Why Blythe Baxter is Awesome!

  1. She’s cute.
  2. She has a large head, and you know what they say about people with large heads…they have a hard time shopping for hats.
  3. She was originally a fashion doll from the 1970’s. Incredibly well-preserved, don’t you think?
  4. She’s voiced by Ashleigh Ball. Anyone who shares a voice with Rainbow Dash has got to be cool.
  5. She’s cute.
  6. She can talk to animals. I can talk to animals too, but they don’t talk back.
  7. She has a seemingly never-ending assortment of hairstyles and outfits. Most cartoon characters only get 1 outfit, or all of their clothes just look the same.
  8. She’s cute.
  9. She has a dumb waiter in her bedroom, whereas most of us just have dumb waiters at our local Chili’s.
  10. How many other people can pull off a polka dotted scooter?
  11. Did I mention she’s cute??

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