Why Washu Hakubi is Awesome!

It’s time for another segment of Why (blank) is Awesome. Today, we focus one of my favorite mad scientists, Washu Hakubi from Tenchi Muyo!

  1. She describes her self as :”The greatest scientific genius in the universe!”
  2. She’s short. We short people have to stick together.
  3. The pink hair. You’ve got to love the pink hair.
  4. She has innate powers, but prefers to use reason and hi-tech to solve her problems.
  5. She’s one of the Chousen, three sister goddesses who created the universe.
  6. She created an inter-dimensional laboratory in the closet of the Masaki house. The folks on Home Makeover have got nothing on her!
  7. She altered her body to that of a teenage girl, but can return to adult form whenever she wants to. Who wouldn’t want to keep on looking young and hot?
  8. She built 2 little robot sidekicks who (literally) sing her praises.
  9. She’s invented devices which make Apple look like a flea market.
  10. She invented a device which could destroy the universe. Not that she ever would, but just in case…
And the geek shall inherit the earth!

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