2 Funny: Wash My Damn Towels and 5 Awkward Kool-Aid Commercials

Remember the Have A Laugh! entry we did back in February? Well, we liked it so much that we decided to make it a recurring segment. Starting today, we’ll occasionally be uploading funny video clips that make us and hopefully you laugh in a new segment we call 2 Funny. (By now you should know why it’s ‘2’ instead of “Too”.) We hope they’ll give you a chuckle and make your day just a tad more bearable. WARNING: today’s entries are just the tiniest bit blue, but nothing too harsh or over the top, we promise. First up, a favorite bit of ours from TBS’ The Pete Holmes Show.

If this doesn’t become a nationwide catchphrase, there’s something truly wrong with our society.

And, the 5 Most Awkward Kool-Aid Commercials. This always cracks me up.

Hope we gave you a laugh with these. Be on the lookout for more of our favorite funny vids in the weeks and moths to come.

4 thoughts on “2 Funny: Wash My Damn Towels and 5 Awkward Kool-Aid Commercials

  1. Evidently a lot of people felt the way you do, since TBS canceled Pete Holmes after 2 seasons.

    Myself, I didn't care much for the talk/interview portions of Holmes' show, but I thought the skits and animated segments were pretty funny.


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