Why Firestorm is Awesome!

  1. He’s 2, 2, 2 heroes in 1!
  2. His nickname is “The Nuclear Man”, but he’s not that lame-o from Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.
  3. One of the guys who comprise him is a science whiz. Science rules!
  4. Dude can fire nuclear blasts from his hands.
  5. He once turned some attacking robots into tricycles.
  6. He can roast a marshmallow on his head.
  7. He can talk to himself and not be labeled crazy.
  8. He once turned Lex Luthor’s mech suit into baby powder.
  9. He once saved Superman’s powers by changing a gold kryptonite rock into a bowling ball.
  10. He once turned a fleeing getaway car into a bathtub.
  11. He’s buddies with Cyborg.

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