What Your Name Is?!!?

Undoubtedly you’ve noticed that the name of our blog has changed once again, and more than likely you’re asking yourselves…

Well, here’s the deal: Two years ago, when we wanted to change from the blog’s original name Astral City (a name which we’re never going back to, btw), we wanted to name it Twinsanity. However, when we changed the address, we discovered that there was already a twinsanity.blogspot.com. This was our reaction:

We tried to use a variation of the name. We thought of Twin-sanity, but that name was taken also. We tried to contact the authors of both blogs to try to persuade them to relinquish their addresses to us (since neither blog is currently active; the former hasn’t been active since 2012, while the latter hasn’t been used at all), but were unable to contact either. In a panic, we went with the address twinsanitypop.blogspot.com, an address that meant nothing and one that neither of us are particularly fond of, but we tried to press on as best we could. We even considered buying the domain name twinsanity.com, but everywhere we went the name was taken, plus some of those domain sites aren’t exactly in the cheap zone; we’re not making Nostalgia Critic money just yet. Eventually, though, we just decided that we didn’t want to continue using an address that we don’t like and it just wasn’t worth our running around jumping through hoops trying to secure the name Twinsanity since apparently so many other people wanted a piece of it, so we decided to go with one of our alternate choices. This brings us to today. As of this writing, the new name of our site will be The Twin Factor, and our new address will be thetwin-factor.blogspot.com (don’t forget to type the dash between the words “twin” and “factor” because there’s already a “The Twin Factor” on Blogger). This is the last time that we’ll be changing the blog’s name. we promise.

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