Yearly Wrap-Up: What’s Next for Twinsanity

Greetings, loyal readers.

First, we’d like to apologize for the long wait; we haven’t posted a new blog entry since November 11th. Normally we try to publish at least 1 new entry a month, but there’s been a lot of stuff going down for us in real life, add the inevitable preparation for the holiday season on top of that, and we just haven’t had the free time and space to blog the way we usually like to. A lot of the material we had planned has had to be pushed back or just isn’t ready yet, but we haven’t forgot about you guys, we promise there will be more blog entries to come, but since we’ve been so busy lately and have had so little free time to ourselves, it’s likely that this may be the final blog entry for 2013. So while it’s a little early, I’ve decided to post our yearly wrap-up, a summation of what we’ve accomplished this year and our plans for Twinsanity’s next year.

First, as many of you know, the blog went through a very negative and angry phase for the early parts of the year. This again was due to unpleasant experiences we were having both on and offline. It was during this period that we posted those infamous “Point and Laugh” articles, but thankfully you guys voiced your disapproval with them and set us back on the right path. Thakfully, things have lightened up since then: Jason (Goldstar) has been reinstated on Toon Zone (huzzah!) and we’ve successfully managed to get things back on track here, bringing the blog’s focus back to comedy, fun and humorous commentary/analysis on animation and pop-culture. Once again we wish to formally apologize to all of those we may have offended with the “Point and Laugh”s, and offer our solemn promise to you all that we will never make hateful, insulting posts like those again. You’ve stuck with us, and we truly appreciate it.

Also, this year we listened to another frequent request from our readers and re-enabled comments for the blog entries. Things started out a little rocky, but thanks to your cooperation (and Blogger’s Comment Moderation option) we’ve all succeeded in keeping the blog’s comments and discussions civil, on-topic and open. Once again, thanks for following the rules we set out for the comments, guys. Your input means a lot to us. We appreciate the feedback of our followers who have helped contribute to the blog discussions and didn’t just come on here to troll. We’re happy to report that we will continue to allow comments on Twinsanity.

Next, back in late July/early August we (well, mostly me) attempted to launch a second blog called Twinsanity Toons, which would have been devoted to original stories and fiction. After only 2 entries, this other blog was eventually shut down; as of this writing, Twinsanity Toons is no more. Why? It’s not that we didn’t have any ideas for stories or that we didn’t want to share them with you; quite the opposite, in fact, it’s just that Jason was right all along (I really should listen to him more): it’s that a blog just wasn’t the right medium for what we had/have in mind for TT. We want you guys to fully experience our work, and that requires more than just us typing words on a screen, we want visuals, sounds, music, etc. You may have noticed that as the blog entries this year have continued, they’ve been getting progressively more and more visual, with images and embedded videos becoming more and more commonplace. Well, in the coming months we’ve been considering taking this visual idea a step further and possibly expanding Twinsanity to a full-blown website; we’re in the process of securing a domain name and a web host even as I type. We’re also planning to learn the ins and outs of video making: editing, digital design, taking the art and visual aspects of our ideas as far as we can take them. We’ve been inspired by the likes of the Nostalgia Critic, Linkara, Obscurus Lupa, Phelous, the Blockbuster Buster, Rifftrax and the Isle of Rangoon, and we’re both huge Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans, so we’d like to do stuff like that: video reviews and riffs on toons and short films, and possibly even original webtoons. We are working to make this dream a reality. So while Twinsanity Toons may be gone, the idea is far from dead. If all goes well, we can make Twinsanity bigger and better than it’s ever been. (One change has already took place: we changed the template of the site around November. Looks spiffy, don’t it?)

Also, we’ll be dialing back on the reviews in the upcoming year. For one thing, neither of us think we do reviews very well (we seem to do the commentaries, analyses and strictly-for-laughs stuff much better) and for another, some of the most recent shows we’ve devoted full reviews to (Teen Titans GO!, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., Steven Universe) turned out to not be very good, at least not to us. So we’ll be cutting back on the reviews and focusing more on the other segments.

Finally, I’d like to mention that in February 2014, Twinsanity will be 4 years old. (Also, in this past year–2013–we’ve published more blog entries than any year since Twinsanity was first launched back in 2010.) We may be commemorating the occasion in some way. Many of the established segments such as Talkin’ Nerdy, The Retro Box, Videots and the like will continue, and we’re also tossing around ideas for potential new segments. Among the new stuff you can expect:

  • Ad Nausea: Where we look at the oddest and goofiest commercials and advertising characters.
  • Beyond the Background: Where we give obscure, unused and less celebrated characters some time in the spotlight.
  • If We Made It: We discuss how we’d handle some popular shows.
  • Why (blank) is Awesome!: Where we list all the things we love about our favorite characters.
  • Wild World of Shows: We catch those unique (or just uniquely weird) shows which have fallen through the cracks.

And if all goes well, in December 2014 we plan to devote the month to Weird Christmas Specials.

So in closing, thanks for sticking with us all this time, guys. We appreciate your viewership and input and hope to continue having fun here with you in 2014, and hopefully beyond. We look forward to another year of Twinsanity. So if we don’t post again until then………

See ya next year!

4 thoughts on “Yearly Wrap-Up: What’s Next for Twinsanity

  1. Siverstar pretty much said it all, but yeah, I'm definitely going to be taking a break from doing reviews. Out of all my contributions to this site, I've always felt that my reviews were the weakest and the least enjoyable. I'm much better at commentary and analysis. At least I think so.

    Lately, I'm beginning to think that our desires for Twinsanity are getting bigger than the blog format allows. In 2014, I'm going to learn the ins and out of making videos. Right now, the idea of expanding Twinsanity into a full blown website seems like a crazy dream, but stranger things have happened.


  2. I'm sorry the other blog didn't work out so well, guys, but it had potential. It could still work if you reconfigure for fan-fiction. So many possibilities. Looking forward to the new website.

    If you want to snark on commercials, I recommend those silly Sprint ads w/Malcolm McDowell & James Earl Jones making fools of themselves, or Samuel L. Jackson hamming it up for Capital One. Hey, at least they've got someone in case they dismiss Alec Baldwin……


  3. Twinsanity Toons is down, but not out. We just felt that plain text wasn't the right format for what we wanted to do on TT. We wanted TT to be a visual experience. Once we perfect the art of scanning and so forth, there's always the chance that Twinsanity Toons could resurface as a web comic or something similar.


  4. Not to sound like an ad myself, but we've got a lot of stuff planned for the upcoming months. The first articles pertaining to some of the new segments I've already began working on; once the holidays are over and things have calmed down here at home, they'll start getting posted. The new stuff is going to more than make up for the lack of reviews. January's going to be a busy month for Twinsanity if all goes as planned. I plan to hit the ground running in 2014.


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