Team Snycher Fails Again!

Cartoon Network’s weekly ratings are in, and it looks as though CN’s Hall Of Game Awards from Friday February 25, 2011 scored a rating of 1.4.

Yes, that’s right. 1.4.

Now, I know that we shouldn’t derive pleasure from others’ misfortune, but I have to say, from a spectator’s standpoint, and also speaking as an animation lover, I have to say that this news is pretty darn funny. After months of promotion on Facebook and other sites, rounding up all those celebrities, pro athletes, First Lady Michelle Obama and everything else, the HoG was a major bomb-a-saurus. I really, really hope that this latest failure causes the folks in charge of CN to stand up and take notice.

Seriously, how many live action projects have to fail before Team Snycher gets the point? When people tune in to a channel called CARTOON NETWORK, they want to watch CARTOONS. They don’t want to see jocks, B movies, reality shows or any of that crap. Why, oh why haven’t these 2 been fired yet? Why does Turner keep allowing these guys to drag CN further and further down the toilet? Don’t you guys get it? The live action/sports crap isn’t working! People don’t want to see this kind of stuff on CARTOON Network! It would be something else is any of these live action shows were huge, but they aren’t. The majority of them have been failures, and CN is still firmly lodged in 3rd place behind Nick and Disney. If CN were smart, it would let Snyder and Sorcher go because they’re both about as useful to CN as a burst appendix, and they would also give up on this pointless quest to be like Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel and would just concentrate on being the best ANIMATION channel that they can be.


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