Have a Laugh!

Winter sucks.

Let’s face it, unless you live in the West Coast, it does. It’s bitterly cold, there’s snow, ice and slush on the ground, the trees are all bare, no birds or insects, all around there’s an atmosphere of emptiness, bitterness and death, winter is like living in an Ingmar Bergman film. It’s really easy to fall into a depressive funk this time of year, so as we enter February, arguably the most annoying and tedious but thankfully short month of winter (it’s also the month of our birthday–Feb. 5th–remember, cash is the gift that keeps on giving!), we at Twinsanity offer a way to get through the drudgery of winter: we invite you to Have a Laugh! They say that laughter is the best medicine (actually, it’s penicillin, but penicillin isn’t very funny), and like most techno-geeks, when we need to find something cheery to brighten our day, we look to the internet. Assembled for your pleasure are some of our favorite funny internet videos.

First, a local spot that’s too good to be true:

“Free parking in the rear”. That had to have been deliberate.

Next, a Merrie Melody from Cartoon Network’s The Looney Tunes Show, entitled “Chickenhawk”. It’s the classic Foghorn Leghorn/Henery Hawk confrontation, but done as a hip-hop/soul ballad. Much of TLTS was hit or miss, but this segment leaves me laughing every time.

Next, another local ad, this time for Pizza ‘N’ Go Pizzeria.

Hilarious! That rump shake at the end gets me every time! Except that now I’ll be chanting “Makin’ the pizza, makin’ the pizza” for the rest of the day.

This commercial is delightfully weird. It’s for Starburst Berries & Cream.

And here’s some funny bits from The Aquabats Super Show.

Next, a favorite Snickers commercial of ours:

Don’t you hate it when former NBA stars just walk up and randomly dunk on you?

Next, a bit of an oldie by internet standards, but still funny. What if someone turned Watchmen into a Saturday morning cartoon?

Next, another local spot, this one from our home town of Baltimore, MD:

Little bit o’ trivia: ‘Bishop Barry’ is the brother of one of our father’s former co-workers, so we actually know this guy in a roundabout way.

Next, let’s funky with a pet store in San Pablo, CA:

Well, now I know where to go if I ever desire a pet scorp-e-ON.

Next, 2 local plumbing commercials that’ll ensure you’ll never look at one of our founding fathers or Tommy Tutone the same way ever again:

Hm. Didn’t know he could fly. That’s something they glossed over in history class.

Finally, a favorite video game spot from a while back. I won’t spoil it for you, just give it a watch. Enjoy!

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