Why Robin is Awesome!

Hello and welcome to a new segment on Twinsanity entitled Why (blank) is Awesome!, in which we list the things we like about our favorite characters. Think of this as a sneak preview; a little sample of some of the new stuff you can expect from us in 2014. First up:

  1. He’s the leader of the Teen Titans, despite not having any superpowers. Powers are cool, but if you can kick ass without them, well…
  2. He gets to live in a giant T.
  3. He’s a talented circus acrobat. Think a butt-kicking Flying Wallenda.
  4. He can wear a combination of Christmas tree colors (red, yellow and green) and pull it off.
  5. He was trained by the goddamn Batman.
  6. That stylin’ black-and-yellow-cape.
  7. The spiky hair, man. Chicks dig the hair.
  8. He’s mastered several martial arts, having sparred with a bear, a snake, a monkey and the True Master herself. Take that, Kung Fu Panda!
  9. He has a keen understanding of various sciences, like computing, physics and chemistry, and is a skilled mechanic and engineer, building all of his own gadgets and equipment. Who says nerds don’t make good superheroes?
  10. He rides a tricked out red cycle with jet-thrusters and his initial stamped on it.
  11. Birdarangs, baby. Birdarangs.
  12. He once went into battle wearing a Gatchaman style outfit, unironically.
  13. He owns a collapsible metal staff, which can be split into 2 Eskrima sticks. You can’t get that at Sports Authority.
  14. He owns energy disks which can explode, shock or emit foam. And play mp3s.
  15. He’s dated both Starfire and Batgirl.
    Play on, playa.

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