Night of the Living Snyder

Remember this past Christmas, when Cartoon Network temporarily extended its’ children’s programming an extra hour? We all thought the Stuart Snyder, the man in charge of CN, had finally seen the light and was making a genuine effort to bridge the disconnect he has with CN’s audience. Well, it turns out….

Yeah, I hope you enjoyed that bone you got tossed, ’cause that’s gonna be it for a while. This week Snyder announced that starting March 31st, CN’s Adult Swim block will be expanded yet another hour, beginning at 8 P.M. Viewers’ reaction was swift and concise:

The irony here is so delicious that it must be fattening. We all thought that after December, Cartoon Network would be GAINING an hour of programming back, but it turns out CN will be LOSING another hour. Call it Jetix Disease.

For those who don’t know, Jetix was a programming block of new and original shows (mostly action cartoons) which was implemented onto Toon Disney in 2004. In short order, the Jetix shows began scoring higher ratings than anything on Toon Disney (largely because the Jetix shows were new and the rest of TD’s schedule consisted of canceled reruns tying into TD’s nostalgia channel theme), and as a result, Jetix gradually began taking up more and more air space, spreading across the channel like some sort of virus, to the point where 85% of the channel’s programming was Jetix shows and Toon Disney seemed like a tiny block on the Jetix channel, leading the Mouse House to rebrand the entire channel as Disney X-D. It’s looking like Adult Swim is the new Jetix.

Why is Snyder doing this? According to the man himself, it’s because 6-14 year old boys are watching less TV and spending more time online, and he wants expand Adult Swim to garnish more appeal for young adults. OK, 2 things: one, I think it’s truly sad that 6-14 year old boys are the only audience Snyder cares about (talk about a 1-track mind) and two, he doesn’t think that CN’s current hits Adventure Time and Regular Show, both of which have proven to have crossover appeal to young adults, fit the bill at 8 P.M.?

I admit that my opinion isn’t an unbiased one, as I’m not the biggest Adult Swim fan there is. I’m not even a medium-sized fan. Aside from The Venture Brothers, The Boondocks and China, IL., I don’t watch anything on Adult Swim. I don’t even think AS should be on 7 days a week, since the current block is not only a dismal shadow of its’ former self but it barely has enough shows to stretch across 9 hours, forget giving them a 10th, but that’s just me. If we were going to to get decent shows like Home Movies, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, The Oblongs, Mission Hill, Daria, Dilbert, Duckman and Liquid Television (BTW, I know some of these shows would never air on a Turner owned station, but I mean shows of this nature) during the 8 P.M. hour, then I probably wouldn’t mind this so much, since I only watch a show or 2 on CN right now anyway, but you and I know what this extra hour will contain: more FOX Animation Domination leftovers. Another hour of King of the Hill and American Dad reruns. Yay. Some are hoping that AS’ new hour will consist of an expanded Toonami, but since viewers would actually enjoy that, it’s most likely not going to happen.

(Some of the DC Nation shows would’ve also been choice to see at 8 P.M., but sadly, thanks to more CN mismanagement, DC Nation is a joke now, showing nothing but–gag!–Teen Titans Go! and filler material.)

Ironically, the 1 channel that may actually benefit from Snyder’s dumb-assery is CN’s less popular little sister, Boomerang. In the midst of all of this, Boomerang is apparently going to be remade into an ad-supported kids and family channel said to consist of both classic and contemporary cartoons. Da Boom has already began airing corporate sponsored ads. That description sounds like they’re planning to make Boomerang into a Hub Network type of channel, the prospects of which are making my mouth water. The only hiccup here is that the presence of ad support means that the channel will now depend on ratings to survive, and this will inevitably lead to the addition of new and original programming; not surprisingly, many retro fans fear that this will mean that the classic cartoons are going to be shown a lot less love, and sadly, that is a likely prospect. However, we have to keep in mind that that if things were to stay as they are now on Boomerang, we’d only ever see the same 10 to 20 episodes of the same 4 or 5 Hanna-Barbera shows aired over and over again. Forgoing this for the relaunch of Boomerang into a potentially fresh, diverse and awesome network is a sacrifice worth making in my opinion. I hope that the classic cartoons have a place somewhere on this new channel, because based on what I’m hearing this new Boom has the potential to be a mix of Hub Network and the Powerhouse era CN, and that could be great if The Powers That Be don’t drop the ball on it.

We asked Snyder himself to comment on his mode of thinking, and here’s what he had to say:

“Eeeeaauuugh….22. I am Mo-Ron!”
The man in charge, ladies and gentlemen!

8 thoughts on “Night of the Living Snyder

  1. “DC Nation is a joke now, showing nothing but–gag!–Teen Titans Go!”
    I…I like TTG! :'(

    Anyway, I just have to ask myself: why? I'm sorry the target you like do other stuff, but showing episodes of King of the Hill people have watched eight times already isn't going to help you, especially since because your originals will air earlier, that means less eyeballs, and while there's less competition, there's less viewing hours, and even with competition in primetime hours, does any 6-14 boy watch NCIS, or 2 Broke Girls?

    While Nick has some scheduling issues (how much Sponge do you people need? And where's my TMNT?), at least their Nick @ Nite shows can actually be watched by kids, and they know that kids are up on weekends. That's as crazy as cancelling shows that appeal to girls; that would be stupid, wouldn't it? T_T


  2. Mo-Ron is from 'Freakazoid!'. Interestingly, in his second appearance on the show, the episode “Next Time, Phone Ahead” (an E.T. spoof) the character's name was mysteriously changed to Bo-Ron. The confusion over his name was even joked about in a later episode.


  3. Snyder has to go. This idiot was the one that brought live action on CARTOON Network. And now this? That has gotta be a joke.

    Maybe if AS was using the 8pm hour more valuable, say something like The Simpsons or an expanded Toonami, I wouldn't mind that much. But instead, it will use it for more—King of the Hill and Family Guy reruns. Online content isn't going to cut it either for CN. Some kids can't even afford internet at all.

    IMO, AS should be on Sun-Thurs from 9pm-6am and Fri-Sat (and during summer months) from 10pm-6am. If Synder has the brains, he shouldn't put AS on EVERY night at 8pm, especially at a time where a lot of kids are awake. But no…

    And I like your idea of a 90s CN/Hub Network type of the revamped Boomerang channel. That would be a channel I'll be begging for to place it on my Comcast lineup. As long as shows like Flintstones and Looney Tunes stay and if the original programming looks good quality, I would rather take that Boom instead of the current one we have now.


  4. If Cartoon Network truly is losing it's 6-14 year old boy audience to the internet, then instead of giving yet another hour to Adult Swim's programming, perhaps it's time for Stuart Snyder to expand Toon's audience beyond the “booger-eating boy/dude-bro” crowd. Or maybe Toon needs to replace SS with someone who actually wants to program for animation lovers channel rather than trying to change CN into Nickelodeon Too.


  5. Apologies in advance if this sounds too morbid, but I'm beginning to think that perhaps Cartoon Network should be like the phoenix of legend; perhaps CN needs to die so that a better channel can emerge from it's ashes.


  6. As I wrote on my own blog and at ToonZone, Snyder is ignoring boys 15-17, since [adult swim] is targeted for 18-up. That's where an expanded Toonami can come in. As for the remnants of what was DC Nation, they would go to Boomerang, but then, that would defeat Snyder's purpose, wouldn't it? And he can't have that. Apparently, these geek went to the same school as that infamous wrestling scribbler, Vince Russo. If you know anything about wrestling in the last 15 years associated with Russo, you'd understand the correlation.

    As an executive, Snyder is right up there with that other Vince—McMahon, that is, who's pushing 70 and already senile insofar as the TV audience is concerned.

    That clip from Freakazoid had me laughing. Good one, Silverstar.


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