (Again, I know that there will be a Chuck E. Cheese on Mars before this happens, so don’t point that out to me)
Beavis & Butthead (see above)
Liquid Television (see above)
Total Drama…
Stoked (since these shows do have a rating higher than TV-Y or TV-Y7).

There would be 2 half hours a night, with the programs alternating every few weeks/months. Originally, I was going to suggest Justice League/Unlimited, One Piece or Samurai Jack for this block, but I didn’t want to turn Toons at 10 into an action block. And of course, this way, Adult Swim would begin at 11pm. But now, it looks as if Turner is itself trying to bridge the gap between Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, and I wish them the best. It sounds like a good idea to me, and I hope that Turner allows the idea to grow and evolve and not just drop the block like a hot brick and remove all traces of it’s existence if it doesn’t get monster sized ratings after about a month.


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